Sunday, October 30, 2011

If you find your parrot sitting on one leg, do not panic, it's perfectly normal

If you find your parrot sitting on one leg, do not panic, it's perfectly normal. Parrots who are happy and healthy normal perch on one leg. It can also be a sign that they are a little cold. By pulling the legs up into her feathers she must conserve body heat. If the room where your parrot is sleeping a little cold, you want to turn up the heat. Remember that the reason she knows that her legs to pull out its feathers, as the temperature fluctuates in nature. Cooler temperatures are okay as long as it is bitterly cold in the room.

Generally there are two reasons why a bird would perch on two legs. First, she is young and will almost always young parrots perch on two legs because their legs are not strong enough and they do not have enough balance to stand on one. Secondly, they are not good. If she stands on two legs once in a while is probably just exhausted. On the other hand, if she is always placed on two legs, they can become sick or malnourished. The best thing to do would be to her to the vet to get her checked out. You can also try to improve the quality of a food and some over-the-counter medications improve parrot, but if it fails then your parrot disease may require professional attention. It is better to see a professional to solve the problem as quickly as possible instead of letting it get worse and worse to diagnose.

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