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Gather some cool information on Turtle Species

Turtles are cold-blooded reptiles. They have a shell making them unique from other reptiles. Their upper shell is called the carapace, and a lower shell that protects the belly called the plastron. The carapace and plastron shape and color varies from species to species. One might think it would at least always be a hard shell, which also is untrue. There are softshell turtle species, along with many others.

Some turtle species include Clemmys insculpta which is the wood turtle; Geochelone sulcata which is the African Spurred tortoise; Chelonia mydas which is the green turtle; Emydoidea blandingii which is the Blanding's turtle; Clemmys guttata which is the spotted turtle; Malaclemys terrapin which is the diamondback terrapin; and Trachemys s. elegans which is the red-eared slider.

The species name for the wood turtle is Clemmys insculpta. This turtle is the largest in its genus. The carapace has raised projections on the back that resemble a small pyramid, making it different from others in the Clemmys genus.

The wood turtle is omnivorous and eats things like algae, moss, blueberries, mollusks, insects, earthworms, and mice. Typically adult males are larger than adult females, but not by a whole lot.
The species name for the African Spurred Tortoise Geochelone sulcata is. The African Spurred Tortoise is the only turtle in the world that are fully adapted for extraterrestrial life. The turtle is famous for digging holes to protect themselves from predators and temperature. This turtle can be weeks without food or water. If the turtle is not an opportunity for water to drink yourself to get, it can take up drinking to 15% of its body weight.

The generic name for the green turtle, Chelonia mydas. Adult green turtles have a different diet than young green turtles. Adults are herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat meat and Adolescents. Adults usually spend their time in the patches of sea grass and algae to get their food, while the young spend their time on the coral reefs. Adults preferred food is the young leaves and roots of marine vegetation. The children are eating animals such as jellyfish, sponges, snails, mussels and others.

This turtle is a medium to large sea turtle, a broad, low, heart-shaped shield has.

Most of their life in the water, but the females return to land to lay their eggs. The eggs take about two months to incubate and then to come out. Like most turtles are green turtles have environmental sex determination. The temperature of the nest determines the sex of the hatchling. Warmer temperatures produce females and cooler temperatures produce males.

Green turtles are found throughout the oceans of the world. Populations are threatened or in danger.

The Blanding's turtle, the northern one turtle, a black shell with tan to yellow spots on the scales. The generic Emydoidea blandingii. Sometimes the turtle is confused with the box turtle as a result of similar performances.

This turtle lives in clean, shallow water habitats. They like abundant aquatic vegetation, and permanently aquatic bottom of ponds, lakes, swamps and rivers. However, habitat preferences, changes seasonally and from place to place. In Wisconsin, the Blanding Turtle prefers marshes in ponds, located only a preferred location. Turtles elsewhere can choose a pond in a swamp.

This turtle nests once a year usually from late May to early July at night. But not all female litters a year.

The common term for Clemmys guttata, the spotted turtle. This is a small, black turtle, a smooth pattern on the shell with small yellow spots it. Over time the spots may fade, so the older turtles appear flawless.

Male spotted turtles tend to tan chin with brown eyes, which are different from women who tend to yellow, orange cheeks and eyes have.

These turtles live in areas that are shallow wetlands. This may include swamps, bogs, fens and marshes, but not limited to just these areas.

Spotted turtles are active during the day for the most part, meaning they are during the day. But women are active at night, while they nest.

Spotted turtles are threatened by bald eagles, skunks and raccoons.

The generic name for the Diamondback Terrapin is Malaclemys terrapin. This turtle is a small to medium sized turtle that feeds on sponges, bryozoans, snails, crabs, carrion and plant material.

They have a hinge less Plastron, which can be yellow to green or black, and a rectangular shield is gray, light brown or black. They can be found in estuaries and salt marshes.

Nesting of these turtles is different than a majority of the turtles, because during the day. Most turtles tend to nest at night. Flood is the most common time for this particular turtle nesting.

The red-eared slider is a resident of the United States. It is often found in southern regions. The species name, for it is Trachemys S. elegans.

Brief knowledge on Turtle mating

Turtle mating occurs at certain times of the year, and under certain conditions. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about turtle mating:

Do I need a separate enclosure for my turtles when they mate?

Yes, if you either:

* More than one male per female turtle

* A number of pairs of mating turtles

An important consideration with regard to turtle breeding is that you should never allow the number of males to females surpass, because the males 'sexual demands may lead to the females' poor health. Female turtles can fight each other over a woman. For this reason, the men were wounded as they may remain in the same housing. It is therefore advisable to only a few pairs per enclosure.

When is the best time for turtle mate?

Experienced turtle owners have discovered that turtles more sexually stimulated after hibernation, which usually ends in late spring. As owner, you can support your turtles for reproduction "in the mood to get" by sprinkling their outdoor enclosure with water using a hose to the rain normally falls in the spring to simulate. The beginning of longer days and warmer temperatures, the turtles' desire to mate.

What are the common signs that turtles are ready to mate?

