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Insight on Parrot Care

Many people like to keep pets. They are a series of fun and joy to many people. They maintain they are busy and away from boredom. Because of this goal, many people choose to cash in pets.

One of the most popular choices for pet parrots can be. Parrots are usually not as time consuming as cats and dogs, and they are just as interactive. Do not assume that a lot of space unlike other pets. Here are some tips on parrot care:

Parrots are among the most intelligent animals are. You will be able to mimic what you say, they can usually interact easily with you. So make sure you have the birds strong interaction. Talking and playing with your pet at least half hour. If you do not reach to do this, the parrot will lose curiosity stop people interacting with you.

Another part of parrot care could feed. Think you can find them, what types of meals may eat the parrot. Not every little thing could be eaten by birds. Just be sure your bird recent food scares it. Also, just remember to give the chicken a lot of seeds. Because of the many seeds that will make you chicken? S longer life. Would you like your new chicken to give water a day. Even if the bird does not drink the water, you must change so that your chicken the last water.

Like all other animals, it is important to take care of the parrot? S hygiene. You might want to give the bird a bath regularly. It would be every day or every two days, depending on the needs of the parrot. Make sure you start on the right foot. Make sure that during his early years, you need to take a shower, so he went to the water.

Finally, clear environment. A pet will not thrive in a dirty place. Do not forget to throw his stool more than once a day. If the animal excrement is constantly exposed, the pet is sick easily feces toxins from the body are released. Change the paper inside the cage at least twice a day. This can be confident that your pet does not refer to the smell of smoke inhalation in the stools or urine.

So simple that you follow these steps and you can ensure that you and your bird can have a good relationship.

Tips and Ideas on how to do friendship with your parrot

Differential protection: A long daily care regime of cleansing the cage is used, or the provision of food and water to make them trust you and your parrot, it begins with the receipt of your help and care.

Playing time: he devoted some time to engage in leisure time here and parade your affection for them to earn your trust undisputed. In fact, your parrot will rely on your loving touch, and even your soft chat.

Parrot Toys: While you can offer your parrot food with the necessary water and shelter, is similar to how your parrot to play with some toys are safe if you provide them. Does this kind of fun you time and positivity is a recognition in his heart and hope for the kind of moment.

Respect the feelings of your Parrot: Parrots susceptible birds and the ability to be able to see any of your. In no way describe the disrespect towards your parrot, among them do not understand your work and start to feel threatened.

Treat your parrot as: Not affected your parrot for any mischief. Instead of trying to reward it even possible for a well-behaved. Styles you get the chance, your parrot in an encouraging way to train.

Sustain the rest: I do not act all in one style to your lips parrot. Around keep it quiet and peaceful as a loud, stubborn and ongoing activities ahead of imitating your side that you blame them.

Train your parrot: Learn your parrot is some good action there are fewer deposits. Train to perform certain tricks and you'll be amazed at how well you be thrilled to talk to his loving nature.

Spill of choice: Absolutely not force your parrot parrot, following your own rules. Rather than offer some options to them - whether to play in his diet regime of vegetables or of his toys. It also helps to split up the monotony of his life and enjoy some variety.

Talk with your parrot and take it Faith: When the opportunity arises, with your parrot entertained dotingly. A relaxing tone is not only comforting, but you get the chance to train them. It grew well for worship

Sustain a stress-free environment at all times to try your parrot and its cage from the stress-filled environment shields such as extreme temperatures, moisture or predators such as cats and dogs. A safe and solid parrot is a parrot of fun and will always make you free.

All of these simple ideas do not need much effort from you but will go a long way to go, to give you a loving bond with your parrot. It attractive to plant the seeds for a strong friendship between you and your parrot!

What are the ways to deal with a noisy parrot

Parrots are noisy birds, and if you made a decision to keep a parrot, you must learn to adapt to the creaking sounds they make. Yes, they speak beautiful words and have fun. They can also sing like Bing Crosby. But there is also the second page where they scream and squeak until your eardrums failed.

Even the quietest of parrots to scream loud enough and often enough to make you wish you had kept a cat instead. The incessant crying can lead to complaints from the neighbors, so be prepared to treat it.

So how do you get your parrot to shut up? You can not use a tape to bind the bird beak. The answer is to understand how and why parrots communicate all these sounds. It is normal for a parrot to squawk and squeak, or you have to accept that there is no such thing as a silent parrot. Parrots may squawk for hours, just people talking and talking non-stop. So, at the right time, the parrot has had enough, it will be quiet.

As in humans, a parrot are more comfortable with his surroundings, the more it will scream. That is why when you first get home with your parrot is pretty quiet when it begins to adapt to his new home and surroundings. Once this is settled, prepared for parrot sounds.

However, parrots do not cry all day long. They usually early in the morning and then sit back down. They will then restart the process around sunset. They will also get a little vocally active after a nap. This is normal behavior that you need not worry about it. It is a sign that your parrot is happy with his surroundings. If you feel that your parrot is noisier than usual, it is very possible that a species is more vocal than others chosen. A Macaw can scream at ear piercing decibels for up to ten minutes at a time, compared with an African Grey or a Cockatoo.

As a parrot owner, you must learn to identify between the happy chirping and screaming upset. It is not hard to do when you've lived your parrot after a while. Have a disturbed screeching tone of despair and sorrow for them.

Once you've determined the cause of the noise, you can make your bird calm by giving it something to do. As a baby, scream bored parrots more. Give them several parrots toys to have fun and play. You will notice that the sound is quieter and less frequently after the toys are placed in their cages.

Another thing that you can see your parrot diet. Make sure your food is fresh and not expired. A healthy parrot will not be as noisy as one that is equipped with a good meal.

Also look at the cage and make sure the parrot enough room to move. Parrots scream more in small cages. Omit the cage often, so the bird can feel the open space.

As the owner of a parrot, you have to accept the noisy parrots. But your love for parrots and their society means more to you than low noise discomfort. What you can do is look at the factors that cause your parrot to the address and more, so noise can be minimized scream.

Gathjer some cool information on how to become a Good Parrot Breeder

If you are looking for a pet that can live and last for so many years, so you should consider buying a parrot for a pet. Because of their friendly nature and interesting personalities, has a wide variety of parrots in PET trade for parrot lovers to enjoy.

But owning a parrot brings great responsibility. You should be able to get the right care and attention, so your parrot will enjoy long and healthy life.

To take care of parrots

Parrots are known for creating strong links with the owner or those who handle them. If a person must understand the bird, which must be parrot breeder.

Parrot breeders of significant figures in the lives of the parrots, because they play an important role in taking care of them. In the life of parrots, parrot breeders are foster parents because they give the bird from the beginning.

Because parrot breeders are those who overlook the good and welfare of parrots from birth, general health and personality parrot depends on the methods they use for breeding. Future behavior, the ability to tell the level of socialization and emotional health parrot will also strongly dependent on the type of care received from her breeder.

One of the main responsibilities of parrot breeders is to feed the parrot. Because different species of parrots, parrot breeders will have to learn to react properly when feeding in each species. Besides knowing the various types of food and proper nutrition for all parrot species, the correct way to feed also to focus, too. Parrot breeders should know the correct way to perform any type of parrot is not about the child in danger.

Apart from feeding, "weaning foods" and "swim" is the other important responsibilities parrot breeders. Because of the great responsibility, a parrot breeder should consider, not all can a parrot breeder.

Time, energy, commitment, patience and resources should be considered a success in these efforts. Given the time and commitment are very important to get healthy, non-annealed specimens of parrots, parrot breeders interested should prepare itself for this annoying, but rewarding task.

There is actually a long list of tropical birds and parrot breeders available online. Whether you're in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, or in one of the states in the U.S., there is a directory of experienced parrot breeders who understand the needs of parrots very good. You may want to visit these sites to benefit your parrot guarantee.

Parrots as pets

Many parrots in the world has become popular as pets. Some new owners, their particular parrot is the best. On the other new owners, all the parrots of the world is beautiful, with flashing red, blue, green and yellow.

Most of the parrots of the world that come from a warm climate, such as West Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, South and Central America.

Parrot Families

All the parrots of the world belong to the order Psittaciformes. To two different families: Cacatuidas and Psittacidae. Cockatoos belong to the first family, while the second includes all true parrots in the world.

Each family of parrots within subfamilies, and within the subspecies. Macaws, for example, belong to the family Psittacidae. Macaws are among a family group. Among the macaws, there are at least 17 members:

* Hyacinth

* Mayor macaw

* Lear by macaw

* The Spix Macaw

* Blue and Yellow Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw or

* Caninde Macaw

* Military Macaw

* Buffon's Macaw

* Scarlet Macaw

* Green-wing Macaw

* Red-fronted Macaw

* Yellow-collared Macaw

Chestnut-fronted Macaw *, or severe macaw

* Red-bellied Macaw

* From Illiger Macaw

* Hair Blue Macaw

* Red-shouldered Macaw


People differ in their opinion, where the parrots were better. Some parrots look trendy. Others see the most common pet stores. Some speak more popular in this country or that, but of all the parrots of the world, the five most popular is the dubbed.

1. Parakeets: The common parakeet, budgerigar to be precise, from Australia, and is often chosen as pets for children or people in the birds start, partly due to low prices. Colorful little "Budgies" is a powerful, require little space and less maintenance than larger birds. They are very smart, and although the content to whistle or sing quietly, some throwing in a few words. The name "Budgerigar" of the Australian Aboriginal name for the parrot. This means that the "good food" but most "budgie" owner horrified to hear you say. Among the many parrots of the world, this is probably the least expensive in both the first and maintenance costs.

