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Did you know the fact that dry cat food is very good and healthy for your cat

Dry cat food for the animals, any diet is an important part of the cat. As you know, feed the cat properly, positively or negatively affect their mood may be. Order to meet the needs of your diet if you do not, you have a cat, cat, changeable, and I probably find yourself in a bad mood too.
Dry food in a bag, and most of the supplies can be purchased at any store. Dry food is not enough by itself, but it is an important component of the diet. Do not forget the dry cat food, nutritional value of living it to you. Just because you risk the overall health of your cat you can put a cheap bag to achieve. Time a different brand of food, read the nutrition facts. The age and the current situation is suitable for cats buy food. Some brands of dry food specifically designed for adult cats, but some brands formulated for kittens. In some cases, perhaps, the best food for your cat by doing a little consumer research has found.
Have good nutritional value of some other kind of food do not forget to try. Once your cat is more likely than are other more. Like everyone has different likes and dislikes cats. You have your cat healthy dry food until you get bored if you stick to your favorite find. Several times during the life of a cat's taste is likely to change. To understand these things until you find the right people to try a new dry food.

Why do we all feel that it is important and necessary to keep cats in

Owning and breeding of domestic animals in your home is a major challenge. Do not give them enough food and drink. If you want to make sure to raise them properly, you should give them what they should provide them with appropriate means of healthy very much on the preparation and appropriate course of care.
Responsible pet care involves two things: to love animals and know how on how to care for them. If you want your dog or your car for a comfortable life in your home, it is important that you know how to deal with its nature in each case.
Unlike dogs, cats are not very active. They prefer to stay in one place for several hours, and monitor the environment, or they are still right in your favorite corner and sleep for several hours. But it is characteristic that cats make full dear they really are very sensitive to his people. They want to be cuddled and comb and lay on her lap.
Cats and more conscious of his body than dogs. They clean their own bodies with their own language. These places of mud and dust on the body licking paws and moistening and cleaning them thaisrítear paws on his body. This is one kind you can find good in cats, they are generally independent, but care for his people.
If you plan to raise a cat, you should determine for yourself whether you want a cat to stay indoors or outdoors. Well, you can allow your cat to stay in your house and go out once in a while, but you must make sure that you keep them safe from any injury, such as dogs or climb a tall tree.
Cats should not that have been declawed will remain open, unless you put them in the appropriate case. Permission from the premises onto the street cat to disclose them to remain as a risk, because they can easily be damaged other large animals, hit by car, poisoned by common pesticides, etc. may be disclosed to other feline disease is also endemic in most populations stray cats.
So, if you want to make sure that your cat safe 24 / 7, make sure it stays inside your home.

