Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tips and Ideas on how to recognize a parrot

Parrot with a number of different physical characteristics especially for his race. Parrot owners is whether many of the features, but for those who do not, let's look at what is looking for a parrot. It is much easier to identify a parrot when a person has physical characteristics of a parrot.

Parrots belong to a family called Psittacidae, and is often identified as climbing birds. Within this large, extended family, various industries, including the parrot on the right and the other branch is specified: cockatoos, macaws, parakeets and Lories.

A nice feature of a parrot is the way it tips his head sideways to look at different things. To view a parrot to do this is quite remarkable.

Each family member has a parrot tongue. Tongue is soft, thick and fat and is actually quite mobile. Sa parrot, the tongue is actually one of the senses, as it is for us. The Parrot tastes, touches and swallows this organ. Each member of the parrot family also has a complex larynx in three different muscles. And it not only helps to identify them as parrots, but it enables them to "parrot" our people very well.

And, of course, that every parrot beak and make no mistake about it b because you do not want to stifle get an angry parrot. Their bills are large, thick, hard and fairly firm. Bill is also an important tool he uses in climbing and hiking.

His eyes are on either side of her head. Because it is not clear that he could see the little things that kept close to him without his head on one side. It is curious that cock of his head that makes parrot is so wonderfully charming - and while he makes it look as intelligent as he is questioning what he was looking at.

The eye of a parrot is different from ours formed. The upper and lower lids of his eyes form a continuous optical circular cover for his eyeball. You will notice that he rarely blinks when you or because he did not. The Parrot has the power to contract its students to be independent of the presence of light or dark.

He used the power, especially when he was angry, frightened or affected by any other strong emotion. While the age of the bird's color deepened IRIS.

The ears of a parrot is small, oval openings directly above their eyes. You can not see them very easily because they are covered by feathers, and they are outside the boundaries of the cerebral or wrinkled skin around the eyes.

Generally, the colorful bird with short wings, but some varieties of Macaw is the exception to this rule. They have long wings covered with long feathers.

The body of the bird seems too big and their short legs appeared to have trouble walking around.

Parrot tail differ greatly in length, some roly-poly and the other parrots they are long and elegant. Most parrots have 12 tail feathers.

The beautiful animals with short legs with four toes, two forward and two backward. But the toes are one of their main characteristics. Their toes enables them to be good and easy to climb. When he walks he had waddling gait.

Another feature of the toes of the parrot that he used to eat it. He uses them as finger food holding his toes firmly in one of his feet and placing the food in his mouth. The second leg is then used to balance it while eating. The legs are solid and covered with strong scales. It helps him to remain at a dinner without much thought and little effort. Aided by his strength he gave easily perch on the branches and keep his balance.

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