2. Cockatiels: Another Australian species, these medium sized parrots known for sophisticated whistling and singing. While she learned to speak, many people find that the free bird whistle, mimic random sounds like a ringing cell phone. One drawback with cockatiel uses a powder substance to keep his wings, water-proof, so owners often find their fingers dusty after handling birds.

3. Sun Conures: Among the world's parrots, Sun Conures are one of the brightest. Their coat is red, orange, yellow, blue and green. Sun Conures are known to communicate well, but beware! These parrots are often yelling and screaming instead of talking. They are 12 inches long means they have a smaller cage than the larger parrots, but have you and your family may need earplugs. If you train your Sunnie to lower the voice, you'll enjoy this absurd, parrots tend to be playful.

4. Parrot Latvian Latvian Parrot, Parrot Latvian Pacific in particular, is one of the smallest known parrots in the world - about 4 inches long! They are also one of the most disastrous and spicy all the parrots of the world. The young parrots learn to talk with a voice like a robot. This little voice, their size, and the fact that they do not scream, make it ideal for those who need a quiet companion.

5. African Greys: African Grey Parrots are perhaps the most intelligent of the parrots of the world, and indeed, all the birds. The parrots that are not as colorful as some. They are basic black, as the name implies. They are a bright red or maroon tail, but, depending on the subspecies. African Greys excel at mimicry, sometimes as many studies the term 1000-2000. They are aware of other sounds, too, and can quickly learn to mimic a jet for you through an airport with them. Among the many parrots of the world, the most requested. If your baby, the birds get bored and want their owners to entertainment. If you are looking for an intellectual, honest and loving parrot, African Grey is probably a good choice.

How many parrots there?

Altogether, the number of parrots in the world more than 350 different species and subspecies? Due to lack of habitat, climate change, hunting and trade in live birds as pets, some parrots are dead. Others are as endangered or "threatened species" list.

Gather some basic ideas on food that you can feed your parrot

If children hear about parrots, the first thing that comes to mind is that this bird is usually on the shoulder of a pirate and talk to.

While this creature has a habit of wanting and eating a cracker, studies have shown that this beautiful and colorful animal needs more than a healthy diet.

By following these simple tips, the person can do other things that are also crucial to the parrot diet.

First Parrots also have some vegetables, cooked meats and grains, like humans. This is because these creatures have the same nutrients that people get from eating these products.

Second A healthy diet also means that parrot the right portions at each meal. If the owner gives too much, this should be reduced. It will take some time to get it right so that the individual should just monitor the volume when administered to the animal.

Third Parrots get sick easily. If too much food in the plate, this should be removed because this is the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

4th Besides food, the parrot will be a fresh supply of water per day. This prevents the bird dehydrated, which can also cause it to become ill.

5th Many people see pet owners giving seeds and nuts often parrot. Studies have shown that this must be done in moderation, because it does not provide many nutrients necessary to feed the bird.

6th Though parrots may eat almost anything that humans eat, they should never be given later. These are chocolate, avocado, caffeine, alcohol, kidney and lima beans.

7th Parrots should be fed twice a day and enjoy it when the food is mixed with water in the bowl. It is advisable for pet owners to wash the dish first before and after each meal to ensure freedom from bacteria and other bacteria lives in the bird can compromise.

These are just a few tips on feeding the parrot. The owner can read more by buying a book or doing some research on the Internet.

Before buying power for a parrot, it will also be a good idea to seek advice from a veterinarian. This specialist can check whether the bird and recommend the proper items are purchased from PET.

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Tips and ideas on how to potty train your parrot

Parrots can be potty trained, if you are prepared to a specific and consistent training to perform. Rare parrot perfect about their potty training, but with some work, you can almost perfect results. Actually, you can usually get results so good that when the parrot does not have an accident, it is because you do not to pay attention!

Parrot features vary according to their different circumstances. Wild parrots do not potty where they sleep or eat. She moved to another location. In the case of caged parrots, an adult bird usually moved to a place far away from his eating and sleeping perch to defecate. Birds can be trained to "go" in different places, but often the cage is the desired location.

Sundance Educated Me

I must say I do not have this training technique. Sundance has taught me how to train parrots this behavior. If she would jar on a shirt, she would return to his cage and said "go home" when I changed shirts or cleaning up the mess. Often I work and not return to get her away, so she was not happy with this situation. Soon she began to say "go home" before she was bad, gave me time to take her to her cage, let her superstructure and take her back with me. She gave so much better! If I do not act quickly, they would nip gently on my neck and repeat her command to me to take her home. After she told me a third time, she would just let go. It was me and her people to respond to the mandate they gave us.

Potty Times

Parrots go potty at certain times, which can be used to train them. The first thing in the morning, they jar. Approximately 10 minutes after eating, they jar. It is reliable and you can use these times to know when the assignment and the expected results.

Another feature parrot in a certain position for pottying. The nature of the squat down and spread their cross-feathers, so they do not get them dirty. You learn to keep an eye on the body and using it as well during training.

Took Parrot

Select a word for the effect of relief. "Go poop" "go poop", "potty please" or something like that works fine. Use this word as your parrot potty.

The first thing in the morning, after saying "good morning", tell your parrot to go potty. Wait, it will happen very soon. When it does, lavish praise for your parrot. Make a lot of what a great bird, he or she is.

Look for your parrot finished eating breakfast and pot process to repeat. Also keep an eye on the pot body and re-use the jar command and praise.

In Closing

Some parrots learn this behavior quickly, others take a little time to get the hang of. However, most parrots have the idea in time and are quite consistent, to avoid destroying your clothes, bed or carpet.

The key to training this behavior is consistency. After your parrot starts to let you know that it must go potty, do not fail to react. Stop what you are doing and take your bird to potty and praise. If you sometimes ignore the need, you will not be as successful as when the bird in the pot quickly to take.

If you find your parrot sitting on one leg, do not panic, it's perfectly normal

If you find your parrot sitting on one leg, do not panic, it's perfectly normal. Parrots who are happy and healthy normal perch on one leg. It can also be a sign that they are a little cold. By pulling the legs up into her feathers she must conserve body heat. If the room where your parrot is sleeping a little cold, you want to turn up the heat. Remember that the reason she knows that her legs to pull out its feathers, as the temperature fluctuates in nature. Cooler temperatures are okay as long as it is bitterly cold in the room.

Generally there are two reasons why a bird would perch on two legs. First, she is young and will almost always young parrots perch on two legs because their legs are not strong enough and they do not have enough balance to stand on one. Secondly, they are not good. If she stands on two legs once in a while is probably just exhausted. On the other hand, if she is always placed on two legs, they can become sick or malnourished. The best thing to do would be to her to the vet to get her checked out. You can also try to improve the quality of a food and some over-the-counter medications improve parrot, but if it fails then your parrot disease may require professional attention. It is better to see a professional to solve the problem as quickly as possible instead of letting it get worse and worse to diagnose.

Insight on Conure parrots

Generally Conure parrots group of small to large and medium parrots. They are natives of Central and South America, and sometimes they do parakeets, even if they are really two different entities. However, the expression Conures long existed long before the parrot did. The term really meant tail cone. Of all the parrots, they are the ones that adjust to changes in weather and food the most.

Before going to the pros and cons of Conure parrots as pets, let us look at some useful facts.

1 - Size

These birds size is determined by measuring the length of the tip of the beak and tail. Normally, their average size is about 11.8 inches (30 cm). Their average weight around 2.2 pounds or equal to 1 kg. When the length of their tail to measure, they are usually as long as their bodies.

They are active birds and they will usually need a bigger cage, so they are able to practice, even inside. The necessary distance between the cages to 1 / 2 to 7 / 8 for them to climb without worry of flight or trapped in between.

2 - Life Span

They normally have a lifespan of about 35 years or more. It depends on how well you care for them.

Advantages as pets

An advantage of these majestic birds as pets, their colorful plumage, which is really a joy to behold. They are full of love and is really suitable for just about everyone in the family. They breed well and can produce large offspring. They are easy to handle because of their straightforward character in particular, their diet consists mainly of organic pellets, fruits and vegetables and seeds.

They are highly intelligent and able to learn tricks.

Disadvantages as pets

They're very social birds, attention and regular social interaction. They are considered the best for people who only have time to spend in their home supervision, training and practice. The last two are important, so keep your bird from boredom otherwise birds will develop bad habits. They need a variety of activities, but To counteract this, you can give them toys and let them out of the cage every once in a while.

As long as your patience and perseverance to do with them, they make excellent pets for you.

For the most Conures share the same personalities, and it's more the color and size of different species is the decisive factor, as the parrot to buy. See pictures and learn more about the unique characteristics

Information on Red Parrots

Red has long been known as the color of love. It also means love and passion, but also danger. People associate the color red with love, valentines, danger, desire, speed, force, violence, anger, emergency exit signs, stop signs, and blood. His usual attributes are strength, power, power, control and management. Stimulation, warmth, excitement, good health, physical energy, love, sex, passion, courage and protection is also associated with this strong color. But in birds, especially parrots? Red is a different story.

The red in parrots

When it comes to colors of parrots, the most common are green. But did you know that there is no pigment or tint of green parrots? feathers? According to experts, although some parrots appear green pigments in parrots? feathers are red and yellow.