Things that you can do to make your cat Off of the Counter

This is outrageous!
You try to prepare food, do not have much time and your beloved cat insists on jumping on the disc.
For one thing, it's very unhygienic that one of the two is not really a safe place for your cat in one third of your pet is in no way help you to a culinary masterpiece to prove.
It is a very widespread problem. How can you keep a cat from the disk?
Let's take a look at some of the reasons why the cat to jump on it.
Food. Okay, you keep your work surface clean and usually do not leave food out. But the place where the smell of food. Maybe not, but it's your cat, animals generally have much better developed sense of smell than we do.
Moreover, there is only one attractive morsel left there, no matter how clean.
Height. Yes, table tops are not high on people, but for your friends bamsede is a big step up from the floor. Way back in your tree house cats used in high perch on a branch and waiting to attack prey or to keep safely away from their predators.
Note. If your cat jumps on the counter while you work, so there is a chance that he has a bit of trouble.
Independence. Because it is there! Your cat picks up the message that you do not want her up there, so he can spring up just because ...
Okay, these are some of the reasons why cats jumped, but that does not tell you how to keep cats from the disk.
Here are some things to try.
Maybe you do this, lift your work above the cat and put her on the floor to tell her firmly "No!" Obviously you can have your pet while you cook, but do not be mad at him when you take him, make no fuss of him, either. Well just tell her: "No!"
For this to work, it must be said that you go gray before it works, you must be consistent and persistent. Over the continuing cat and you know that the beloved creatures can be very persistent.
Try a scent your cat does not like. Many cats are repelled by odors. Some can not stand the smell of citrus, and the smell of lemon, orange or lemon in your kitchen is not convenient for you, so give it a chance. But only a few cats, others are not rejected by all citrus fruits. Other scents that some cats do not have apples, vinegar, lavender, cinnamon and eucalyptus.
Give them all the time. Of course you do not want your house smells of some of these things, no matter how well they keep cats from the disk. Mothballs are said to work well, but they do not try to prove they are toxic.
There is a plant which is said to be very effective in keeping animals out of the garden. It's called Coleus canina (the coward plant) as it grows in a pot indoors might do the trick.
Spray bottle to the ol 'try. Every time you catch Mouser to the counter to give him a spray for years. No need for him to suck, it was not deter his actions condemn him. It works best if your cat can not see through the spray. Tricky, but his impression that every time he jumps up there, he inexplicably soiled, your spreadsheet can also lose its appeal gets.
Also coins. Every time he jumps up when they should not go to shake! The sound can skedaddling him so far ... and a scalded cat!
Give her some height. If your cat is in the drive to give themselves a high vantage point, you point to a higher place for her. A cat or aid may be all he needs. Set perch near a window and your cat can easily watch the world go by.
So how to keep cats from the disk? Keep trying.
Try different things. When you find something that seems to come to work, do not give up. Be consistent and persistent.

Choose correct and right trype of toys for Coon kitten and cats

In the selection of the best games for the Maine Coon kitten, you think about the temperament, size and personality. Cooncats is the largest breed of cat. It is gentle, affectionate and playful. In fact, the behavior state that is similar to the behavior of dogs. These cats can be trained to walk on a leash, and can accommodate you at the door when you get home from work.
Coon Cats are intelligent and often exceed your hidden tricks or treat closed doors. They seek and generally enjoy playing games at the lowest level of high jumping games. It may be stupid or ridiculous. Interact with the owners of rights is one of my favorite activities. The best toys are stuffed animals that can not be swallowed. Know all the little pieces that could be removed and swallowed. They love to play and explore swatting balls on the ground.
You can use something as simple as a twisted paper attached to a stick to play with the kitten. The pole "the playground and throwing and jumping into the game. It also provides a little exercise. Bales of wool are games good reason to distinguish the possibilities. The kitten may fall in the chain or even swallow it, which could cause injury.
From Maine coons all ages enjoy the "help" around the house, your cat can reach the counters, doors, or tables to see exactly what you do. May authorize the reading material, your own stretch your book. From the beginning of coons started as a great hunter, fun games include a commitment to their attention, moving rapidly across the floor and tries to hide.
A lot of cats personality. Often house rules and decide when each person must be awake and ready to play or wait for them.
The owners often tell stories of the antics of the cat, Cooncats described as "Gentle Giants" for boorish behavior, playful, and loving. From kitten to adult, these special cats to remain friendly and stupid. Are cats with a touch of cynical behavior. Whatever the participation in games or toys purchased, be sure to enjoy your pet. Play with them many times during the day, and congratulate them when they behave. Maine Coon cats are much loved as a loving, family members and return your love tenfold.

