Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tips and ideas on how to potty train your parrot

Parrots can be potty trained, if you are prepared to a specific and consistent training to perform. Rare parrot perfect about their potty training, but with some work, you can almost perfect results. Actually, you can usually get results so good that when the parrot does not have an accident, it is because you do not to pay attention!

Parrot features vary according to their different circumstances. Wild parrots do not potty where they sleep or eat. She moved to another location. In the case of caged parrots, an adult bird usually moved to a place far away from his eating and sleeping perch to defecate. Birds can be trained to "go" in different places, but often the cage is the desired location.

Sundance Educated Me

I must say I do not have this training technique. Sundance has taught me how to train parrots this behavior. If she would jar on a shirt, she would return to his cage and said "go home" when I changed shirts or cleaning up the mess. Often I work and not return to get her away, so she was not happy with this situation. Soon she began to say "go home" before she was bad, gave me time to take her to her cage, let her superstructure and take her back with me. She gave so much better! If I do not act quickly, they would nip gently on my neck and repeat her command to me to take her home. After she told me a third time, she would just let go. It was me and her people to respond to the mandate they gave us.

Potty Times

Parrots go potty at certain times, which can be used to train them. The first thing in the morning, they jar. Approximately 10 minutes after eating, they jar. It is reliable and you can use these times to know when the assignment and the expected results.

Another feature parrot in a certain position for pottying. The nature of the squat down and spread their cross-feathers, so they do not get them dirty. You learn to keep an eye on the body and using it as well during training.

Took Parrot

Select a word for the effect of relief. "Go poop" "go poop", "potty please" or something like that works fine. Use this word as your parrot potty.

The first thing in the morning, after saying "good morning", tell your parrot to go potty. Wait, it will happen very soon. When it does, lavish praise for your parrot. Make a lot of what a great bird, he or she is.

Look for your parrot finished eating breakfast and pot process to repeat. Also keep an eye on the pot body and re-use the jar command and praise.

In Closing

Some parrots learn this behavior quickly, others take a little time to get the hang of. However, most parrots have the idea in time and are quite consistent, to avoid destroying your clothes, bed or carpet.

The key to training this behavior is consistency. After your parrot starts to let you know that it must go potty, do not fail to react. Stop what you are doing and take your bird to potty and praise. If you sometimes ignore the need, you will not be as successful as when the bird in the pot quickly to take.

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