Thursday, October 20, 2011

Does your Parrot have a habit of bitting?

You own a parrot bite? You want me some proven principals for getting your parrot to stop biting parts? If so, you're about to discover how to get rid of your parrot biting, using a strategy I call "Target Training".

Never heard of target practice? I'm not surprised. Most so-called parrot behavior "Gurus" are too busy standing on their soap boxes, preaching all that "if we just loved our parrots more, they go to beauty" - what a group of waste! And what they preach is not further from the truth.

Let's face it. When most people buy a baby parrot, it's just hand fed, it is still a baby, not yet strong enough to bite, and this is the nicest, most cutest little thing in the world. And they will actually stay that way for several months and even years.

But then every parrot eventually what I call their "Teenage Years". It basically puberty for your bird. The hormones are a wreck, it starts a woman, and if your teenage children, Parrot is probably a bit of challenge at this time, and no amount of love I can about their behavior. Instead the magical fix will do what every therapist says their feelings challenged clients when their relationship in trouble - "working to strengthen your communication".

And that's exactly what "Target Training" is. It develops a level of communication with your birds that you both understand.

Here's how it works. Train your parrot to understand simple commands from you, or implied. Then you have parrot to teach as he follows the clues, he is rewarded - usually with a very tasty treat! The more commands you teach your parrot, the better the level of communication and the more you will parrot trusts you, and cease to bite you.

The first and most basic level of training goal is teaching your parrot to the end of a small wooden stick or wooden stick to hit. You reward your parrot every time he touches the tip of the wooden dowel by giving him a treat every time, even if he touches, he's hitting the fuse.

And over time, the parrot who realizes that the photos call, and you really open a new level of communication with him, that he did not know existed. He begins to realize that if he follows your cues, and touches the tip of the stick when you asked him, was rewarded with her ... and reward him well.

Your parrot will begin to trust you so much, that a good target trained parrot, trained to actually identify what the appropriate steps to the end of the stick, not even by flying or walking around your house, but follow Cues.

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