Things you need to know about cat litter

Ah, cat litter. The curse of having every home owner's cat. though you may not realize that, but the type of cat litter you choose can have a huge impact on your experience with cleaning cat litter and make a lot more unpleasant. There are several factors to consider, like if you scoop or a complete change in your trays, require odor control, or if you walk around - ouch barefoot!
When we first got our kitten the litter she is most familiar to help her settle in. This is Pets at Home clump clay litter, inexpensive and easy to use choice. Unfortunately, our kitten is a very sensitive stomach, which creates an unpleasant experience cleaning litter box and litter Pah clay is less than perfect. She has nice shoes, and was easy to scoop up the kitten does not suffer as one of her sensitive stomach moment. During this episode, the bushes would break into small pieces and would unscoopable. But the price is not too much problem with the whole thing is empty when needed. We got through a bag every week to two weeks.
My partner is overwhelmed by the smell of litter Pah allowed to leak into the air, came the next house with a bag of promising "odor control 'nest of Catsan. I am not sure if this is a clumping variety , but the absence of clumping was the least of my worries. Within minutes it was painted buffet for our entire carpet with the kitten, turning it into a bed of nails. litter that is sharp and very hurtful painful to walk and not the easiest to remove from carpet. It's incredibly difficult Scoop, still behind the remnants of his business, but it is actually the smell to a minimum. We got through a bag a week.
After some suggestions by more experienced owners of cats, we decided to try Okoplus Cat's Best Cat Litter. The soft pellets immediately looked much kinder to my poor feet. The pellets have a strong pine scent that is pleasant, but some have, I feel a little sick. My distaste for pine scent quickly faded when it came time to create. This litter clumps like a dream and makes scooping the easiest job in the world! It keeps the odors down, not as effective as the Catsan, but it will take a good second place. track is much more than other nests at a distance rather than quantity, but Hoover holds it much better than it has Catsan. Now we have a bag of cat litter Okoplus every 4 weeks with two cats!
Scooping is the least labor intensive option if you want the litter box, scoop and dispose of their holdings to just fill the tank completely clean once every few weeks. Use a generous amount if your cat likes to dig up and replace a dubious first a scoop of fresh litter. Change the litter when it starts to get old, usually it will start to crumble and become powder. Full cleaning probably better for some people, in this case just use enough sheets for approximately the bottom of the box. Empty and replace if necessary.

More insight on Catnip

Catnip (aka catnip cat and value) in the botanical world, going by the name Nepeta cataria. Cats react to the main active ingredient, the chemical nepetalactone. One of three cats, studies show, missing the gene needed to respond to catnip. Cats that remain untouched, like the small kitten always immune. Other cats are so influenced the psychedelic effects appear. The average high catnip, usually takes about ten minutes. At that point, the cat lost interest. Remove it and the next time you introduce the same effect.
Cat reaction to catnip;
They can be amazing! Some smell and rub. Other roles in IT and shovels. Some cats like bright eyes and ready for a fight, while others appeared to be in a state of nirvana, hugging their list catnip toys soft and purring loudly. Beware, if your cat is one that gets too aggressive. For obvious reasons related to safety and if you are not one around your home.
Catnip toys:
Some of the best selling catnip toys: the catnip catnip cigars and bananas. One of the biggest brands cosmic catnip is that you can find in most pet stores and online. Our cats' favorite is the cosmic catnip Bubbles. You will blow bubbles and watch your cat has a lot to find them and roll with it.
If you're in the garden, try growing catnip. It is very easy for even novice gardeners. The catnip plant is a perennial plant that grows 1-3 meters. It requires partial shade and average well drained soil, instead of the rich soil. As you grow in a pot, you will not have problems. However, if you grow catnip in a yard, be aware that it is growing like a weed. This crowding can spread out to the rest of your plants.
Grow catnip seeds by planting them directly on land, about 20 inches apart. Harvest leaves as soon as you notice the flowers blooming. The highest concentration of nepetalactone found in the leaves. It is more powerful than the roots, seeds, and even the stems. If you have the chance, I highly recommend planting your own organic and guaranteed pesticide free catnip for your beloved feline companion.
Catnip is also a way for your cat and provide stimulation. You can tie a catnip toy at the end of a string and your cat playing for a long time, and we all know that indoor cats should You use the work.
Catnip is something that you and your cat will enjoy, as it does not lead to excessive aggression.