Beginner turtle owners may worry if they see that their turtles pushing or butting together. This is the normal behavior of male turtles for reproduction, because they are genetically programmed to fight on the female. Although this behavior is expected for the pairing, it is still your responsibility as a good turtle owner to make sure that you separate male turtles fighting for one of them seriously injured.

How do turtles mate?

It is typical for the male to the female turtle turtle charge when it comes to installation and start mating with her. The male may also sounds like moaning or hissing. The female, however, usually looks completely normal and disinterested, as if she's just relax and entertain. If the pairing process generally takes several hours, the female turtles tend to be so impatient, she wanders off to another area for something else, do all the time with the man still attached to her! Many times the attached male will then flip on his back and dragged by the female. As a novice owner may feel that the man is harmed, this is not the case. This is natural behavior for the turtles.

What should I know about my pet turtles lay eggs on?

Some beginner turtle owners may be surprised to find their newly purchased female turtles lay eggs without mating. This is due to the fact that female turtles can hold or carry sperm for a period of three or four years after mating. So, if you're an adult female turtle acquired, there is a possibility that your pet before your property is covered.

What are the common signs that my pet turtle is ready to lay eggs?

The female turtle is often restless and extended time spent soaking in water before laying her eggs. She is also nervous about tempo, and practice making nests. The actual egg-laying process takes several hours to complete.

What should I do to make sure my pet turtle lays her eggs successfully?

You can help your pet turtle by ensuring that its eggs are well protected. If a number of turtles in the area, you must remove and incubate the eggs to prevent them being damaged. (You should never turn the eggs on its head when you remove them, since this is the future hatchling to kill. Carefully mark the top of the egg with a felt pen before you move the nest, so you are sure the eggs hatch right side upwards.) You must also ensure that a turtle nesting area for the dry, so it will not have eggs in water, which can be dangerous for the eggs.

Whether your pets are only in the process of fighting for females, in the throws of the real turtle mating, or lay their eggs, it is your responsibility to supervise or watch over them for their safety and health.

Information on Horsfield Turtle

The most common types of turtles as pets horse selected areas and Russian tortoises. They are very low (about 15 cm long) and are suitable for people in English, because the temperature in favor of United Kingdom and their need to hibernate in winter. The turtles of olive-colored shell is dark brown patches of brown legs and yellowish and present leaders.


During the initial years of life for Russian Tortoise, you must carefully control their environment. The main recommendation was to keep them in enclosures such as open top box, preferably made of melamine coated wood.

Horsfield tortoises should be kept in a dry environment that allows them to dig holes for themselves. Deep underground is the best, you can choose sand, fine gravel and Munch. It is important to remember that the tortoise will have serious problems if kept in a humid environment.

The turtles must particularly mild temperatures hot enough to shield normal development and survival for many years. UVA and UVB rays are also extremely necessary for the creatures. The solution of 2 in the lamp heat / UV, 12''hoger than the house to the turtle: it will be available in zone 90 F 75 F heating and on the other side.

Is there a turtle more comfortable, try a nice artificial environment for the use of wood, stones and leaves to create. The pet will be little opportunity for more exercise. Try not to enter his body items may cause your tortoise to fall behind.

Usually, there is no need for water in the box with the tortoise. You can give it a bath are also offering the possibility of the water it needs at least twice a drink in seven days. You can also place a shallow dish filled with water in the body, but choose carefully, allowing the turtle to come in and out whenever you want. To prevent spills because it will harm the turtle.


When it comes to food Horsfield tortoises are not difficult to handle. They eat almost every type of illness. Some people learn best were many types of ailments in a container presented was identical to the previous day. But it is not a good choice. Let the turtle get its own food by spreading it inside the yard.

Although fruits and vegetables is very good for your turtle, some species, such as tomatoes and lettuce that can cause diarrhea. The proposed ailments, cabbage, shredded carrots, green lettuce and Romania. The quantity of strawberries, the bananas, blackberries, pears and apples may be limited but not completely excluded from the turtle's diet. You can also feed your little friend on special foods, but should not replace fresh fruit and vegetables completely.

Please minerals and calcium in the diet of your turtle because they are very important to keep strong and in good health. One such supplement is specially designed for powder dusting Reptavite turtles.

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Follow few steps in turtle care