Red parrot parrots are popular preferences, because they are full of mysterious beauty. But did you know that some parrots are red because their feather structure and chemistry of melanin?

Studies show that some parrots are red because of the Tyndall effect. During the Tyndall effect, as the light spreads reflect the feather structure. This process also results in the illusion of a variety of colors.

Another reason why some parrots are red, because certain types of these birds have feathers in their pigments called carotenoids or psittacine? Those who give carrots and yellow squash their respective colors. These are usually influenced by certain environmental factors and elements such as the ingestion of food or diet.

The experts discovered that the red parrot is caused by the colors of the nutrients from the food they take is intensified. Although food don? T tends to affect a parrot? S color, it is very important in the process, because good nutrition will lead to good health in the glow of a parrot? S springs.

As the parrot's feathers are -? Generally birds? - Most current studies on the characteristic features of parrots staining performed worldwide. Most of these studies have shown that a parrot? S colors can mean different things, such as assertiveness and other behavioral contexts.

The most popular red parrot in PET is the current Red-breasted Senegal. Although a moderate speech ability, great red parrot parrot lovers to buy because they are always playful and independent climbing, chewing and playing with their toys, topped Senegal is one of the favorite choice of pet parrot because they are friendly nature and their ability to learn and perform tricks. Because they produce a very low noise, this red parrot as a pet bird is suitable, especially for those who live in apartments. Although a friendly nature, this red parrot treated and exercised regularly, so they remain tame.

Do you know how much time it takes to make a parrot speak?

Any parrot owner who wants their bird to see the speech the next morning asking the same question: How long does it take to train a parrot to talk? This research can be easily answered if you know the factors that causes a bird to mimic sounds or speech influence.

A parrot to start talking, it's much preferred to buy young and hand-raised feathered species, ranging from three to six months. It is important to remember that older birds do not learn so easily and so quickly that the boy because they already have in their minds beforehand sounds. If the bird you plan to train an adult in advance, you need plenty of stamina, patience and persistence to get to talk with gardening.

Although parrots are known as talking birds to the suitability of your bird imitate the spoken word the man greatly depending on the species of parrot you have, the attitude of your pet, the strategies and techniques you will use and how to tame your pet. Training must start taming your parrot and build confidence in you as his trainer before you can be successful in asking to speak. You will notice if your pet is ready to be taught how to pronounce words as relaxed and confident in your presence.

One of the most effective talking bird is known as the African gray parrots. They are easy to learn and highly qualified in their actions. The different species of parrots and their pronunciation and different tonal qualities are some of the factors to recognize how long does it take to train a parrot to talk.

As you expand the vocabulary of your pet parrot and the tonal quality, it will give you the camaraderie and the joy you will never experience with non-talking birds. Note that parrots may have information on words and phrases to maintain because of their strong memory than other types of flying.

Begin training every morning before you take out to cover his cage. It is important that another phrase or word several times to make it a ritual. Birds will consider more noise in the dark and will try to answer what you say is repeat what it hears. Follow these steps several times in one day, especially just after feeding, or when you give it a snack.

When your bird gets used to the sound you used to respond, it will speak the same sense to call your attention when you're not anywhere near the attention or when necessary, or it is very hungry. When you hear it, please respond back with a similar sound as confirmation, but do not go near the cage.
How long does it take to train a parrot to speak, is strongly influenced by your perseverance in teaching your pet. If you work in every day, you can use a recording to train your pet to mimic sounds and speech.

Information on Cockatoo parrots

Cockatoo parrots are strikingly beautiful with majestic mountain peaks that distinguish them from all others. They are affectionate, playful, and make charming companions. Here are answers to seven frequently asked questions that will give you more general information, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the cockatoos.

How well they speak? They are not known as one of the best talking birds, but they can learn a few words, but the differences in capacity varies greatly from species to species and individual birds.

This must include the normal maintenance? Also have their cages free of droppings per day, water changes as often as necessary, and a daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables of high quality pellet mix, and sprouts. Keep an extra set or two dishes for food and water for daily cleaning of food and water dishes easier. Be sure to remove fresh food, after a few hours to prevent mold growth, and your bird with the ingestion of spoiled foods to avoid. Keep an eye on the toy and remove any that are worn and present a safety problem. Clean the perches and bars of the cage one week and clear the debris on the walls and floors.

Cockatoos are available only in white? While white is the color most frequently observed, there is an amazing variety of colors. Pink, shiny black / dark brown, black with a yellow tail, red or white, gray with pink breast, black with yellow and white ears are some amazing color combinations. Be prepared to pay good as the black redstart cockatoos up to $ 20,000 USD.

How are they noisy? To answer this question in a word itself. In nature, their cries are so strong they can be heard for miles. Good training and the daily attention will eliminate much of this, but not eliminate it completely. And the sound of your individual bird may differ from what is considered normal or more or less. Your ability and capacity to tolerate your family to come will be a big factor determined. They can not be the best birds for the apartment, house, apartment or alive, but again, much will depend on the individual bird.

How are they with children and other pets? Cockatoos are easily excited when exposed to fast movements and loud sudden noises. A house with small children can not be the best place, but older children can be well tolerated. Be gentle with other animals, particularly smaller ones like hamsters and guinea pigs. Keep other animals separate until you are sure they all get along. Never leave your bird alone or unsupervised with a child or pet.

How often do they need to bathe? They need a shower or bath a week to get rid of the dust plume and maintain a healthy plumage. Some will handle like a little bowl of warm water supply is made available as a bird bath. Otherwise, use a hot water spray, or equip your shower with a shower perch for your bird and leave you with a shower once a week and make sure that the temperature of hot water and spray of the implementation.

What can be done about the dust plume, they create? Feather dust is a natural part of their growth and development. They are exposed to the substance in quantities in your home much more than they would in nature. It is important to keep the dust layer for you and your bird, because it can block the airways and lungs which can lead to respiratory infections and diseases. And while the weekly baths will help, one of the best ways to virtually eliminate the use of this material is a high efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) air purifier that all air pollutants, in particular removing the dust up "to 0.3 microns .

Skin Disorders in Parrots

For millions of birds and proud owner of a parrot in the United States, the relationship they have on avian friends is like execution if not better than that of the relationship between a dog and its owner. Parrots, for one thing, is very intelligent and deep bond with their owners. Parrots can be very possessive of their owners and family members or friends attack too close to the owner. The parrot enthusiasts also point out that parrots have the ability to imitate speech and therefore offers a level of personal connection to dogs or cats are not able to give. But for all the wonderful things that can produce a bird with as a pet, one of the major drawbacks are the face of pain and illness in animals. The anatomy of a bird is totally different from that of dogs and cats and some veterinarians are well prepared or equipped to deal with parrots or other pet birds.

Domestic birds are more dangerous than other animals and no treatment for birds should be relatively benign to not kill the birds in treatment. Most of their instability is the fact that their feathers instead of fur and therefore the large amount of exposed skin under the feathers of birds. The birds therefore have a number of illnesses and diseases that revolve around the issue with their feathers and skin.

Types of disorders of the pen

Almost every species of bird feathers will choose a certain extent, but by choosing out of hand and start to lose a lot of feathers, they may be suffering from one of the following diseases or disease in birds:

• Feather cysts are usually found on the wings of birds and can cause an infection. Most treatments require the surgical removal of cysts on birds.

• choice of behavior in honor if a bird with feathers it takes obsessive and started to lose a lot of it may be the result of a recent trauma or emotional upset.

• Polyfollicles this is when multiple-grown feathers of a follicle. It can cause inflammation and infection. It is thought to be caused by a virus.

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Insight on African Parrot

The African Grey Parrot by experts as one of the most intelligent birds. In the parrot world, they are known, the best talkers, and are thus able to develop intellectual and emotional intelligence is equal to the five-year-old child. Unlike other parrot species such as cockatoos and macaws, the gray is usually not known, according to him. Her gentle nature and their impressive ability to imitate the language they are popular pets.

Grey parrots are from the primary and secondary rain forests of West and Central Africa. They feed mainly on fruits, nuts, seeds and green matter. Some people have even looked Greys eating snails. Two subspecies are generally accepted: Congo Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus Erithacus and Timneh African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus Timneh).

Congo gray parrots and parrots are considered medium to be between 12-14 inches from her black beak to their tail to vary. Congos usually weigh somewhere between 400 and 650 grams when fully grown. This is the dominant subspecies, larger than the Timneh, with light gray feathers, cherry red tail and an all black beak.

Timneh African Grey parrots are smaller, have a darker charcoal color, a dark maroon tail and a bright, horn-colored area, a portion of the maxilla.

Both subspecies appear the same power and tend to produce human speech. Timneh African Grey Parrots usually begin talking at six months old, although some up to two years before they start. Just as the Congo African Grey, they have the power, a vocabulary of about 2000 words. Timneh are generally not as good talkers like their counterparts of the Congo. Congo African Grey parrots are the best known and most talented speakers of parrots.

Grey parrots are very intelligent, friendly in nature, and very sensitive to the people around them and their environment. They are very playful and enjoy climbing and chewing. It is important that these intelligent birds busy, effects such as boredom, emotional problems such as feather picking may. Greys are very strong and they can with their strong sharp beak and scratch with their nails to bite. Foraging and learning games and toys are a must for Grey's, so they can stay happy and healthy.