What could be the possible reasons of cat biting

Punch / bite in Play
Cats are predators and have a natural hunting instinct. Even if your cat does not have to hunt for food, their natural instincts to do so will not disappear. It is normal for cats to exercise their skills and hunting so you need to make sure that you have an acceptable outlet for behavior.
A few sessions to play every day gives your cat time to get rid of a little energy, and conducting their hunting skills. There are many toys to choose from in the market and, in my experience, the rods with a fish or mouse to a long rope to the ultimate to go if goed. Drag the toy for your cat, alternating between slow pulls and sudden jerks and let him handle it and deal toys instead of you.
If kitty gets over-enthusiastic, the tone of the game a little session. If he bites or scratches you immediately say "ouch" loudly, walking and ignore them. Stopping a fun play session is a great way to keep your cat's behavior of raw and painful you will not be accepted teaching.
Bite while she stroked
It is common for your cat purring on your lap SA road when a stroke and then the next minute turn around and bite you. And while it can be very confusing for you, it's just their way of telling you that they have had enough. You would think that your cat is comfortable with you without any warning, but if you look at your cat when you stroke, you get to pick up warning signs.
Note body language of your cat. When he had enough to be petted, they begin their tails whip, turn and look at your hands and ears can flatten. If your cat does it, simply stop stroking. It's so fun to tell them that they had enough. If you ignore this and continue stroking you can get a bite. That's what they tell you in no uncertain terms to stop it. Not all cats bite when they were tired, some of them just left of you and live somewhere quiet. But if your cat, then keep an eye out for warning signs and stop when you see them.

Tips on how to provide your dog good and healthy diet

How do I choose my dog food?
A good way to know what kind of dog food is available is to talk to the experts, whether it be a vet or your local pet store.
Dog food is divided into two main possibilities, dry food and wet food. Wet food usually comes in cans, bags and foil trays. Dry foods are commonly known as "complete" food, as it is nutritionally complete which means you do not need to feed your dog something else to keep him healthy.
You can also come up with 'more' dog food, and it is not designed to be eaten alone, but fed the other reasons to ensure that your dog has a healthy and balanced diet. A good example is to mix it with canned or canned food to provide a complete meal.
How do I feed my dog?
It is best to feed adult dogs once or twice a day in controlled portions of food. Very small breeds and large breeds should be fed twice daily.
If you want to change your dog diet is recommended that you make the transition gradually, preferably within a week depending on the type of food. Every time you feed your dog, add a little of the new feed to their existing food, then gradually increase the new food daily as you will reduce the old food. This is to prevent the digestive system upsets your dog.
How much food should I give my dog?
Dog food feeding guide attached to their packaging, which gives a rough indication of how much food your dog needs to maintain a healthy diet. But some dogs are more necessary and some require less, just adjust the amount you feed your dog's body condition.
More active dogs need more food and more calories, they benefit from being fed performance 'or' working 'dog diet, it may be nutritionally adapted to meet the needs of your dog.
If your dog is overweight he or she can benefit from eating a "lighter" diet containing fewer calories.
How can I help to prevent bloating?
Some deep chested breeds may tend to a condition called gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), which causes the stomach to fill with gas and twist, the blocking of the outlet for gas. If your dog stomach swells it should be treated as a state of emergency and a vet should be called immediately, GDV is a serious condition that dogs can die from.
There are several things you can do to prevent GDV: -
- Try and avoid stress during the food - your dog busy while she eats, or feeding of more than one dog too close to another can cause stress, which increases bloating.
- Do not feed your dog for at least an hour before exercise.
- Do not feed your dog from a height or a tripod.
Are there any special requirements at the time of my life Dog?
In various stages of the life of your dog's nutritional needs may change, at times your dog can enjoy various kinds of food.
`Bread of Life Stages' offers different food for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs and active or working dogs. Each type of food is nutritionally adapted to the needs of a dog in a particular moment in his life.
For example, your dog can have a meal without consuming extra levels of nutrients you find in a puppy food, which means that the dog will prevent nutritional excess.
If you are concerned for the health of your dog, always seek veterinary advice.