If you care for the turtle or tortoise there are many factors you should consider it like to live long and healthy. Turtle from each other and even their sub-types also have different needs. To ensure that your turtle or tortoise, you should be familiar with all their basic needs like food, shelter and even their medication. You definitely need to know exactly how much to feed. 
Most turtles are omnivores which means their diet should consist of meat and plants. To care for your turtle or tortoise, give them a healthy and balanced diet for any health problems such as obesity, the complications can cause their kidneys and liver to avoid. When caring for the turtle or tortoise, you must also provide them with a safe and secure haven for them for a long, long life. 
Here is a list of 'must' care of your turtle or tortoise for them to come along and healthy life: 
1. You must be 40 liters of fresh water pouring into their mean free chlorine tank every time you water. Alternatively, some plants, some fish and live rock at the bottom of the tank with the turtle to take home. 
2. Turtle depends on heat from their environment for them to maintain their body temperature, so give them a heat lamp in their aquarium. 
3. Their aquarium regularly clean and replace their daily drink. 
4. Feed them bite-sized foods, including vegetables such as parsley, lettuce, carrots and fruits such as apples, melons, strawberries and pears. 
5. Alternatively, a number of bite-sized meat such as chicken, turkey and some live fish. 
6. Sprinkle some vitamin and supplement their diet daily to keep their immune system to protect against some diseases that can cause even premature death. 
In mind when caring for your turtle or tortoise, you should consider that they have some favorite foods, so they are sure to vary their times in a day

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Here are few Must to Do' Steps when caring for your turtle

If you like turtle or tortoise there are many factors you should consider it like to live long and healthy. Turtles from each other and even their sub-types also have different needs. To ensure that your turtle or tortoise, you should be familiar with all their basic needs like food, shelter and even their medications. You definitely need to know exactly how much to feed.
Most turtles are omnivores, which means their diet should consist of meat and plants. In caring for your turtle or tortoise, give them a healthy and balanced diet for any health problems like obesity, these complications can cause their kidneys and liver to prevent. In caring for turtle or tortoise, you must also provide them with safe haven for them for a long, long life.
Here is the list of "must do" in caring for your turtle or tortoise for them to come and healthy life:
You first must be 40 liters of fresh water flowing means free chlorine in their tanks every time you water. Alternatively, some plants, some fish and live rock at the bottom of the tank with the turtle to take home.
Turtle on the second heat depends on their environment for them to maintain their body temperature, so you give them a heat lamp in their aquarium.
Their third tank regularly clean and replace their daily drinks.
4th idiomatic Feed them foods, including vegetables such as parsley, lettuce, carrots and fruits like apples, melons, strawberries and pears.
5th You can also set some bite-sized meat such as chicken, turkey and some live fish.
6th Sprinkle some vitamin and supplement their diet every day to keep their immune system to protect against some diseases that can cause even premature death.
Remember that caring for your turtle or tortoise, you must believe that they have some favorite food, so they make sure their meals vary daily

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Have you ever thought of a Vegetable Garden For Your Birds & Reptiles