The concern of the African Grey parrots, like any parrot, requires a strong commitment from the owner, because these birds require much attention. Most owners agree that three hours a day from her cage coupled with approximately one hour physical interaction is the minimum needed attention to their mental health coverage. African Greys tend to bind only to a person if they do not interact with other people regularly.

Grey parrots are often caused by calcium deficiency and should work with foods rich in calcium and vitamin A such as green leafy vegetables, almonds, or a small amount of cheese provided. Calcium and vitamin supplements can also be used in conjunction with their normal diet.

Greys are talented and beautiful birds. They are wonderful companion parrots and provide a very interesting partner. Whether you choose a Timneh or Congo, you can be sure that you have a strong emotional bond and the many years of fun and entertainment will be rewarded.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Insight on Parrot food

What is the best parrot food and why? There are no simple answers to many different types of parrots eat properly for several reasons. It is important to find out which foods are good and why, because you never know what really goes into some products. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of certain food groups?

Seeds are a great source of nutrition for parrots. They are designed for parrots, so the ingredients are not harmful in any way. Regular seed parrot food mixes contain mostly just old sunflower seeds are high in fat, and it is recommended that you try to stay away from this. More expensive, however, mixes contain a large variety of seeds, which are very nutritious and very well on a diet for your parrot. It is recommended that when buying seeds always look at the exact content of sunflower to see.

Another type of bird food often used and perhaps more nutritious than pellets seeds. Pellets contain more vitamins and minerals that help your bird stay healthy, live longer and have more energy in general. There is very little fat in most parrot food pellets on the market, but always check with someone if you are unsure of the ingredients. This type of parrot food is best mixed with fresh vegetables, which leads us to our next point.

Fresh vegetables are definitely the best kind of parrot food there is. The combination of vegetables with vitamin-rich pills can make a big difference to the health of your parrot. It gives him / her much more energy and vitality than any other kind of parrot food. So go out and buy some fresh vegetables, chop, so your bird can eat and mix in some specially designed pellets. Modification of a parrot diet can do wonders for his personality!

The final point to note in this - parrots are like children, they will eat anything they can get their mouths. Some people believe that parrots are smart enough to know what is best for them to eat. Do not think that if this is the first step to a very unhealthy bird that lives only half as long as it is to assume. Ultimately it comes down to this - parrots parrot food not to eat human food!

Does anyone knows how many toes doeas a parrot have?

Parrots come in many colors: gray, brown, red, green, yellow, blue, white, black and various shades of all. Parrots can be very small, 4 inches (10 centimeters) -. Or large, 40 "(100 cm) Some parrots learn to talk properly, while others speak.

There are a few things, however, that all parrots have in common. All they want to live in the hot spot, for one thing. Additionally, consider the following four agreements.

1. Beak: Every parrot has a curved, hooked beak. Beak is very strong, and to inflict a deep wound. The main goal however, is to open a nutshell sharp crack or tear apart other food. A parrot uses its bill for "transportation" one time too, pulling in a higher division or a dinner with strong bills.

2. Body: Every parrot has an upright body. Most of the birds, by comparison, have a horizontal body. Parrots' bodies upright like humans.

3. Legs: Parrots have two short legs.

4. Toes: How many toes on an existing simulation? All parrots have four toes on each foot. Zygodactyl parrot toes. That is returned from the first and fourth toes. The second and third toes turn. Songbirds also have four toes, but they have three toes forward and one back toe.

Useful Parrot Toes

Parrot toes for walking difficult, but they are useful tool. Parrots can use 2 forwards, 2-back combination as humans use a thumb and finger, grasp objects firmly between front and rear toes.

The 4 parrot toes to a foot pattern with which they grasp branches and move along a branch. Progress is always sideways in slow, deliberate steps.

The 4 parrot toes can get a parrot to grasp food with his foot. With the help of her two toes in front and rear toes, hold solid food and bite off pieces of her beak. A parrot is often kept the country on his right foot, and lifts food to its mouth on the left foot.

Parrot toes are useful for tricks, too. Many parrots are great exposure for your praise by dangling upside down from a dinner or on the ceiling of their cage, often by a finger! In the wild, this trick helps them reach food.

Parrot toes of the training

The first step in training a parrot to train your parrot to communicate. The 8 parrot toes as your bridge to success. Gently touching the parrot toes for a moment, and then withdraw your hand. Wait a few seconds, and then reached into the cage to touch the toes. Let your parrot see that nothing bad happens when you touch the toes. In its hold, to touch her legs, and work your way up to the parrot. Have other family members also keep the bird frequently so it is not a man to imitate.

When you're ready to finger train your bird, the parrot toes is important. Pick of the night when your parrot has eaten and more vivid. In a quiet room, slowly open the cage door, and put your finger inside the cage. Slowly touch the parrots' abdomen and will jump on your finger, hold with his toes to maintain balance. Not removed from the cage of the first few days. Repeat your finger workout. When it comes to ease into the action, slowly pull your finger on it to the parrot cage door where you entered considered. With patience, your parrot can easily respond with a "Step Up" command and get your fingers when asked.

Always remember that parrot will not step down - only up. Always keep your finger or a perch above the parrot toes.

A clever trick is quickly learned by a parrot is a great wave of four toes of the parrot. You can also instruct the foot in her mouth on command.

Parrot Toes and Toys

It is important to keep parrot toes busy and exercised. Parrot foot toys are an answer that provides entertainment and as an exercise. Parrot foot toys are small enough to become an owner with his feet. Parrot chew toy, getting great pleasure out of destruction!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are you interested or planning to buy a parrot?

So you're interested in buying a parrot? Parrots make great pets, but they are not suitable for everyone, so you should think carefully before your wallet at the pet store. Parrots are among the most difficult (and rewarding at the same time), birds, you can own one, so you need to make sure you know exactly what you let yourself in for before you decide to bring a parrot into your home.

Why are parrots so difficult bird to own? There are many reasons, but we can list some of the key below.


Parrots are often large birds, which means they have a lot of living space for a happy and healthy life need. You'll probably have a large and potentially expensive for your new parrot cage, but even if you are the biggest cage available, your bird is still unable to have his time behind bars to spend. He will be allowed out of his cage to play and practice for at least a few hours a day, so you will need to invest in a detached perch or, better yet, a specially designed "play gym" with a variety of perches, swings and toys to entertain him. You must select a parrot-proof room will live, which means that there are no electrical cables lying about to be chewed on.

Ideally, you should also consider building an aviary in the backyard, so that your parrot, some sunshine and fresh air to enjoy when the weather permits. If you build an outdoor aviary, so make sure at least one shady place, so that your parrot can cool down if it gets too hot.


Parrots are very intelligent birds. This makes them one of the most rewarding birds themselves, because they can easily be trained, but it also means that they are among the most challenging to adapt. Parrots in captivity are easily bored, bored, and birds are susceptible to depression, feather plucking, screaming, and other problematic behaviors.

You should give your pet parrot to the most interesting and stimulating environment, you may want to avoid boredom. First, it means your parrot to give a constant supply of chewable wood and cardboard toys to play with, and that means he is an interesting and varied diet that's rich variety of foods mimics, he would have eaten in the wild.


Parrots are gregarious birds by nature - yes, the atmosphere is one reason why they are such good pets. A parrot will generally form a strong and lasting ties with his own and soon developed into a strong and loving friend.

This atmosphere has a drawback. Parrots are not just enjoying the company of their owners - needed. Parrots require regular attention, love and companionship, and unless you can at least a few hours to spend with your parrot every day you should consider opting for a less time-consuming PET place.


Parrots are extremely long life of birds. Even small parrot species such as parakeets and lovebirds often live to 15 or 20 years, and a large parrot as an Amazon or macaw can live for more than 60 or 70 years.

Buying a parrot means a long time - possibly a lifetime - involvement. You must be sure that you make the right decision, you should carefully consider your chosen species. There are many different species of parrots, all with different needs and different characters. Take time to choose your type is safe for you is crucial.

Insight on Parrot Breeders

Parrot breeders play an important role in the lives of parrots that carries with it. They take the role of being parents parrot sergeant.

The way the parrot is raised and the way it is regarded as the young directly affect its personality when parrot is an adult. When looking for a Breeder Parrot, make sure you have someone who can find a good reputation.

Rescue groups and pet parrots can be a great place to buy, but if you get one from a Breeder birds able to history and understanding how it was raised to receive.

Raising a healthy parrot depends on the particular technique breeders. Feeding the parrots is a huge part of the duties of a parrot Breeder. Different species of parrots have different responses to food.

Breeders are responsible for giving their parrots nutritious and safe food. They also are responsible for weaning the parrot babies before they are sold out. Young parrots should eat fresh produce, warm soft food, pellets or seeds.

Another important aspect of the life of a bird is the ability to fly. Most owners prefer their birds wings of the clip. They do not like the idea of ​​their birds flying around their homes possibly breaking things.

But baby parrots need to learn how to fly before their wings were clipped. It is in the best interest of the birds to find a Breeder that will allow their babies to learn how to fly.

They should also learn how to land and maneuver in flight. A parrot's level of socialization and their emotional health depends on the care it receives early in its life time Breeder. Potential buyers can ask breeds how they interact with the baby birds they sell.

Most parrot breeders are responsible and caring people who love the breed and being apart of a parrot's life at such a crucial time. But some breeders just in it to make money.