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Biscuit Receipe that your dog will love for sure

Finding good dog biscuits recipes without spending a fortune on a dog food cookbook is sometimes extremely difficult, and may even seem impossible. Fortunately, all is not lost. There are websites out there are lots of free dog biscuits recipes offer, and they are not so difficult to find if they are used. All you need to keep track of the recipes that are really good for your dog. Unfortunately, too many home cooks work their own recipes for their own dogs, they are really only good for their dog to eat. For example, some of the most important thing to avoid are milk, cheese, anything high in fat, or eat spicy. Your dog will probably eat these foods, but they will pay later. In a free recipe!
The first thing you want is to cook some minced beef in a little water until completely tender.
So some brown rice cook until slightly mushy. If you want exact measurements, you want the relationship to be the same. So for every pound of ground beef that you cook, you will one pound of cooked brown rice.
The last thing you want to do is to chop raw carrots. Drain and serve meat and rice, until the consistency of wet sand. Add the diced carrots and put them on a baking sheet and bake in oven at 350 ° until dry, about 15 minutes.
Your dog will absolutely love these treats, and it is one of the easiest dog biscuit recipes are available. Plus, you can scale up or down as much as you want. If you know you are traveling, you can use an extra week then freeze them. When you are finished, just microwave them for a hot treat that your dog will love

Things that you can do to stop your dog from chasing bike Riders

Have you ever embarrassed by your otherwise well-behaved dog when he barks incessantly hunts or other people who ride their bikes or jog your way? It may be painful trying to get him to stop such behavior, especially if he happened to be a large breed dog as my Husky / Shepherd mix, Matsi! In my past experience as a veterinary technician in the treatment of strong, aggressive dogs, I have come to realize that the main thing that helps against situations like this, I think the dogs.
Let us examine this situation from a perspective in dogs: dogs, joggers and cyclists experienced as strangers and because of that either may show signs of distress - by walking away or stand their ground and bark to make 'threat' to stop. Alternatively, some dogs experience the alien may be playmates and want to run the add ride (and then the chase is created). Whatever the case may be, your ultimate goal is for your pet to control not only for the safety of yourself and others, but also for the safety of your dog.
The main objective in the fight of your pet with this scenario is to his attention ... and what better way to get your puppy's ears pricked and tail wagging it a tasty treat or favorite toy? The moment your dog for signs of confusion or disorder, his name and his offer of a high value treat or his favorite toy (preferably in a pager) so he can not refuse.
By teaching your dog to focus attention on you when something unknown comes along, he will begin to rely on your description on what action to take.
The use of the name of your dog and offer a treat / reward will be the idea that momentum, "If I pay attention to the mother / father of something good is happening!" Every dog is different and learns at their own pace so do not despair if it takes some time for your puppy to make contacts. With training, your puppy will eventually learn to focus on you during moments of stress or confusion.
It may take some time to get your dog to hunt for their addiction or to cry, especially when the derivation is close to break.
The next step is to bring your dog to sit quietly by your side as cyclists and joggers going. Teach your puppy to sit as a jogger or cyclist is in your area. Then they sit quietly, focusing on you, go ahead and give your puppy a reward.
The consistent training and a regular routine, your master this challenge to your dog and the long term will ensure that you and your dog happy, without the concerns of motorcyclists is a problem joggers ever again.

Children in general always have a desire to have or be around a puppy

A select few parents may consider the benefits behind the family pet. Review all the pros and cons behind the request is typical child. This is a new pet can add to the family and togetherness and a puppy can overcome the burden and responsibility of the child.
The mother and father must talk with, preferably with the child the following questions:
1. Who primarily care for your pets? Agree with sole responsibility for walking, feeding and cleaning when they are swimming or "scooping".
2. Is a place for pets there? A German shepherd can not do well in an apartment, townhouse or condominium. Research all of the best breeds for different environments.
3. We have time for pet care? Given time and patience in caring for a pet is much less, if any, than a child. Of course, there are different races to tie in with different lifestyles.
4. The most important is my child, old or mature enough? Know your child. Find out if he or she can arrange for a small animal with hurting him. Make sure your child can play with a dog without growing more injured by the animal.
5. Four numbers in mind, take some time shopping for a puppy to meet the family and learn about their animals. Is the family and the house seems to be caring people and makes the dog to get you the most important child.
Caring for a puppy and raising its a big dog is a long term commitment. A pet should not be an impulse decision, but must be carefully researched and studied.

