Thursday, October 20, 2011

Insight on Fascinating Parrot Facts

As soon as you step your foot in the colorful world of parrots, many facts about the parrot, which is pretty amazing. The bird is an exciting and intelligent life among all those that can fly. Earlier, scientists believed that parrots were "hopelessly simple" because they have very small cerebral cortex, the area of ​​intelligence in animals. But now, they realized that parrots are pretty smart. Scientific studies have concluded that the birds use the rest of your brain and a lower part of the brain. This will ensure that their applications are quite similar to our hyperstriata. This is probably the reason why they have the ability to communicate and perform tasks that include logic, such as identifying the problem and try a variety of tools and solutions.

When it comes to your communication skills, experts suggest, make sure that the parrots whistling variations, as they say. They do not have vocal cords because of where they really push the air out of your trachea and create sound. Parrots can not only talk, but they also have the ability to mimic the sounds around you. In this context it is interesting to know that the African gray parrot, it is surprising that there were thousands of vocabulary words. Now that's a wonderful reality.

Parrots are found in different sizes. The smallest parrot in the world is covered with buff pygmy parrot, which is only 3.2 inches long, about as big as an adult human finger. This parrot is found in forests of Papua New Guinea. As the greatest of all is the hyacinth macaw parrots in the world, which grows four feet high. It was found from the jungles of eastern and central South America. Parrots can not only vary in size, but also a different color. But all the eggs are white parrots. Parrots usually live in dense forest areas so that they can easily hunt insects and other small mammals. They also feed on nuts, seeds and fruits. When they eat their food, they have it, that one of its legs, because they are both right and left. Some species of parrots have long, brush-tipped languages ​​to drink nectar. Wild parrots like macaw and cockatoos can be driven up to 500 miles a day, searching for their food.

Thus, the wonderful birds parrots proved that you can impress your songs and charm. And if you enter their world, you do not like stepping out. You always have the desire to learn more and more facts about the parrot.

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