RE: I feel that it holds all kinds of exotic pets in my life I will feed them that for years we have learned more about their unique needs, refined to accommodate my method is you. This practice is able to improve their environment and diet to provide the best possible care of me continuously. Therefore, this article especially exotic pets, turtles and birds to maintain, is an attempt to share my experience with housing, you can certainly adapt to all herbivores. In the previous article, I discussed building a birdhouse that is used to house a pair of three box turtles, birds and colonies of design. In this article, horticulture and pet food for the strategy is shared with the reader.
WHY: As the owner of the pet from abroad, we have our friends in the fridge every day all of us, "salad" struggling to keep it stocked with fresh greens and vegetables provide. Since I am sharing the love of both pets and gardening, I decided to plant a garden specifically to feed the birds and turtles. For extra incentive, a continuous withdrawal of commercial plant bacteria and other contaminants, is suspect and the high cost of organic products. I grow by doing them yourself, safe organic, nutritious, I found that my pet can provide cost effective and vegetables.
Step ONE / floor space: The first step in planning a garden, you must determine how much space you have available to dedicate to your garden. This is different to the needs of Yards and all is not perfect and officials. Your garden may be different for large garden plots and raise box garden patio pot plant or two from one. I have it the easiest to find starting with a small garden plot has been expanded and expanded in recent years. To test the size of your garden, you will know how much food and vegetable plants need each of your pets.
Had a small patch of dirt began to grow other plants and flowers in my garden I. Of course, because it uses all available space, as an eager gardener, it will not be accepted. So I put the garden in my area irregular in shape and size will grow to 9 feet × 17 feet. It definitely works best for me with this size I could not make enough to raise vegetables for two box turtle my wide range of vegetables added to feed three bird colony I found that it provides. Three aviaries 2 Rosella, a colony of male Burke, "includes a fly-in or rescue cockatiel colony. In addition, to provide vegetables and my parrots 2 Goffin.
Environment STEP TWO /: The next step in planning your garden, the climate determines the best vegetables to grow and live in your area that you, the best time to plant and each plant species are considered . In addition, the value of good nutrition for their growing them for your pet, so only the topics that will eat vegetables and of course they prefer, please remember to plant.
As a result of my garden of hell in the summer and our southwestern deserts of Arizona, many of the more common vegetables, the very right here, in the summer or on our To avoid cooking, no need to be planted in winter. It also takes some experimenting to determine the most appropriate in your area. Your local college is good resource is the horticulture extension of the company. I suggest goggling cooperative extension horticulture in the city to see the website for your region of the country.
If the desert southwest, I am a better place, if planted at the right time of year, found that many vegetables are doing well. I planted my garden in full light of day, or next to a big healthy plant, by placing the plants more sensitive, creating a microclimate, allowing more color. As an example, I have a large wisteria growing on the arch of the garden, I can plant a plant cooling shade in the afternoon of my green beans to its east. Then, consider the layout to allow the micro-climates.
Step three vegetables / WHAT? Currently, I have carrots, pumpkin variety of beans, corn, eggplant (for us), tomatoes (for turtle), peppers, many types of vegetables, leaves, pumpkins, squash, grow flowers and of course . I found that need to be planted in autumn at my place for good early spring growth of winter after the seeds of leafy vegetables. I grew with the common plants in late winter and summer harvest to give a mix of seeds and sprouts, the other plants. One tip is to collect seeds from the harvest of all plants to allow you to easily and inexpensively be replanted next year. Again, the experiment is the best tool for you, take the time to make our pets enjoy the best of what they do. I think I have a dishwasher box turtle will eat almost anything with corn, squash, green tomatoes and baby carrots love - gee, they love zucchini. I have all kinds of bird chilies, corn, some squash, and carrot tops, all eyes, especially leafy greens Please enjoy.
As a side note, I also planted various herbs, I love the birds, I have found easy to grow in the summer heat with our AZ of them. I plant herbs in my garden, some with most of them were planted in pots aviary. My aviary is performed during the summer, there are misters outside, they seem to create a good microclimate pot herb. Roast allows easy selection of leaves and stems on each visit aviary. Now each time you access the turtle and birds 'gift', and I expect the herb pots, do this simple task. I have a large selection of herbs, mint is better Or do I have found that birds are accepted as well and come in a wide variety of taste and aroma.
Step / repair side of the earth and vegetables: Okay, so the gardener is not held in a flower in my kitchen garden filled with flowers evil, and definitely organized. Because I could not bring himself to have most of the colorless land, and vegetables just finished several studies, marigold, found that Arizona is well done (in many cases, will all be living in summer), and for your garden has several factors help control insect natural organic insect. I bought some commercial species of marigold, threw it through the first planting in the garden literally. They're looking to do an excellent job of keeping pests away from the bone to grow every year they have fallen again.
To place your vegetables, I think access to a variety of vegetable plants for harvest, may be recommended. I put a long and rough muscle access difficult times, I liked looking at them to stay. Perfect setup for cultivation is elongated lines to enable easy access to facilities and all the watering.
Please consider how the growth of individual plants. Vegetables such as pumpkin vines spread and overtake the other plants out of your plot as soon as the ground. As they grow, they can be manipulated to hide away in your area, it will take days of research and design of your garden. Another option, one appointed by the carrot of such wine, will have two compartments for other plants such as tomatoes and peppers.
Land has to be the most important thing to consider when planting, perhaps it is important to change the soil before any planting. In Arizona, which has very poor soil, I have expanded the garden changes before planting organic mulch and still continue to mulch through the growing season. So basically, I brought a good site with better soil for vegetables as a result of continuous mulching, I was a small amount to improve the first landing in the yard and garden will then be worked on guys?
Step 5 to grow your harvest / Maintenance: Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to fit easily in your garden, please enjoy my old method of hand watering and organic fertilizers. However, if no time is a simple battery-operated timer and watering system can be purchased at any big box store. This method is cheap and I use a tap timer system of Mr. Bird, I discovered that they are well behaved. Timer also paper, can be connected to the system of drip and sprinkling daily for watering the garden with very little cost.
About organic vegetables they eat your family and your pets will probably always need to remember to avoid commercial pesticide. The best way I found was a mixed planting marigolds and herbs. Women in the morning, and I have worked on the form to keep the pests away, "smell" the herb garden seems to be good for pest control.
You want to remember one of the organic garden, do not expect to be perfect. American grocery store and I mean, a perfect size and shape absolutely immaculate, we are used to produce the expected fruits and vegetables and perfect. The extent of my own garden pests and learned to accept different sizes and shapes.
I do not feel that their companion planting is useful if you need further testing, I can reduce pests by using a simple spray of water full of soap bubbles, but to prevent attacks.

