Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skin Disorders in Parrots

For millions of birds and proud owner of a parrot in the United States, the relationship they have on avian friends is like execution if not better than that of the relationship between a dog and its owner. Parrots, for one thing, is very intelligent and deep bond with their owners. Parrots can be very possessive of their owners and family members or friends attack too close to the owner. The parrot enthusiasts also point out that parrots have the ability to imitate speech and therefore offers a level of personal connection to dogs or cats are not able to give. But for all the wonderful things that can produce a bird with as a pet, one of the major drawbacks are the face of pain and illness in animals. The anatomy of a bird is totally different from that of dogs and cats and some veterinarians are well prepared or equipped to deal with parrots or other pet birds.

Domestic birds are more dangerous than other animals and no treatment for birds should be relatively benign to not kill the birds in treatment. Most of their instability is the fact that their feathers instead of fur and therefore the large amount of exposed skin under the feathers of birds. The birds therefore have a number of illnesses and diseases that revolve around the issue with their feathers and skin.

Types of disorders of the pen

Almost every species of bird feathers will choose a certain extent, but by choosing out of hand and start to lose a lot of feathers, they may be suffering from one of the following diseases or disease in birds:

• Feather cysts are usually found on the wings of birds and can cause an infection. Most treatments require the surgical removal of cysts on birds.

• choice of behavior in honor if a bird with feathers it takes obsessive and started to lose a lot of it may be the result of a recent trauma or emotional upset.

• Polyfollicles this is when multiple-grown feathers of a follicle. It can cause inflammation and infection. It is thought to be caused by a virus.

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