Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gather some basic knowledge on parrot care

Parrots are a lifetime investment and care of these beautiful birds are very essential for their health and happiness. As some of the parrot family birds live up to 50 years, is an investment in parrots and how to care for them are often compared to the protection of children. If this is something that interests you, then you do not want a bird itself.

There are an estimated 11 million pets in the United States alone in the vast majority owned by a parrot. The birds of the parrot family birds as small as budgies and love birds, cockatoos and macaws, the largest bird macaw parrot family.

Many different species of parrots. An African gray parrot is growing at about 13 inches, and was one of the birds, with a longer life. He also is known for its ability to mimic noises, in addition to developing and parroting speech patterns.

The parakeets are among the best known of the parrot species. Another species is the Australian "budgie." This nickname was given budgerigar, a variety of brilliant green and yellow parrot. They are gentle and kind.

An Amazon parrot is 27 subspecies. This parrot is short wings, but as smart as a dolphin or a monkey. He is also an expert imitation of a wide range of sounds.

These are just some of the many species of parrots. Parrot ownership is an excellent alternative to other pets for those who do not want the traditional dogs and cats, reptiles and more.

So what kind of cage you buy for your new parrot? If you are relying on a smaller or a larger parrot bird species use my suggestion is to buy the biggest, practical cage that your budget can afford. The larger the cage, the more freedom he feels and how comfortable he will become.

Related to the health of your parrot, his appearance to tell. Its fur should look healthy, which means that the colors should be bright and smooth. Moreover, it is clean. This means that no dirt hanging on his feet or his beak.

Before you buy a parrot, you should have a clear understanding of the nature parrot routine care necessary to obtain medical care for parrots, parrots and understand their personality and what size parrot best suits your needs.

Are you well versed in the ownership and care of these beautiful birds and you will enjoy your new parrot is not at any time.

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