Is terrapin biting really dangerous

"How dangerous can a terrapin biting"? Anyone bitten by an aggressive terrapin just a few days ago, asked me. I consoled him by saying: ". Do not worry Passport and medicine"
Small young turtles are nice, but when they get older, their looks begin to take a prehistoric appearance, enough to deter most of these brave hearts. Some species of the mature adult turtles are extremely strong jaws and acquire terrible.
Bog turtles are a number of prey by predators, including humans. But the big like Alligator snapping turtles (Terrapin largest found in North America) may behave more like a potential predator than a pathetic victim.
They look sharp in their spiked armor (shell) and jagged, lecherous, full power beak-like jaws. The jaws are powerful and terrible, according to a popular belief, you can get rid of a terrapin only bite when it thunders. Their body color helps them to camouflage with the surroundings.
Pet turtles are cute, soft and timid, without doubt, but they are wild by nature, so you must wait a while before you get used to it and its surroundings. Hence 'careful handling' is the first message to Terrapin owners.
Remember, the first turtles appeared 180 million years ago and they were proud of this earth with dinosaurs.
Unlike many other reptiles, turtles are not toxic. But their bite can cause considerable bacterium Salmonella. Bog turtles carry these bacteria on their body surface or secrete them. It can be a serious threat and can be fatal to humans if proper medical help is not delivered in time.
Children also need to be educated about 'dos ​​and don'ts "to handle Terrapin. A child under 5 years should not be allowed to handle a Terrapin. A power-packed snap can cause a serious painful injury to a adult. For small children, it can be as severe as amputation of digits.
Similarly, improper handling of a terrapin always be unhappy and irritated too. Try to avoid this and take good care of it.
But if a terrapin have tried to chomp on you, do not panic. Wash the wound thoroughly with soap under running water and apply an antibiotic ointment, carbolic. Tell your doctor and later as there is no discomfort.
Delicious food and drink, happy and beautiful surroundings, gentle care will tame your pond turtle in no time.
After this! No more biting

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Gather some details on Teacup Kittens

Not all cats are advertised as a miniature teacup kittens. Please note that normal size cat will weigh approximately 11 to 14 pounds. The standard size male will weigh about 12 to 17 pounds. A teacup sized cat will weight about 3 to 6.5 pounds and teacup size male will weight about 3 to 7.5 pounds. This is a good rule of thumb to remember when you buy a cup of tea. Some unscrupulous breeders will try to sell you a cat under ten pounds as a glass of water when the weight falls within the normal weight for a standard cat. When you buy a cup of tea is not fooled by a breeder who will try to sell you a run or to tell you that each cat is less than ten pounds is a thumbnail.
Teacup kittens come in many different breeds. These cats are specially bred to be small by inbreeding. The smallest cat breed is a link with the smallest cat of another breed gradually each generation and each mating with a miniature or teacup cat was born. The result of these breeding results in dwarfism. There are two types of dwarfism in which the tea-cups and other small animals, and they are achondroplastic where the dominant gene will, by mutation, affects the hormones that control bone growth, and the original, which is found naturally. At this point, we cover the most common varieties of miniature (glass) cats.
The most popular of the teacup kittens, the combination of Persian and Exotic. The MiniPer, a combination of Persians and Exotics was developed in California by Cher Simmitt. Mini pressure is primordial dwarfs and their bodies are proportionate in all respects, except that they are smaller than standard Persian and Exotic. The MiniPaws is a hybrid and carries the genes for both original and achondroplastic dwarfism. They are small in comparison and therefore shortened legs, so legs can be slightly distorted. They are a good example of mutation of the gene and the dominant influence on the hormones that control bone growth. .
The Napoleon was deliberately developed by mating a Munchkin in a Persian. They have long coats and big beautiful eyes like the Persian. The Napoleon is the art of glass breeds.
Lamb was developed by crossing a Munchkin in a Selkirk Rex. They called for their soft curly lamb fur coat looks like a lamb. Most of the miniature or teacup kittens are hybrids of Persians and Exotics are the most popular and coveted of all the miniature breeds.
Many people like the tea cups, because they are cute and seem kittens. They are easy to hold and carry, and most of them are lap cats. But be warned that the kittens if you buy them, but like all cats, they grow up and lose their coquettish ways. They are, after all, and cats can not stay kittens forever.

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Here is an insight on Maine Coon Kittens

When you are finished viewing the Maine Coon kittens for sale, and you have found your loved one (s) you need to prepare for his arrival. While you will be happy to add a new family member, your kittens need special things to make sure it feels safe and protected. You will need to provide guidance and supervision. Do not let your cat roam the house unsupervised. This is a new environment, and should be available to prevent them from accidents and injuries.

If you have small children, it's smart to keep track of their first interaction with your kitten. Understandably, your children will be happy to have a new pet. Their enthusiasm may intimidate or confuse Kitty. Children can also choose to play or touch the kitty as possible. After all, these lovable, furry creatures with your new pet. You do not want cats to be annoyed by too many petting and cuddling, which can cause cat scratch your child. Remind your children to be gentle and give the cat extra space to get used to his surroundings.

If you have other pets, try to keep them away from the new kitty. You can put your other animals in separate rooms to give your new kitten time to explore his new home. For at least the first few days, you should create a new area specifically for your kitten. This may be an extra bedroom or an extra bathroom. By giving the kitten its own space, it will give him time to adjust to her new home.

When your kitten is new to regular house, it is easier for him to find food or a litter box if they are kept in his own bedroom. The room should have the essentials: food, water, litter tray and toys. Look around and remove potentially dangerous objects. Make sure he gets bored, so bored kitten will tend to get into mischief.

Decide how long the kittens must be in his own bedroom. Based on his personality, an outgoing kittens be ready almost immediately. A shy kitten may need several days to get used to everything. Watch your cat and let her guide your decision.

