Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are you interested or planning to buy a parrot?

So you're interested in buying a parrot? Parrots make great pets, but they are not suitable for everyone, so you should think carefully before your wallet at the pet store. Parrots are among the most difficult (and rewarding at the same time), birds, you can own one, so you need to make sure you know exactly what you let yourself in for before you decide to bring a parrot into your home.

Why are parrots so difficult bird to own? There are many reasons, but we can list some of the key below.


Parrots are often large birds, which means they have a lot of living space for a happy and healthy life need. You'll probably have a large and potentially expensive for your new parrot cage, but even if you are the biggest cage available, your bird is still unable to have his time behind bars to spend. He will be allowed out of his cage to play and practice for at least a few hours a day, so you will need to invest in a detached perch or, better yet, a specially designed "play gym" with a variety of perches, swings and toys to entertain him. You must select a parrot-proof room will live, which means that there are no electrical cables lying about to be chewed on.

Ideally, you should also consider building an aviary in the backyard, so that your parrot, some sunshine and fresh air to enjoy when the weather permits. If you build an outdoor aviary, so make sure at least one shady place, so that your parrot can cool down if it gets too hot.


Parrots are very intelligent birds. This makes them one of the most rewarding birds themselves, because they can easily be trained, but it also means that they are among the most challenging to adapt. Parrots in captivity are easily bored, bored, and birds are susceptible to depression, feather plucking, screaming, and other problematic behaviors.

You should give your pet parrot to the most interesting and stimulating environment, you may want to avoid boredom. First, it means your parrot to give a constant supply of chewable wood and cardboard toys to play with, and that means he is an interesting and varied diet that's rich variety of foods mimics, he would have eaten in the wild.


Parrots are gregarious birds by nature - yes, the atmosphere is one reason why they are such good pets. A parrot will generally form a strong and lasting ties with his own and soon developed into a strong and loving friend.

This atmosphere has a drawback. Parrots are not just enjoying the company of their owners - needed. Parrots require regular attention, love and companionship, and unless you can at least a few hours to spend with your parrot every day you should consider opting for a less time-consuming PET place.


Parrots are extremely long life of birds. Even small parrot species such as parakeets and lovebirds often live to 15 or 20 years, and a large parrot as an Amazon or macaw can live for more than 60 or 70 years.

Buying a parrot means a long time - possibly a lifetime - involvement. You must be sure that you make the right decision, you should carefully consider your chosen species. There are many different species of parrots, all with different needs and different characters. Take time to choose your type is safe for you is crucial.

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