Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things that you can do to make your cat Off of the Counter

This is outrageous!
You try to prepare food, do not have much time and your beloved cat insists on jumping on the disc.
For one thing, it's very unhygienic that one of the two is not really a safe place for your cat in one third of your pet is in no way help you to a culinary masterpiece to prove.
It is a very widespread problem. How can you keep a cat from the disk?
Let's take a look at some of the reasons why the cat to jump on it.
Food. Okay, you keep your work surface clean and usually do not leave food out. But the place where the smell of food. Maybe not, but it's your cat, animals generally have much better developed sense of smell than we do.
Moreover, there is only one attractive morsel left there, no matter how clean.
Height. Yes, table tops are not high on people, but for your friends bamsede is a big step up from the floor. Way back in your tree house cats used in high perch on a branch and waiting to attack prey or to keep safely away from their predators.
Note. If your cat jumps on the counter while you work, so there is a chance that he has a bit of trouble.
Independence. Because it is there! Your cat picks up the message that you do not want her up there, so he can spring up just because ...
Okay, these are some of the reasons why cats jumped, but that does not tell you how to keep cats from the disk.
Here are some things to try.
Maybe you do this, lift your work above the cat and put her on the floor to tell her firmly "No!" Obviously you can have your pet while you cook, but do not be mad at him when you take him, make no fuss of him, either. Well just tell her: "No!"
For this to work, it must be said that you go gray before it works, you must be consistent and persistent. Over the continuing cat and you know that the beloved creatures can be very persistent.
Try a scent your cat does not like. Many cats are repelled by odors. Some can not stand the smell of citrus, and the smell of lemon, orange or lemon in your kitchen is not convenient for you, so give it a chance. But only a few cats, others are not rejected by all citrus fruits. Other scents that some cats do not have apples, vinegar, lavender, cinnamon and eucalyptus.
Give them all the time. Of course you do not want your house smells of some of these things, no matter how well they keep cats from the disk. Mothballs are said to work well, but they do not try to prove they are toxic.
There is a plant which is said to be very effective in keeping animals out of the garden. It's called Coleus canina (the coward plant) as it grows in a pot indoors might do the trick.
Spray bottle to the ol 'try. Every time you catch Mouser to the counter to give him a spray for years. No need for him to suck, it was not deter his actions condemn him. It works best if your cat can not see through the spray. Tricky, but his impression that every time he jumps up there, he inexplicably soiled, your spreadsheet can also lose its appeal gets.
Also coins. Every time he jumps up when they should not go to shake! The sound can skedaddling him so far ... and a scalded cat!
Give her some height. If your cat is in the drive to give themselves a high vantage point, you point to a higher place for her. A cat or aid may be all he needs. Set perch near a window and your cat can easily watch the world go by.
So how to keep cats from the disk? Keep trying.
Try different things. When you find something that seems to come to work, do not give up. Be consistent and persistent.

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