When you're ready to introduce your other pets, you should be careful that they do not hurt the kitten. Actually, your pet should not be left unattended around the new kittens until they present receiving protection or behavior. An older cat may groom your kitten. A dog may want to sniff the kitty and then sit quietly beside them. They are both good signs that your animal will be safe together.

With your extra care and her own bedroom, your kitten will find it easier to adapt your home and your family. Put safeguards in place, and the kitten will soon enjoy with your family and other pets.

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Insight on Green Turtles

Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters, coral reefs rich in seaweed and seagrass meadows of the coast. Mature greens usually feed on seaweed and seagrass even unripe greens are carnivorous. 
Features include: 
o 4 pairs of large scales on each side (coastal scales) 
o Does not have thick overlapping scales 
o protective shield, shell-like covering on the back of the turtle), high arched 
o Adult carapace approx. 1.0m 
o Color light to dark green with dark spots 
There are seven different genetic stocks in Australia, including the Coral Bay on the coast North West Shelf status from the Pilbara coast are the largest group in Western Australia. 
There are between 20,000 to 30,000 green turtles in Western Australia - is the most common types of turtles in WA. 
The number of green turtles that nest each season in Western Australia was affected by El Nino, talk to a breeder visit beach can vary from tens to hundreds of thousands of very poor seasons in the good season. Their breeding areas are found on the sandy beaches of Ningaloo mainland and the season you can book an extra trip to see this. 
Resident adults greens seen along the edges of the reefs and rocks to Coral Bay. You can stroll along the beach, the lagoon, about 2 km and there are some beautiful areas on the rocks, where you can sit and watch them. As part of your tour 11 days, if you choose to go on the quad bike tour that includes seeing turtles.There's also a chance you see a straight snorkeling on the beach in Coral Bay. 
The increased volume, predominantly female adult turtles are harvested for food by Aboriginal people who live along the northern coast. If turtle eggs are readily available, they will be collected.Stationed Torres Strait Islanders and other indigenous "salt water" people outside the country in the Western Australian community, as Dampier-Karratha area is also known to hunters of green turtles. Indonesian fishermen are also known exploiters of the green turtles in Australian waters. 
Legal interest turtle harvest took place in Western Australia since 1870. Between 1931 and 1936 a turtle soup factory work at Cossack (near Karratha). It is estimated that up to 2500 large green turtles were taken annually from around the Dampier Archipelago and Montebello Islands. In the 1940's-1950 is an unregulated harvest green turtle soup canneries continued to deliver in Perth and Cossacks. 
Between 1958 and 1973. A commercial turtle fishery approved by the state fisheries legislation is guided along the north-west coast green turtles were harvested from Coral Bay on the Montebello Islands. It is estimated that at least 60,000 green turtles caught.Commercial products were mainly exported to European markets. 
Migrating adult greens are known to cross international borders.For example, breeding female green turtles tagged and released from nesting beaches in Western Australia caught in Indonesia.

Here are some important tips if you are preparing A Home For Aquatic Turtles

Many people these days either turtles as pets or are considering one. Many people have enjoyed the thrill of having a turtle as a pet, and they make fascinating and unique pets. But those who are considering an aquatic turtle as a pet does not make the mistake of thinking that these are animals that have little or no work or attention to keep safe, healthy and happy requires. These turtles are difficult to cultivate and maintain than most people realize, which is why careful consideration must be given before choosing one of these reptiles as pets - especially considering that they live for many decades, in some cases they then have a long term commitment. 
It is important to prepare a suitable environment for your aquatic pet turtle, and it is important that you do your research to ensure that the environment for your new pet fit their needs and resemble their natural habitat. It is important that the proper environment with proper equipment, and to create with the needs of turtles are very different. 
First, make sure you have a lot of tank space for your turtle to get - rule of thumb, if the total size of all shell turtles in the tank must not exceed 25 percent of the surface of the tank also. It is advisable to go for turtles with scratch tank gravel can be harder to clean and can cause health effects because they are eaten by turtles. 
Water quality in the tank is of utmost importance as poor water quality can lead to misery and ill health for your pet. You must ensure that a good filtration system in place, and even with it you need to clean the water regularly and make sure it is left to the right temperature for your turtle will do again. You will also need to look at the salt requirements for your turtle so you can change the salinity of the water to get right. 
Your turtle is also a dry area for sunbathing and you can array of solutions that are in pet stores such as acrylic slopes that provide ideal place for sunbathing. You must ensure that you have a bulb and reflector hood or a specialist UV lamp of the sky around the sun warmer place for the turtle to have. 
You can create a wonderful world for your little turtle through creative with plants and stones to give the idea to help your pet more comfortable and at home.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Do you agree with me that Indoor turtles should be kept indoors

Good care for your pet turtle in requires a commitment to keep your turtle inside. Too often people want their turtle to remove "roam" outside. Turtles are very sensitive to sudden temperature changes and such change can be harmful to their health. In addition, the turtle outside exposed to bacteria, fungi or bacteria to take, it is not for indoor use.