As a buyer should be aware of who should do business with and who you should stay away from. Shipping birds in some way by some companies is illegal.

It is also important for a Breeder to introduce clothing to their bird at a young age. The best time to introduce the clothes when baby is partially feathered.

Potential owners should have their questions breeders. Breeders should allow buyers to view their aviaries. Very important contract for the transaction of business is a must.

Good breeders are also available after purchase to answer questions and lend support to the new owner. Some parrot species live between 60 and 100 years old. They are a huge undertaking and its worth to you in finding the right kind of Breeder.

Some parrot breeders are more knowledgeable then pet store owners and continue to breed parrots for the love of the breed. If you choose to purchase a parrot from a Breeder, you have a better chance of buying a well-adjusted, happy, and more importantly healthy bird that will last a lifetime.

Tips and ideas on picking up a parrot

Knowing how a parrot play gym is not always easy to choose, because they come in different styles and sizes, including made of different materials.

The first thing to try to understand why a parrot stand or play gym is really necessary. Parrots are very intelligent birds, and just like any other intelligent beings, they can easily get bored if they are interesting things that will stimulate their brains.

When boredom in your parrot, cockatiel or macaw, you are confronted with real problems that may be too difficult to correct.

If a parrot is not much to keep busy, it may be sad, and this can lead to behavioral problems such as continued chirping, biting, and pulling out its feathers. When a rare bird finds itself in the position might be more time and care to bring back to normalcy.

Parrot cages themselves are not enough to parrot healthy and content. The Parrot Needs a freed from his cage for a few hours a day, so it can stretch its wings and explore. Although in his cage to stimulate, and this can be done using a parrot play gym.

A good bird play gym for a number of bird toys and bird perches that are set at different levels. It gives your pet all of different heights to see the game because it will do.

Also parrot stake is the right size to fit your pet. Every little bit too difficult for birds to use. The gym should also play is made of sturdy materials that will not wear or chip easily.

If your parrot spends plenty of time to play the pen, it is likely to be some damage from bird pecking at the table with toys and birds receive, so make sure a parrot play gym to buy a good quality.

A parrot enjoys his cage because it is part of the family do not feel so well in a cage. Parrot is not stupid, sees himself as trapped in a cage all the time, while others are off, it does not feel like a part of the flock and easy start to get lonely and depressed. This is the last thing you want for your pet.

Parrots live for a long time and the sooner you can feel like a valued member of the family, the better the long-term relationship that will have.

Even if your bird in the cage, make sure that a lot of that goes to grab it. This means that the bubbles hanging up wooden perches of different sizes, and parrot toys for her to play. This will ensure that your parrot will stay happy, a happy and healthy parrot is a parrot.

Many pet birds supply outlets where a parrot play gym to buy, so make sure a few different models of the parrot play gym release before deciding which to buy.

Gather some basic knowledge on parrot care

Parrots are a lifetime investment and care of these beautiful birds are very essential for their health and happiness. As some of the parrot family birds live up to 50 years, is an investment in parrots and how to care for them are often compared to the protection of children. If this is something that interests you, then you do not want a bird itself.

There are an estimated 11 million pets in the United States alone in the vast majority owned by a parrot. The birds of the parrot family birds as small as budgies and love birds, cockatoos and macaws, the largest bird macaw parrot family.

Many different species of parrots. An African gray parrot is growing at about 13 inches, and was one of the birds, with a longer life. He also is known for its ability to mimic noises, in addition to developing and parroting speech patterns.

The parakeets are among the best known of the parrot species. Another species is the Australian "budgie." This nickname was given budgerigar, a variety of brilliant green and yellow parrot. They are gentle and kind.

An Amazon parrot is 27 subspecies. This parrot is short wings, but as smart as a dolphin or a monkey. He is also an expert imitation of a wide range of sounds.

These are just some of the many species of parrots. Parrot ownership is an excellent alternative to other pets for those who do not want the traditional dogs and cats, reptiles and more.

So what kind of cage you buy for your new parrot? If you are relying on a smaller or a larger parrot bird species use my suggestion is to buy the biggest, practical cage that your budget can afford. The larger the cage, the more freedom he feels and how comfortable he will become.

Related to the health of your parrot, his appearance to tell. Its fur should look healthy, which means that the colors should be bright and smooth. Moreover, it is clean. This means that no dirt hanging on his feet or his beak.

Before you buy a parrot, you should have a clear understanding of the nature parrot routine care necessary to obtain medical care for parrots, parrots and understand their personality and what size parrot best suits your needs.

Are you well versed in the ownership and care of these beautiful birds and you will enjoy your new parrot is not at any time.

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Tips and Ideas on how to recognize a parrot

Parrot with a number of different physical characteristics especially for his race. Parrot owners is whether many of the features, but for those who do not, let's look at what is looking for a parrot. It is much easier to identify a parrot when a person has physical characteristics of a parrot.

Parrots belong to a family called Psittacidae, and is often identified as climbing birds. Within this large, extended family, various industries, including the parrot on the right and the other branch is specified: cockatoos, macaws, parakeets and Lories.

A nice feature of a parrot is the way it tips his head sideways to look at different things. To view a parrot to do this is quite remarkable.

Each family member has a parrot tongue. Tongue is soft, thick and fat and is actually quite mobile. Sa parrot, the tongue is actually one of the senses, as it is for us. The Parrot tastes, touches and swallows this organ. Each member of the parrot family also has a complex larynx in three different muscles. And it not only helps to identify them as parrots, but it enables them to "parrot" our people very well.

And, of course, that every parrot beak and make no mistake about it b because you do not want to stifle get an angry parrot. Their bills are large, thick, hard and fairly firm. Bill is also an important tool he uses in climbing and hiking.

His eyes are on either side of her head. Because it is not clear that he could see the little things that kept close to him without his head on one side. It is curious that cock of his head that makes parrot is so wonderfully charming - and while he makes it look as intelligent as he is questioning what he was looking at.

The eye of a parrot is different from ours formed. The upper and lower lids of his eyes form a continuous optical circular cover for his eyeball. You will notice that he rarely blinks when you or because he did not. The Parrot has the power to contract its students to be independent of the presence of light or dark.

He used the power, especially when he was angry, frightened or affected by any other strong emotion. While the age of the bird's color deepened IRIS.

The ears of a parrot is small, oval openings directly above their eyes. You can not see them very easily because they are covered by feathers, and they are outside the boundaries of the cerebral or wrinkled skin around the eyes.

Generally, the colorful bird with short wings, but some varieties of Macaw is the exception to this rule. They have long wings covered with long feathers.

The body of the bird seems too big and their short legs appeared to have trouble walking around.

Parrot tail differ greatly in length, some roly-poly and the other parrots they are long and elegant. Most parrots have 12 tail feathers.

The beautiful animals with short legs with four toes, two forward and two backward. But the toes are one of their main characteristics. Their toes enables them to be good and easy to climb. When he walks he had waddling gait.

Another feature of the toes of the parrot that he used to eat it. He uses them as finger food holding his toes firmly in one of his feet and placing the food in his mouth. The second leg is then used to balance it while eating. The legs are solid and covered with strong scales. It helps him to remain at a dinner without much thought and little effort. Aided by his strength he gave easily perch on the branches and keep his balance.

Parrot Care

Parrot Care

The increase in popularity, it may have a parrot as a pet is a very rewarding experience. Increasing experience, pet owners should be well informed about how to care for their parrot friends. Owning a parrot is a lifetime commitment, and care for them properly is a necessity. By learning good house, married, and feed a parrot, pet owners can enrich the lives of the parrots and help students become the best pets and friends as possible.

Cage care and care

Cage care is essential for the welfare of a parrot. Cages must be in the first place, the right size for a parrot. More of the cage is the easier it will be for a parrot to relax, stretch their wings, and feel at home. Cages come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of a parrot's cage and preferably owns options to be studied. Choice must be made for the care of welfare and a good friend of a parrot.

Widely regarded as dirty birds, parrots have a bad reputation with respect. This should however not the case. Adequate care for a pet parrot includes cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment in a cage. Cages should be covered with newspaper and cleaned or replaced daily. Food and feces should be removed from the cage and perches daily. Of food and water dishes should be washed twice a day. And finally, should every 2-3 months the entire cage, including perches and toys washed thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Personal care of a parrot is also an essential part of caring for a parrot. For most, a parrot groom. Yet it is important to cut a parrots claws, beak, feathers and their clip (which is optional, but something that many homeowners choose to do) on a regular and systematic basis. It is for the welfare and safety of the parrot. Parrot care must bathe every day a parrot. Light fog the surface of the feathers of a parrot's with a water bottle filled with warm water mimics the rainforest-like environment that parrots love. The parrot slightly dry with a towel, and they will be very grateful to the owners for their superior care.

Good nutrition and Love

Another important aspect of parrot care is proper diet and nutritional requirements. Parrots require a healthy, balanced and creative varied diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables, soft food, pellets of protein, and nuts and seeds with mixtures. Keep the curious nature of life with a parrot's diet will be to boost the quality of life and happiness together to increase.

Last but most importantly, love, patience and quality time, the basis of good parrot care. Research and understand the needs of a parrot s. Their happiness, health and safety depend on the quality of care their own supply. Love your friends parrot. Good for them. Spend time with them sticking. You'll be glad you did, and you win back a precious best friend for life!