What are some of main advantages of Home made dog food

Homemade dog food is the healthiest thing to feed our dogs. It is free of additives, preservatives, chemicals, and because you fresh home. The benefit of your dog food at home are numerous, but they include:
Complete control over the content Diversity Health Benefits Lower healthcare costs All natural ingredients
Them all together. If your dog to eat the right foods, they are healthier. This in turn leads to fewer visits to the vet and lower veterinary costs. Homemade dog food promotes better health for your dog. They have a shiny coat, better air and less gas. Dogs are much happier eating homemade dog food, because you offer them more variety, not only food pellets dried. Many recipes are homemade chicken, fish, rice and eggs. You can also choose to give your pet a vegetarian diet or raw food. This is much easier when you are on a homemade diet.
The number of home-made dog food recipes can be found on the web is growing daily. There are even special formulas for certain breeds of dogs or recipes for very large dogs. You can make a vegan dog you choose this route to go. The possibilities are endless. It only takes a little research and effort and you will feed your dog the best diet for them. Make sure you ask your veterinarian before beginning an appropriate diet to see where your dog's health can be improved. Your dog will thank you.

Some cool tips and resources that can help you to build a house for your pet

Of all the questions I get asked on a daily basis, the one I get most is how to build a simple small room. Most people do not like the two story house with air conditioning and beds for their dogs. They just want a simple, easy to build shelter for their dogs. It is easy to see why this is the case for most people. The "luxury" house can run from $ 500 - 5000 dollar easy! So unless you're rich, or you love your dog that much, you will want to learn how to build a simple small room.
This is not really difficult, all you need is some wood, nails, shingles, and some planning and determination and you're ready to begin the process of building. Now you have said, if you decide to build a simple house for your dog, it does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort or safety. In addition, dogs live in simple shelters for many, many years. Pooches are by nature and wanted to know how to care for themselves in the hot and cold. house is just an extra care for your dog, and is also a way to your dog that you really love him that much to show.
So how much it costs to build a simple shelter for your puppy? This can range from about $ 45 - $ 100. So you end up saving a lot of money and hours on end, and your dog is just as safe and fun to do!

Did you know the fact that it is quite possible to train your dogs free

Unruly pet behavior can bring much to the joy of having a dog. Loving but your pet can be a bad habit to take ownership of a burden as a pleasure. Training your dog can be a pleasant challenge and there is plenty of information on the Internet about how to deal with individual problems or behavioral problems about teaching your dog to do the special services. Unfortunately, many online advice and do deceive discouraging results. Separating the good from the bad advice can be difficult for novice dog trainer.
So you want to understand how the online site that knows what they are talking about and be very useful tips dog training site.
A very good piece of news - you do not pay for information you need. Some online sites are responsible for providing a course in dog training. Unless they are, with some free information or things like dog training equipment, this should raise a red flag. You pay for an unknown service unmatched quality and unless they offer a good idea of how their course work and exactly help you, and have verifiable references, there are many free sites, or sites that charge, but they are offered services are very clear.
You may fear you get what you pay for and can not improve the quality of an online dog training tips to get quality for free. However, there are plenty of excellent free information. For the location of these sites will definitely help you with your pet behavior issues, the specific type of behavioral problem you want to work with search engines, find web pages with specific training problems. If you want general information about dog training, a general search, but check out many sites from search results.
Your fellow animal lovers is one of the best and most reliable source of information. Their forums and blogs that share capital of real experiences with real pets, other theories about what happens when you use certain methods. There are obviously other dog owners with exactly the same problem as you with their pets and have written about their experiences online. Not only is this great free information, it is very reassuring to know you're not alone in your problem.

