Monday, October 31, 2011

Parrots as pets

Many parrots in the world has become popular as pets. Some new owners, their particular parrot is the best. On the other new owners, all the parrots of the world is beautiful, with flashing red, blue, green and yellow.

Most of the parrots of the world that come from a warm climate, such as West Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, South and Central America.

Parrot Families

All the parrots of the world belong to the order Psittaciformes. To two different families: Cacatuidas and Psittacidae. Cockatoos belong to the first family, while the second includes all true parrots in the world.

Each family of parrots within subfamilies, and within the subspecies. Macaws, for example, belong to the family Psittacidae. Macaws are among a family group. Among the macaws, there are at least 17 members:

* Hyacinth

* Mayor macaw

* Lear by macaw

* The Spix Macaw

* Blue and Yellow Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw or

* Caninde Macaw

* Military Macaw

* Buffon's Macaw

* Scarlet Macaw

* Green-wing Macaw

* Red-fronted Macaw

* Yellow-collared Macaw

Chestnut-fronted Macaw *, or severe macaw

* Red-bellied Macaw

* From Illiger Macaw

* Hair Blue Macaw

* Red-shouldered Macaw


People differ in their opinion, where the parrots were better. Some parrots look trendy. Others see the most common pet stores. Some speak more popular in this country or that, but of all the parrots of the world, the five most popular is the dubbed.

1. Parakeets: The common parakeet, budgerigar to be precise, from Australia, and is often chosen as pets for children or people in the birds start, partly due to low prices. Colorful little "Budgies" is a powerful, require little space and less maintenance than larger birds. They are very smart, and although the content to whistle or sing quietly, some throwing in a few words. The name "Budgerigar" of the Australian Aboriginal name for the parrot. This means that the "good food" but most "budgie" owner horrified to hear you say. Among the many parrots of the world, this is probably the least expensive in both the first and maintenance costs.

2. Cockatiels: Another Australian species, these medium sized parrots known for sophisticated whistling and singing. While she learned to speak, many people find that the free bird whistle, mimic random sounds like a ringing cell phone. One drawback with cockatiel uses a powder substance to keep his wings, water-proof, so owners often find their fingers dusty after handling birds.

3. Sun Conures: Among the world's parrots, Sun Conures are one of the brightest. Their coat is red, orange, yellow, blue and green. Sun Conures are known to communicate well, but beware! These parrots are often yelling and screaming instead of talking. They are 12 inches long means they have a smaller cage than the larger parrots, but have you and your family may need earplugs. If you train your Sunnie to lower the voice, you'll enjoy this absurd, parrots tend to be playful.

4. Parrot Latvian Latvian Parrot, Parrot Latvian Pacific in particular, is one of the smallest known parrots in the world - about 4 inches long! They are also one of the most disastrous and spicy all the parrots of the world. The young parrots learn to talk with a voice like a robot. This little voice, their size, and the fact that they do not scream, make it ideal for those who need a quiet companion.

5. African Greys: African Grey Parrots are perhaps the most intelligent of the parrots of the world, and indeed, all the birds. The parrots that are not as colorful as some. They are basic black, as the name implies. They are a bright red or maroon tail, but, depending on the subspecies. African Greys excel at mimicry, sometimes as many studies the term 1000-2000. They are aware of other sounds, too, and can quickly learn to mimic a jet for you through an airport with them. Among the many parrots of the world, the most requested. If your baby, the birds get bored and want their owners to entertainment. If you are looking for an intellectual, honest and loving parrot, African Grey is probably a good choice.

How many parrots there?

Altogether, the number of parrots in the world more than 350 different species and subspecies? Due to lack of habitat, climate change, hunting and trade in live birds as pets, some parrots are dead. Others are as endangered or "threatened species" list.

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