Insight on Parrots diet

Ownership of the parrot as a pet requires setting up a good, healthy parrot food, parrot not so sick and die within a few years. Parrots have a long life. especially the larger species, and if you enter your parrot, you should enjoy many years of friendship.

The size of your parrot.

Take the food you choose is not hard to do. It is just a list of food items suitable for the parrot. Parrots of similar size eating similar diets, so the main consideration, you must do the actual size of parrot you have or want to buy.

For example, you are certainly not expected from an African gray parrot in the same meal as a budgie eat. Their difference in size is enormous and it's obviously affect the size of the food they eat. Larger birds can eat larger and harder foods such as macadamia nuts, because their bills are larger, hard and much more.

Parrot diet variety.

A Parrot likes variety in their diet. In its natural tropical environment, a parrot eat tropical fruits, flowers, leaves, fruits and nuts, so you can see how some foods are essential for good health. Variety is not only important for the health of the parrot, the parrot bored but because if there's a good chance that he would stop eating (as we do when we were served the same food day in and day out) , but also because it gives the bird a wide range of vitamins.

Parrot vitamin diet.

When some ways to ensure that your parrot has a range of vitamins gain is to feed pellets. Almost everyone involved in keeping parrots agree that the pellets are essential to the health of a pet parrot, but where there is a difference in the amount to be fed. Some say that the pellets should increase to 90% of the diet of a parrot, but others say it may be only 30% -40% of the food. This is something you have to work itself out naturally, and so long as the cost is lower and it will eat many other foods then at least it's not hungry. It is a matter of fixing the percentage of pellets based on other food you are feeding.

Other food to feed the birds.

If you have organic food to feed the parrot as he will be better for it! Your parrot is so much healthier to eat organic food. There are different types of food parrot like, such as mango, pineapple, kiwi, melons, peas and beans, cauliflower, corn, sweet potatoes and peppers.

After the water is available for your pet parrot.

Parrots need to have water available, but it's not a good idea to have a bowl of water, because once a few hours old will begin growing bacteria as food and feces in the country. A bottle of water is a more healthy way to give your parrot to its need for water.

Once you have decided what your parrot feed, make a list so you can try out all items in the diet for your parrot. You may find that some are not so popular, but keep trying it every now and then anyway.

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Does your Parrot have a habit of bitting?

You own a parrot bite? You want me some proven principals for getting your parrot to stop biting parts? If so, you're about to discover how to get rid of your parrot biting, using a strategy I call "Target Training".

Never heard of target practice? I'm not surprised. Most so-called parrot behavior "Gurus" are too busy standing on their soap boxes, preaching all that "if we just loved our parrots more, they go to beauty" - what a group of waste! And what they preach is not further from the truth.

Let's face it. When most people buy a baby parrot, it's just hand fed, it is still a baby, not yet strong enough to bite, and this is the nicest, most cutest little thing in the world. And they will actually stay that way for several months and even years.

But then every parrot eventually what I call their "Teenage Years". It basically puberty for your bird. The hormones are a wreck, it starts a woman, and if your teenage children, Parrot is probably a bit of challenge at this time, and no amount of love I can about their behavior. Instead the magical fix will do what every therapist says their feelings challenged clients when their relationship in trouble - "working to strengthen your communication".

And that's exactly what "Target Training" is. It develops a level of communication with your birds that you both understand.

Here's how it works. Train your parrot to understand simple commands from you, or implied. Then you have parrot to teach as he follows the clues, he is rewarded - usually with a very tasty treat! The more commands you teach your parrot, the better the level of communication and the more you will parrot trusts you, and cease to bite you.

The first and most basic level of training goal is teaching your parrot to the end of a small wooden stick or wooden stick to hit. You reward your parrot every time he touches the tip of the wooden dowel by giving him a treat every time, even if he touches, he's hitting the fuse.

And over time, the parrot who realizes that the photos call, and you really open a new level of communication with him, that he did not know existed. He begins to realize that if he follows your cues, and touches the tip of the stick when you asked him, was rewarded with her ... and reward him well.

Your parrot will begin to trust you so much, that a good target trained parrot, trained to actually identify what the appropriate steps to the end of the stick, not even by flying or walking around your house, but follow Cues.

Insight on Fascinating Parrot Facts

As soon as you step your foot in the colorful world of parrots, many facts about the parrot, which is pretty amazing. The bird is an exciting and intelligent life among all those that can fly. Earlier, scientists believed that parrots were "hopelessly simple" because they have very small cerebral cortex, the area of ​​intelligence in animals. But now, they realized that parrots are pretty smart. Scientific studies have concluded that the birds use the rest of your brain and a lower part of the brain. This will ensure that their applications are quite similar to our hyperstriata. This is probably the reason why they have the ability to communicate and perform tasks that include logic, such as identifying the problem and try a variety of tools and solutions.

When it comes to your communication skills, experts suggest, make sure that the parrots whistling variations, as they say. They do not have vocal cords because of where they really push the air out of your trachea and create sound. Parrots can not only talk, but they also have the ability to mimic the sounds around you. In this context it is interesting to know that the African gray parrot, it is surprising that there were thousands of vocabulary words. Now that's a wonderful reality.

Parrots are found in different sizes. The smallest parrot in the world is covered with buff pygmy parrot, which is only 3.2 inches long, about as big as an adult human finger. This parrot is found in forests of Papua New Guinea. As the greatest of all is the hyacinth macaw parrots in the world, which grows four feet high. It was found from the jungles of eastern and central South America. Parrots can not only vary in size, but also a different color. But all the eggs are white parrots. Parrots usually live in dense forest areas so that they can easily hunt insects and other small mammals. They also feed on nuts, seeds and fruits. When they eat their food, they have it, that one of its legs, because they are both right and left. Some species of parrots have long, brush-tipped languages ​​to drink nectar. Wild parrots like macaw and cockatoos can be driven up to 500 miles a day, searching for their food.

Thus, the wonderful birds parrots proved that you can impress your songs and charm. And if you enter their world, you do not like stepping out. You always have the desire to learn more and more facts about the parrot.

Here is cool information on Snail Anatomy

Many think that snails are fantastic, but most of us think they just disgusting. But when you start looking at their anatomy you leaning "say they are not unique.

The most notable difference between a snail and slug snail is better at home that is to say that their shell. The shell varies greatly, so what kind of breasts belong. Sometimes their food while others are oval. Some of them even if they spiral offer some protection against most hunters hunters can easily corrupted by the shell. Instead, they mostly serve as refuge and a place to put most of their major organs. The main ingredient of calcium and snail shell is a must consume more.

The shell of the breast is more important to land snails that we often see when we think of snails. Some even live in the desert snails. They need the shell to protect itself from drying out of the world wet their bodies shrivel and die. For snails are more important.

The eyes of a snail is at the end of the tentacles. Sometimes they have two sets of tentacles, but only one set up the eyes (the eyes are always all the tentacles). Their brain is relatively small. But they are smarter than we originally thought they were. Was particularly impressed with the way they think the link. That is, basing their thoughts on past experiences.

The breast is not a lung like you and me but they need air to breathe and have a bag of blood vessels that performs the same functionality of our lungs. But they have one of these bags. Take breathing glands in the upper part of their body because their mouths are always on the ground as the underside of their heads.

They have a "foot" is a much more severe hard skin on the underside. But only the back part of their body, tougher skin. This is because over the subfield is too busy making mucus so it is enough to slip lower and also provides protection over the body. It may seem like a lot of mucus, but it is important to remember that they move slowly so they do not have much time.

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Do you know which fish are good for you and which ones are not?

 Almost Everyone know that fish is good for you. It is low in saturated fat, and makes you smart. No wonder consumers are confused by headlines warning fish eaters of impending doom.

In autumn 2002, the San Francisco Chronicle headline warned that eating fish can be dangerous because of high mercury content in some deep water fish. A doctor in Northern California have discovered that eating expensive fish worth individuals, such as swordfish and tuna, are placing themselves at increased risk of mercury poisoning - even as they try to eat healthy.

In one case, a woman who suffered hair loss and high levels of mercury in his blood. That spurred Dr. Jane M. Hightower, a specialist in internal medicine in San Francisco, California Pacific Medical Center to fish around for answers.

Hightower studied her own patients, rich and gourmet eats lots of fish - swordfish, sea bass, halibut and Ahi tuna. He discovered that patients often eat the fish or symptoms of mercury exposure (fatigue, headache, joint pain, and impaired memory and concentration) are not acceptable levels of mercury in their blood.

Hightower retested these patients after they abstained from fish suspected for six months. These high levels of mercury which disappeared. Not surprisingly, the FDA has given warnings about the high levels of mercury in some of the fish.

Fish remains good - and healthy

Fish is naturally low in cholesterol and the protein of choice for cardiologists and weight-conscious Americans. This is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, which has been shown that the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol and reducing the stickiness of platelets to decrease.
This means that the omega-3 fats can lower your risk of stroke.

Studies have conclusively shown that men and women who eat a diet rich in oily fish - salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies and tuna - are more likely to cardiovascular disease and stroke. A study published in the journal Circulation (American Heart Association) showed that eating fish regularly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in women with diabetes to reduce as much as 64 percent.

Researchers at Chicago Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke Medical Center found that older people who eat fish at least once a week can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by more than half.

It is not necessary to eat fish every day to reap the benefits. According to a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association, people who eat about three to five grams of fish one to three times a month are 43 percent more likely to have a stroke during the 12 years of follow-up. Men who ate fish more often reduce their risk further.

