Sunday, October 9, 2011

What could be some possible reasons that some raisers what their rabbits indoor

Here are a number of reasons (which I think seems to be valid) why some rabbit raisers choose to put their rabbits indoors or inside the house. Such reasons are:

* Size of Cage

Rabbits are playful in nature, they run, jump here and there. Some rabbit raisers think that rabbits need more areas to move freely. Putting them always in the cage can be a cause of disease. This is because rabbits need more space for training. This can not be inside the cage - even if you use the largest cage is available in the city. Although, they can use the cage and let your rabbits play outside, sometimes it's sometimes a hassle free thing to do for them. So, as an alternative. House them indoors

* Weather

Rabbits are sensitive when it comes to weather. They especially can not tolerate extreme heat or when temperatures are extreme. Much of the rabbit death cases are simply due to dehydration caused by high temperature. Although water is available, though no guarantee to keep the rabbits stand on the temperature is not ideal for them. Some rabbit raisers put them indoors, because it is more appropriate than the temperature outside. Apart from the extreme heat, they can also be vulnerable to disease caused by extreme cold. Although they may be more in the cold as in extreme heat, it is best to place them in areas that have temperatures that are not so erratic - like indoors.

* Predators

Because rabbits are more susceptible to predators outside, rabbit raisers prefer to put them inside the house. Although they have built solid, strong rabbit hutch or cage, there is still no guarantee for their pets safety. Predators such as raccoons can easily grab your toes loved rabbits and just chew them without hesitation. As a solution, adding rabbit raisers them indoors.

* To make them more socially

Rabbits are originally from the wild, but because they are animals that can be trained, they can be a very good home companion. But if the rabbit raisers just always put them outside the house and visit them occasionally, they can not make them more social, because they want them to be. So rabbit raisers put them indoors so they can easily adapt to an environment that is common to man.

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