Monday, October 31, 2011

What are the ways to deal with a noisy parrot

Parrots are noisy birds, and if you made a decision to keep a parrot, you must learn to adapt to the creaking sounds they make. Yes, they speak beautiful words and have fun. They can also sing like Bing Crosby. But there is also the second page where they scream and squeak until your eardrums failed.

Even the quietest of parrots to scream loud enough and often enough to make you wish you had kept a cat instead. The incessant crying can lead to complaints from the neighbors, so be prepared to treat it.

So how do you get your parrot to shut up? You can not use a tape to bind the bird beak. The answer is to understand how and why parrots communicate all these sounds. It is normal for a parrot to squawk and squeak, or you have to accept that there is no such thing as a silent parrot. Parrots may squawk for hours, just people talking and talking non-stop. So, at the right time, the parrot has had enough, it will be quiet.

As in humans, a parrot are more comfortable with his surroundings, the more it will scream. That is why when you first get home with your parrot is pretty quiet when it begins to adapt to his new home and surroundings. Once this is settled, prepared for parrot sounds.

However, parrots do not cry all day long. They usually early in the morning and then sit back down. They will then restart the process around sunset. They will also get a little vocally active after a nap. This is normal behavior that you need not worry about it. It is a sign that your parrot is happy with his surroundings. If you feel that your parrot is noisier than usual, it is very possible that a species is more vocal than others chosen. A Macaw can scream at ear piercing decibels for up to ten minutes at a time, compared with an African Grey or a Cockatoo.

As a parrot owner, you must learn to identify between the happy chirping and screaming upset. It is not hard to do when you've lived your parrot after a while. Have a disturbed screeching tone of despair and sorrow for them.

Once you've determined the cause of the noise, you can make your bird calm by giving it something to do. As a baby, scream bored parrots more. Give them several parrots toys to have fun and play. You will notice that the sound is quieter and less frequently after the toys are placed in their cages.

Another thing that you can see your parrot diet. Make sure your food is fresh and not expired. A healthy parrot will not be as noisy as one that is equipped with a good meal.

Also look at the cage and make sure the parrot enough room to move. Parrots scream more in small cages. Omit the cage often, so the bird can feel the open space.

As the owner of a parrot, you have to accept the noisy parrots. But your love for parrots and their society means more to you than low noise discomfort. What you can do is look at the factors that cause your parrot to the address and more, so noise can be minimized scream.

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