Monday, February 6, 2012

Things you need to know if you are planning to declaw your cat

Nail cat that can do a variety of surgical procedures, and for many reasons. Most parents I spoke to my pet cat nail on the contrary because they put their cats on the integrity of the material property. I understand that they do not care about their furniture destroyed, because they love their cat Fluffy, however, there are other factors to consider declawing or their alternatives.

A lot of cat lovers believe that the only reason that declawed cats may be due to the owners tired of their property, chopped into pieces. I agree that my experience, it is the number one reason given at the clinic when asked they want to go through the procedure, but they view the main cause of nail removal is recommended in the first place!

Nail a lot more functional and useful than other cosmetic procedures such as ear cropping or tail that it protects the environment. As a pet owner, hates cats, we know the bloodthirsty predators, but in reality what they really are. Okay, maybe not blood-thirsty, but very effective and highly efficient predator.

Rodents, lizards, birds and insects have all suffered a lot of cat predation because of domestic cat was introduced in North America in 1800 is to control rodent infestations. One would be surprised to learn that their cats, even if only outside access, can be life between 50 and 100 animals per year. When you have more than 100 million domestic cats in the United States about 65% of them are kept outdoors cats, you can see why the cat predation may be a problem. In particular, our threatened and endangered species. It can be completely clear, but the pets do not make the difference between an endangered bird, or a generally different while hunting.

Now we know that declawing has been developed to try to suppress the cat related to animal mortality, about the effectiveness of achieving this? Well, frankly, it is only marginally effective. Declawed cats still kill a lot of animals, even if they are successful in their efforts to predators. Option nail is softpaws, which is essentially a small plastic stick cat's nails. To work just as well as declaw, but must be reapplied periodically. Some people even put their bell collars cats trying to warn the animals, the cat will be. Unfortunately, the birds are easily spooked by the watches, as they have been programmed to know what the sound and watch it because there's a victim of anyways.

The main drawback to nail the cat is that they have a decreased ability to defend themselves if attacked by a dog or another cat. Most cats are still dominated by climbing trees just feet behind them intact, so they should still be a fair chance to escape the attack dog for as long as there is something to climb nearby.

All-in-all, declaw procedure is rooted in the conservation of wildlife, which is something I think we all appreciate, but it does not seem as effective as we expect to reduce the death toll of nature. I really do not we will never have control of the situation, and I'm not so sure that declawing is absolutely necessary. It is up to you to decide! Unless, of course, your city or county has made that decision for you.

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