Appropriate environment for Indoor Pet Turtles

PET indoor turtles should be kept in an aquarium between 20 and 55 liters in size. You get a feel for the correct size, depending on the needs of your turtle. The aquarium should be a "rural" area and the water is deep enough for the turtle to get submerged. Temperature should preferably be kept around 80 degrees with a heat lamp in the day. At night the temperature is lowered. There is also a source of light. Natural sunlight is best, but artificial light is sufficient if it is not possible. Your pet should have special lighting for reptiles. Also be sure not to have chips in the tank, as they decay or grow mold and turtles to eat.

How much and how often Feed

Your turtle will naturally eat fruits and berries in the wild. You can also introduce earthworms and insects living as cricket, beetles and grasshoppers. Nutritionally balanced food turtle can also be found at your pet store. In general, indoor pet turtles fed every other day. If your turtle is sick or pregnant, you can feed it more often. There are many good free resources out there to learn more about indoor pet turtle care. For a small fee, there are comprehensive guides to all aspects of how to keep your turtle happy and healthy throughout life.

Did you see that the pet turtle care tips useful? I have a turtle lover since my childhood and I have written other resources you can find on how to care for your turtle. You can click the above lens. It will link to my other resources that will hopefully answer most of your questions about pet turtle care.

The best resources I've used can be found at [] Then a course that teaches you everything you need to know about how to care for your pet turtle to buy. It goes into more detail than I can here, and it's probably the only source you'll ever need. It is also reasonably priced, and the information you get is worth it. Click on the link below to visit their site.

The importance of turtle Tank Filter

I once took a cruise about ten days in the Caribbean. A relaxed, stress-free ten days one week turned into fear when I get back. After entering my house, an unbearable stench emitted from the air. My tank was literally black turtle feces and dirt. My filter failed me for ten days, which the health of my turtles in danger. Expected to go on more holidays in my life, I knew that this simple filtration system would not suffice.

I had a suitable filter tank turtle found. I feared that my tank was 55 liters a complex filtration system will cost hundreds of dollars needed. After all, every owner of the turtle knows that turtles produce much waste, so I started to find best for my money. First, if your local pet visits, jump onto the substrate. Small stones and rocks that complicate things when it comes to filtering and cleaning of your tank. Although aesthetically pleasing, is that large stones on which your turtle is acceptable in this regard.

I bought a Fluval 160 A-1 "Plus" Underwater Filter, and was generally satisfied with the results. The filter, which costs about $ 20, is compact and efficient, allowing a maximum bathing space while at the same time, filtering the water. The filter is very quiet, not annoying at all. Pad replacements are usually about $ 3-4 apiece, a filtration system is relatively inexpensive. Still, I left wants more. Any good aquarium filter is a process that charcoal filtering the water with a special sponge entails. As such, I tried to filter the most economically efficient and economical package available at a time.

Hagen, the manufacturer of the filter above, the name is prominent in the aquarium filtration equipment at affordable prices. I bought the Aquaclear 300 power supply for $ 40, and I've never been happier. The filter has a siphon that sucks the water, making it ideal for turtle tanks with a water level is relatively low. Water is sucked into the trap and forced through a foam filter insert that holds suspended particles in water. The second phase comprises a carbon filter insert, which is used to absorb waste and difficult to remove invisible in the water.

There is also an optional third filtration step, removing the excess ammonia. The filter provides an aesthetic effect cascade that clean water is returned to the tank. A trip to the pet store to replace all filters cartridges cost about $ 20 list. The best part of the system, is that your tank stays clean about two months. With these two filters running costs, your turtle will enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters. Remember, it is that your drinking water turtles - you want it as clean as possible.

Gather some information on loggerhead turtle

The only surviving member of the genus Caretta, the loggerhead turtle to grow into an intimidating 364 kg and 1.1 meters long. The species is named after too much of the turtle's head is interrupted by a series of strong jaws suitable for feeding on a wide variety of marine life in mollusks (whelks and conch) to crustaceans (crabs and shrimp) to fish and jellyfish. They are also known to be small or immature marine animals such as birds and mammals consume.

Topped with a large habitat, ranging from the Atlantic and Pacific and Indian Ocean. Atlantic migration routes ranging from Newfoundland to Argentina with breeding and rearing areas in the warm waters of the southern hemisphere. Some loggerheads are known to hibernate instead of challenging the migration patterns to pursue. For women it is most likely in the 2-3 years between egg cycles.

Breeding season spans several months - from March to June - and female egg laying continues into September. The brooding she will lay up to 150 eggs in a nest, where she digs deep into the soft sand on the same beach where they hatched 35 or more years earlier. She uses her flippers to cover the egg, forming a protective tray eggs safely in the beach-going predators many but not all, of the time. The small hatch, which is about 20 grams and measures a small 45 mm in length, created after a two-month incubation period. Those who sets out to sea through the surf line to open water to bathe for several days in deep water downwellings that excessive protection of tossing sea in the area of ​​debris-rich seaweed and other floating materials available.

