Monday, August 30, 2010

Things that you can do to stop your dog from chasing bike Riders

Have you ever embarrassed by your otherwise well-behaved dog when he barks incessantly hunts or other people who ride their bikes or jog your way? It may be painful trying to get him to stop such behavior, especially if he happened to be a large breed dog as my Husky / Shepherd mix, Matsi! In my past experience as a veterinary technician in the treatment of strong, aggressive dogs, I have come to realize that the main thing that helps against situations like this, I think the dogs.
Let us examine this situation from a perspective in dogs: dogs, joggers and cyclists experienced as strangers and because of that either may show signs of distress - by walking away or stand their ground and bark to make 'threat' to stop. Alternatively, some dogs experience the alien may be playmates and want to run the add ride (and then the chase is created). Whatever the case may be, your ultimate goal is for your pet to control not only for the safety of yourself and others, but also for the safety of your dog.
The main objective in the fight of your pet with this scenario is to his attention ... and what better way to get your puppy's ears pricked and tail wagging it a tasty treat or favorite toy? The moment your dog for signs of confusion or disorder, his name and his offer of a high value treat or his favorite toy (preferably in a pager) so he can not refuse.
By teaching your dog to focus attention on you when something unknown comes along, he will begin to rely on your description on what action to take.
The use of the name of your dog and offer a treat / reward will be the idea that momentum, "If I pay attention to the mother / father of something good is happening!" Every dog is different and learns at their own pace so do not despair if it takes some time for your puppy to make contacts. With training, your puppy will eventually learn to focus on you during moments of stress or confusion.
It may take some time to get your dog to hunt for their addiction or to cry, especially when the derivation is close to break.
The next step is to bring your dog to sit quietly by your side as cyclists and joggers going. Teach your puppy to sit as a jogger or cyclist is in your area. Then they sit quietly, focusing on you, go ahead and give your puppy a reward.
The consistent training and a regular routine, your master this challenge to your dog and the long term will ensure that you and your dog happy, without the concerns of motorcyclists is a problem joggers ever again.

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