Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What do you think why do rabbits need cages?

Do not you hate when your rabbit hops wildly around your house biting and scratching random things and human fingers in the process? When my sister bought her first rabbit, she had exactly the same problem. You need a rabbit cage to buy not just to protect yourself against your rabbit, but your rabbit safe from dangerous things like electrical cords and other pets.

For the most part, rabbit cages just returned from your rabbit. Therefore, you need to make sure his cage is as safe and comfortable as possible. The security issue is especially important if you need to cage your rabbit outdoors. There are wild birds, cats, squirrels and other animals that can harm your rabbit if you give him unprotected.

When it comes to comfort, on the other side to get a large cage is the best way to ensure your rabbit is happy. For a normal sized rabbit's cage should be at least four times the size of your adult rabbits. This cage will usually measure about 36 inches long. You may think that dwarf rabbits to be housed in smaller cages, but it would be a mistake.

The tiny rabbits are more active than their larger counterparts. Therefore, they need more space where they can jump all day. Apart from the purchase or installation of a proper cage, you must also essential accessories in the cage. If you are able to potty train your rabbit, place a litter box in the cage.

It saves you time and hassle by having your car clean again and again. You also need a bowl or dish where you can buy food for your rabbit. Make sure it is big enough so you can still put a large amount of food, small enough that your rabbit will eat an easy time of it.

The same goes for the rabbit will use your water bottle. Make sure that is so low that your rabbit can drink without too much of an effort. Rabbit cages should be happy homes for rabbits around the world, so you'd better buy everything you need to keep your rabbit happy too.

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