Things you should know if you are travelling with your dog

Before your dog out for a trip to a car, feeding schedule should start traveling with a light meal at least 3-4 hours to set. Avoid feeding your pet, while the car is in motion, even if it is a long road trip. Keep your dog hydrated at all times, this is the main line. A good dog bowl trip would not be a potential risk of driving and enables you to protect your car upholstery against water.
If you make a stop during the journey by car, do not leave furry friend in a parked car. This will protect them against the risk of heat stroke can happen to a hot day, even with the windows open. The same is true during the colder months as the car tends to the cold and your pet can freeze to death. Make sure your dog pack their own travel kit. This should include basic items such as paper travel, food and snacks, plastic bags, medication, scoop waste, first aid kit and a favorite toy or pillow to a more intimate setting to make.
To be on the safe side, you have your dog wear a microchip for identification collar and tag detailing the address of your home. A travel tag with your information including your cell phone number and destination phone number may also be useful if your pet gets away from you and lost, while on the road trip.

Safeguard your child from dog attacks

Keep your child safe is a primary responsibility of parents. This means not only protection but also teaches them how to behave and how not to behave around animals.
The majority of dog-related injuries and attacks occur in someone's home. And the majority of children involved in attacks ranging from infancy to 9 years. You should know how to protect your children from these dangers, if you have a dog or not.
Because children are vulnerable to small and weak to defend themselves, and do not understand how to behave properly and safely in dogs should be taught how to behave like a dog is present. For example, children think it is a game in the ears of the dog pulling hit a dog or open-handed with a fist, or allow a dog to snatch food from their hands. It is important to recognize that every parent and higher risk situations to avoid, and their children to learn how to treat animals gently and safely.
Safety recommendations: • Never leave a baby or small child unattended with a dog, no matter how tame you think an animal can be. A toddler, unsteadiness on his feet, for example, resorted to the dog or grabbing the face or ears for balance. A frightened dog can snap a reactionary, especially when the primary owner in sight. • Never allow young children you can feed a dog unless supervised. Dogs can be very possessive of their food and if a child deal with their plates, instead of the primary owner fed normal dog, the dog might think the child is actually involved with food and to defend the attack. • Never leave a small child walking a dog unless supervised. They lack the strength to pull a dog like that of the control and in taking an animal or another person in an attack, for whatever reason, the child may try to grab and injured. • Never leave your child to discipline a dog. Discipline should be administered only by an adult who is the owner of the dog if he / she is "top dog in the hierarchy, if the dog concerned. Until a dog is trained to take orders from an older child by the primary owner, the dog will not necessarily feel that he should take orders from someone else and may rebel. • Allow your children to obtain or jerk on the collar of a dog, or a rough game. A dog 'Basic Instinct' is broken, if disturbed or frightened and the child may be injured.
In a recent study, children aged 0-9 accounted for the largest percentage of victims in dogs relate mostly injuries.1 injuries were head injuries requiring hospitalization.
Age group #% of the victims group 0-9 98 23.7% 10-19 29 7.0% 20-29 37 8.9% 30-39 35 8.5% 40-49 34 8.2% 50-59 43 10.4% 60-69 41 9.9% 70 + 97 23.4%
Each dog was challenged enough, they can attack. This behavior is not limited to the varieties commonly referred to as high risk, nor is it exclusively for dogs often exhibit aggressive behavior, although it is not likely to. A dominant dog can attack if he thinks someone is coming between her and food, especially when its territory.
To protect your family, especially your children, teach them these basic rules when it comes to any dog to pursue:
1. Never touch or pet a dog you do not know, even if the owner is there. 2. Do not touch the dog while eating or sleeping. 3. If a dog chases riding your bike, stop your bike and standing still. 4. Never enter any property where a dog lives to get a ball or toy, even if you know the dog. 5. Not approach a dog with puppies. 6. Never go near a dog that was tied. 7. Never touch or pull on even its tail or ears of a dog, even if you know. 8. Never tease a dog or bait, or anger. 9. If a dog runs toward you, and peeling, freezing and cover your face with your hands. 10. If a dog runs at you and knocks you down, roll into a ball and cover your face with your arms and your commitment not move a muscle and try not to put your feet.
An attack dog is a frightening experience, often creating a lifelong fear of the victim. Learn and follow the instructions below and your children to them, and may never encounter such an experience to be reduced. You'll be glad you did.