Here are some cool tips and ideas for grilling fish

Using your grill is a great way to prepare fish. Many are afraid to grill fish, but most of the fish actually do well in a fast cook on direct heat on a grill.

Choosing the right fish

Important to know that some fish are actually cook better than others on the grill. There are two categories in this case, they are thick and tender steaks and fillets. Thick steaks, swordfish which, tune, salmon, mahi-mahi, snapper, bluefish, striped bass and trout have been working very well in a toast. At the tender fillets, you need a little more careful because they may break apart and fall through the grating. However, you can cook tender fillets in a foil pouch or use a wire basket of fish.

Preparing toast

Always start with clean cooking grill. If toast is dirty, fish will probably stick to the schedule. Use a grill brush to rub away the debris from the grill and place over heat. Once grill is heated, brush again to glue completely separate matter from the surface. Now you can preheat the grill. You want to preheat your grill to medium heat. Do not heat the grill. If you are a beginner, use charcoal briquettes instead of hardwood charcoal, are likely to burn hotter and with different speeds due to their asymmetric shape. Beware, oil the grill by dipping a washcloth in the oil and using tongs to move them over.


Always season your fish enough before cooking. The more fine fish should not be marinated more than 10 minutes because the acid in the marinade can actually cook the fish and make the texture soft. Would be ideal for spreading dry herbs in this variety of fish. Thicker fish on the other hand, can be marinated for up to 20 minutes. Try marinades easily. For example, for every pound of fish, just mix juice of a lemon and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, one teaspoon of dried dill and salt and black pepper to taste. Strong marinades can overpower the natural flavor of the fish and the smoky flavor imparted from the grill.

Grilling time

The key is to fish for 8 minutes per inch of thickness, or 10 minutes per inch cooking if you are cooking whole fish. Check the fish for a few minutes before you think it should be cooked, bearing in mind that the fish will continue to cook for a few minutes after being removed from heat. Shine after a brief sear on each side of fish. First grill clear, lackluster, with a very high temperature for a few minutes on each side. Then drop the heat to lowest setting and cover the fish with glaze. Continue grilling on each side until cooked.

Use a fork to flake chicken opening parts of the fish to check if it is cooked. If the inner part of the fish is opaque all the way through, then you are done. Do not wait until fish is rubbery and dry. Take it off the grid when it is cooked.

Here are some important keys to keep in mind for purchasing best fish oil

If you are new to the world of fish oil supplements, you will be many questions. Questions such as what to look for in fish oil? What dose to take? Is there a risk of infection? Will it taste bad?

The following list includes six of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a fish oil product. Make sure you speak with a doctor before taking supplements and follow the advice they give you. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-aging and antioxidant properties. They have also proven to help many diseases, including heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, depression, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, MS, neurological disorders, fertility and pregnancy, weight management, inflammation, ADD, healthy skin, and prevent many others ..

Fish oil pills are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. The acids come from fish, just below the skin and liver of the fish. These fatty acids are also the lower doses of plants and various vegetables. The human body is not omega3 fatty acids to make it all so we need to consume through our diet. These fatty acids help provide nourishment to the cells in our body with energy and contraction of the muscles. If you do not have enough fatty acids, you feel tired, have memory problems, dry skin, heart problems, mood swings, depression or poor circulation. It is important to talk to your doctor about these symptoms and not fish oil pills can help.

If you decide to buy some fish oil capsules, you should consider the following.

First Taste - While not the most important of the factors, it is usually the reason why people continue to take supplements that they purchased. Usually it is not the taste itself, it's "fishy burps" that people associate with taking the pills. While fish oil is not in itself good taste, you want pills that something extra to enhance the flavor can be avoided. Unfortunately the only way to get the pills that are acceptable for you to find listen to advice from people you trust or try the pills themselves.

Second DHA and EPA - the pills, large amounts of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and must be clearly stated on the label. If you are a 1000mg pill, then totals of DHA and EPA could also be added to 1000 mg. The higher concentration of DHA and EPA, the higher the quality of the supplement. The higher the level of DHA and EPA, the smaller dose, you should take your daily goals.

Third Purity - The quality of the pills should be of paramount importance for everyone to take supplements. Some fish is known that large amounts of unhealthy chemicals, metals and natural ingredients that are harmful to humans consume. Look for fish oil capsules that are molecularly distilled. This means that the pills are so many possible cleaned and impurities removed.

4th Freshness - Do not buy fish oil pills that can not prove the date of registration, treatment, or the last date. Fish oil has a short shelf life, and will spoil very quickly. Do not store pills for longer than 3 months and no pills that "fishy" smell. If you notice a bad odor or taste, consider the pills expire and buy new ones.

Size of the 5th pill - something that most people consider when buying fish oil is the size of the pills they need to swallow. Sometimes pills can be very large, and when more pills, so you can be a difficult time swallowing them. Also remember that children have a difficult time when the pills are too large. Look for soft gel that can be easily swallowed and enjoyed.

6th Cost - As with everything in your body, do not choose the cheapest product you can find. There's a reason why some pills are more expensive than others and it usually involves purity and the type of fish. You do not necessarily choose the highest price of the pill, but choose from a known supplier and are above average. A few dollars per bottle will definitely pay off in the long term.

If you are new to the world of fish oil supplements, do not be discouraged if you are thousands of different bottles out there. With these simple steps, you, healthy and informed buyer.

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Insight on Fish Steaks

I am a steak lover and I enjoy giving a try cooking a new recipe steak that I have encountered. By now, may have fried fish steaks all easy for me, but not with a thick steak-cut fish. That's why I'm always up for trying something new. When I heard about roasting pan, a drier and more tasteful fish to do when it comes to thick steaks, I did not stop until I learned the steps in getting the perfect burnt thick steak. Thanks to my brother, after the very rapid and simple techniques, I also enjoy baking pan.

Thaw the fish steaks. After drying all sides, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, coating all sides of the fish. Preheat oven to 400 ° C. Bring a large, heavy skillet over high heat until very hot. Pour canola, or a neutral-flavored vegetable oil in a frying pan distributes well to coat the pan bottom. Heat the oil. The kettle is ready when it begins to simmer, or if it begins to smoke. Place the fish steaks each providing sufficient space, so they do not publicly during cooking. You can cook them in batches, so they definitely burn nicely. Note that the displacement of the fillets will not lead to evaporation and burning.

After 3 minutes, flip over each steak and cook for 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Supply from the fish steaks from pan. If you are using a non-stick skillet, they will not stick. Straight into the pan in the oven and cook the steaks to desired doneness. When you are done, remove from oven and place steaks on the scale. To double check doneness, make a small incision in the fish steaks to ensure it is the way you want to do.

Generally, a naturally bigger fish Sears only good for 4 minutes. This will give you a medium rare steak juicy and tender fish. 1-1/2 to cook steaks to medium rare, or thicker, cook six minutes on one side, turn the steak and cook the other side another 6 minutes. By then the meat should be browned on both sides. Serve as a pro, struggling the pan with a little of your favorite white wine and stir a few tablespoons of butter flavor. This gives you a simple but fabulous sauce you can pour over the fish steaks. Serve with green vegetables. I like mine with steamed green beans.

With simple techniques and the best herbs to make, I think having to cook beef steaks and fish better than some restaurants do, for less money. If you like steak, it's your turn to try it yourself and enjoy the fantastic steaks, brown fish of crazy sauce from the pan drippings.

Usage of fish oil

Natural healers long held the belief that diets high in essential fatty acids, patients suffering from arthritis and joint pain to help. The disease appears to be caused by high levels of inflammation in the body that cause pain and loss of bone. The addition of fish, fish oil and other sources of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet may stem the tide of joint replacement surgery to help reduce long-term effects of chronic inflammation of bones and joints.

The drug normally used to treat joint pain and inflammation is in a class of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications are drugs such as aspirin, Relafen, ibuprofen, and naproxen. They work by blocking the enzymes in the body causing pain and inflammation prostglandins it. It is shown that the essential fatty acids in cold water fish, EPA and DHA, which also stimulate the body's natural anti-inflammatory immune contain. However, most people eating a standard American or European cuisine, do not get enough of these essential fatty acids (EFAs) in their diet to prevent the onset of joint problems.

EFAs can not be done by the body. We need the nutrients in the food we eat. Besides helping to assist in joint movement, mineral absorption and reducing pain, omega-3 fatty acids help protect the heart and brains of a full menu of problems. Omega-6 fatty acids, another essential nutrient, is paralyzed in our current diet. It is the delicate balance between these two types of essential fatty acids that actually provide protection we so desperately need.

A number of recent studies conducted by the Society for Complementary Medicine showed a significant decrease in the beginning of the overlapping problem when 2 to 3 grams of EPA and DHA are added to the diet of people in early rheumatoid arthritis early. The intensity of joint pain, stiffness, tenderness and overall reduced demand for traditional NSAIDs with more than 50%. The patient was given a more refined and their food has not changed. Many of the participants were able to stop their prescribed medication after 3 weeks of treatment with fish oil. While the test is not exhaustive, they show promise.

If food is brought in question, found that high consumption of omega-6 fatty acids are an important factor in preventing early joint disease. It is assumed that the processing of food over the balance swings in oil in a negative way. In fact, the balance is thought to be at least 10 times a percentage. Some believe that because of food choices that the imbalance is as high as 20 to 1. Making it back into balance our diet can make a big difference in controlling the proliferation of bone and joint replacement operations are now facing.

Add the salmon, tuna, walnuts, olive oil, and pecans in a normal diet can help the imbalance of the omega-6 fatty acids omega-3 fatty acids to compensate. However, many of the large predatory fish, high in essential fatty acids, are also high in heavy metals, toxic substances due to polluted water to fish. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to use high-quality, purified fish oil from the filling. Although supplementation may well be aware of the true level of EPA and DHA in the additions. Many low grades do not guarantee the purity and nutrient levels.

Joint replacement therapy has become a huge industry in the world today. Usually seen as a first resort and not the last. Our timely health foods and supplements can not defeat the need for surgery, but it can help us to avoid them for a longer period of time.

Are you planning to set up a Aquarium for gold fishes?

There are many reasons to keep the gold fish tank. Your child may be looking for a first pet and a gold fish seems the right choice, or maybe you just like the gold fish. Whatever your reason is, it is important to know how to cook a healthy environment for your new gold fish.

This will ensure that your goldfish will have the best chance of survival. Not taking the time to learn about setting up your gold fish tank can get your fish to end up sick or even die. Having this knowledge will help you to configure the new gold fish aquarium and give you more happiness and joy in the process.

The first thing you should do is to visit several pet stores in your area. If they specialize in fish better. Be sure to check out all the different size tanks, air pumps, filters, food and gold fish they have available. Ask lots of questions from the staff of a good fish store will help you determine what the aquarium is set up right for you.

When you do this, taking into account the size of goldfish you buy. When you get the idea home, you undoubtedly have many questions and if you've developed an excellent line of communication with the store that sold you your gold fish, they are ready to help you set up your gold fish aquarium in the best way.

Take plenty of time to configure the new tank. Twist the idea and set it up. Fill it with water and let it set up long before you put new fish home and add it to the tank. It needs time to acclimate for approximately two weeks before adding fish to it. Doing this will help to provide gold fish aquarium good balance, chemical and temperature wise. When your gold fish aquarium is ready, it is safe to bring home a new goldfish. Then you know that environment is safe and healthy

Common diseases in gold fish

Goldfish are susceptible to the disease and once infected can greatly shortened life span. The most common reasons goldfish get sick if the fish tank is dirty, because of poor filtration, water and oxygen is too low, the temperatures are either too hot or too cold and misfeeds. Prevention and early detection is key to help ensure a healthy goldfish.

Ich (Ick, Ichtyopthirius, Freshwater White Spot Disease)

Symptoms: Body and / or fins are covered with small white dots and rapid gill movements can be observed in later phases.

Ich is one of the most common diseases of goldfish, and if untreated can be fatal to your fish. Treatment can take many days to heal, and it must be treated immediately since Ich is highly contagious.

The disease is easily recognizable. The white dots are small and sometimes many, about a millimeter in size. They are easiest to see transparent fins of the fish. When you're on fish medicine has no effect on Ich. As the parasite grows, however, it will ultimately deliver the fish to reproduce. At the bottom of the tank, it will a cyst (also resistant to medications) and soon hatch into hundreds of baby parasites will find a new host animal. This process weakens the fish and leaves holes in the body of the fish. A severely affected fish will probably be a rapid gill movements.

Solution: Contact your veterinarian or pet for further instructions. A number of effective medications available. It is wise to treat your main tank to ensure that you successfully remove all traces of the parasite from the deleted (but it may be useful to move a severely affected fish to a quarantine tank). Let the filter run, but remove all carbon because this substance takes medicine out of the water.

Fin Rot or Tail

Symptoms: Fin rot is a general term for necrotic loss of fin tissue, resulting in split or ragged fins. It is usually on the edge of the fin that is attacked, although occasionally a hole may appear in the middle of the fin. The emergence of fin rot can vary from a single, semi-circular "bite" shape and a "fragmented" effect.

Almost all cases are caused by stress, anxiety or poor environmental conditions. Rot is often one of the first signs that a goldfish disease problem exists and all cases should be examined to determine the underlying cause.

Solution: You must first identify and resolve the causes of stress may be due to a fish disease such as parasites, overcrowding, low oxygen levels, bullying or poor water quality. If they are caught early enough, removal of the stressor is sufficient.
Medications used to treat symptoms Melafix, Maracyn, salt, antibiotics as a last resort (like tetracycline or sulfa-based products), hydrogen peroxide bath, or used in the area (be very aware that this does not touch the gills since this can be fatal).


Symptoms: gray or gray-white tufts of cottony material on parts of the body of the fish, sometimes almost all the fish skin.

If mold is suspected that there are several possible causes. All are somewhat similar in appearance, and include common fungus, mouth fungus and body fungus.

Fungus normally indicates there is a problem that weakens the goldfish. Some possibilities include parasites or even an injury caused by spawning or due to a collision with a tank decoration. Whatever secondary causes must be found and included in the fish are treated for mold.

Solution: To improve water conditions and treatment immediately. Standard anti-fungal medications, such as methylene blue, is usually very effective, but filtration and water quality effects. When the disease is on open wounds, aquarium salt at a dose of 1-3g/litre can help reduce salt loss.


Symptom: Goldfish have difficulty passing stools, or is constantly behind the fish. This is often caused by a diet without enough variety, or by feeding too many starchy foods.

Solution: This problem is easily solved by switching to a diet with more variety and roughage. Some suggestions are live foods, peas, spinach, and tubifex worms. Entice the fish to swallow a grain of Epsom salt is also said to be beneficial.

It is also recommended to dry fish food be soaked in water until soft before feeding. This helps with digestion and reduces constipation.


Symptoms: Dropsy is a bacterial infection that infects the goldfish from within and ensure that the scales protrude from the body of goldfish is. Dropsy can be caused by a bacterial infection that causes kidney failure in goldfish. The problem is that by the time you see symptoms of dropsy on your goldfish, kidney damage already done.

Solution: The main defense of dropsy for your goldfish parasite free, which will reduce the risk of bacterial infections, which in turn will reduce the risk of kidney failure. A broad spectrum anti-bacterial treatment is the best option in most cases.

Pop Eye

Symptoms: Fish stinging eyes is unusual. It is important to realize that some varieties of goldfish eyes out naturally, like the Moor, Bubble Eye Celestial and water. In adolescence, it is possible to develop their eyes in their adult configuration. Sometimes a fish will not develop telescopic eyes until it was two years old.

Pop eye, however, is a fish disease that causes the eyes to get away from sticking their heads of the fish in an unusual way. Pop eye is usually caused by blood poisoning or tuberculosis.

Swim Bladder Disorder

Symptoms: A goldfish with swim bladder disorder will periodically float on its side on the surface of the water or swim on its side a lot. Usually this only periodically, with the fish sometimes able to swim normally. If a fish lies on its side on the surface of the water without moving at all even after touching it can be a sign of a fatal kidney problem which fancy goldfish are prone to.

Remedy: counter goldfish to swim greedily sucking on the surface of food by soaking flake food before feeding, then sink lower in the water so the goldfish do not intake as much air. The food will be less dry and instead of taking fluid and swelling in the digestive tract, causing blockages, the food will be moister and easily digestible. An increase in vegetable content in the diet of goldfish, it can also help, and to add salt to the aquarium water.

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What could be some possible reasons that Rabbits eats feeces

Rabbits are cute creatures and are very social animals, making them very popular as pets. They are not very demanding, does not need special care and good with kids. But the cute rabbits have a strange habit - eating their own feces, a practice that many new rabbit owners shocked. Yep, rabbits eat their own feces. They all do, so do not worry, there's nothing wrong with your bunny. But why do they eat their own feces?

First of all, not real rabbits eat their feces. They produce two kinds of droppings. The first type is the dry, hard stools remove from losing tray or cage, and these are the actual feces. Those that are eaten, is softer and smellier than the "normal" to them. These droppings are called cecotropes or night feces and is produced by the cecum, a pouch, which plays a central role in the digestive system of your rabbit. Appendix is ​​a variety of beneficial bacteria that are vital not only for digestion, but for the survival of rabbits. The fact is that foods high in nutrients rabbits to eat, but very difficult to digest, making absorption of nutrients difficult. More digestible food to the colon and out like feces, but they are difficult to digest food to the cecum. The nutrients are partially absorbed by the wall of the cecum, while the rest of the material, including much of the nutrients and bacteria are passed as separate slim-lined soft stools or cecotropes. By eating the feces of the rabbits again the bacteria they need in their cecum and absorb the nutrients that they could not absorb the first once, the material passed through their digestive system.

Rabbits eat what only seems like relief to meet their nutritional needs. They usually eat them straight from the anus at night (that's why they sometimes overnight stool) or early morning. As a result, some rabbit owners do not even notice this unusual habit rabbit. If they would not do, they could not survive, why do you care if you have large quantities of these soft droppings in cage your rabbit or drop tray. A rabbit does not eat cecotropes could be sick, but he could also be too thick to reach his anus. In this case cecotropes caught on his fur accumulate around the anus, which is not only unpleasant for both rabbit and his owner, but can be life threatening. The dried rabbit droppings on your back could attract flies and lead to flystrike and require immediate veterinary care. The flies are attracted by the remnants of rabbit droppings in your rear section can lay eggs in the coat. The eggs can turn into maggots within a few hours and when they do, they begin feeding on the rabbit meat is not only painful but can also be fatal for your pet.