As with all eco-sensitive species are the illegitimate population in decline for decades. Nest annually worldwide estimates reveal less than 150,000 litters per year in all traditional Loggerhead nesting. Adults easily caught in nets, longlines, traps and pots. Dredging also claims a number of turtles each year.

The great migration to the area of ​​false, the global cooperation to ensure that protection efforts will be successful. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora makes trading of any part of this illegal kind, her only protection against human predation. Several countries share agreements that extend protection for feeding and breeding grounds, and many have introduced a ban on shrimp trawling in forcing changes in gear to make it less dangerous to loggerheads and other large turtle species regularly caught.

Conservation efforts include the hatch and release of nests that are discovered in areas threatened or inadequate. The eggs are carefully counted and transported to an incubation facility. The young are raised until they are strong enough to survive on their own and released into the sea of ​​the same beach that housed their nest. These images are the hatchling site and increases the chance that he will return to continue the cycle when it reaches sexual maturity of three and a half years later.

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What does turtles represents in Feng Shui

I will discuss how two Feng Shui cures that will help attract more money into your house and the brakes of the amount of money flowing out of your house.

To achieve this goal, we will look at two well known Feng Shui symbols: The Feng Shui Feng Shui Frog and Turtle. These symbols relate to Feng Shui prosperity and is associated with Feng Shui money aspect of your environment.

Frogs symbolize projecting the impact of money comes into your life, and in this case your house. Ideally Feng Shui frogs are placed outside the house. A Feng Shui home will usually have frogs somewhere in the front of the house or apartment. I love to post three separate frogs on the front garden, a few meters.

The most important aspect of this powerful Feng Shui cures and Feng Shui symbols place to make frogs jump into the house. The back of Feng Shui frogs should face the street and the heads of frogs, the front face of the house. Moreover, one of the three frogs wind up at the door. But make sure the third frog has his back to the curb and head to your homes' front door. The location of the frogs symbolize wealth feng shui leap through the door and into your home. If we decide to feature a water adding to our event of frogs, we will multiply the Feng Shui effect and create a very positive and strong flow of Chi in the house.

Feng Shui symbol of the turtle represents the slow energy wealth leaves the household. Because frogs and turtles slowly jumping very quickly that the clutch is easy to make. I know some of you are probably thinking, "Hmm ... Maybe I can use frogs and turtles for my needs met in other areas of my life as a feng shui relationship feng shui or faster or slower sex?" Well ... At least I have you thinking about Feng Shui symbols and how they relate to your everyday life. Unfortunately, these special symbols that work best to attract and retain wealth.

Okay I got you back in focus and the task at hand, let's discuss how and where Feng Shui wealth symbol number two to use: the turtle.

All turtles should be placed in the back of the house or apartment. Patios, decks or yards perfectly acceptable places for your team of turtles. Try to place the three turtles with their backs to the house. The heads of the turtles lay their eyes away from the house should not look at the house, terrace, patio or garden. Also, if you want to increase the efficiency of turtles, paint four small red dots on the back of each turtle. Red is a powerful Feng Shui wealth of colors.

If you go to a garden shop you will find frogs and turtles that can withstand various weather conditions in your area.

Insight on Box Turtles and Eye infection

Box turtles are large animals with real character, but they are not the easiest to care for turtles compared to other turtles, which are much easier to arrange. Although I must say, all turtles need a certain level of maintenance. In taking responsibility for caring for a turtle you will inevitably come from a range of health problems, would one of them being a turtle eye infection

If you believe that your turtle has an eye infection the first thing to do is look for a different type of problems that your tortoise with a runny nose, breathing with mouth open and wheezing or wheezing when you breathe air. If you find any of these symptoms, it is very likely that your box turtle has a respiratory infection and the vet as soon as possible.

If your box turtle has swollen eyes, they can have allergic reactions on the surface you are using in their enclosure. Some turtles are allergic to terrestrial surfaces and have swelling around the eyes because of their allergy to this type of litter. If you use ground or ground-based bedding Try swapping beds with each other and monitor your turtle a week or so to see if the swelling goes down. If swelling persists then you know that it was not an allergic reaction and your tortoise eye problem may have something to do with a lack of vitamin A in their diet.

Vitamin A deficiency can cause swelling in the eyes of box turtles and a way to handle this is to ensure that you have foods rich in vitamin A are introduced as part of your diet turtles every time you feed them. Foods like collard greens, carrots, kale and parsley all contain a good amount of vitamin A and can be added to each meal to help fight this problem.

Of course, if the problem persists, then you have no other choice than your turtle to the vet as soon as possible and may be a case for your box turtle eye infection cure vet will need vitamin injections to give your box turtle will be around them to help To return to perfect health.

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Have you ever heard about leatherback turtle before?

The leatherback turtle is the largest living reptile in the world and highest in the family turtle. Grow up to 2 meters and weighing nearly 900 kg in which both male and female turtles are mature, leather is the only sea turtle without a hard bony shell.

The leatherback sea turtle life of approximately 45 years, sometimes interrupted by fishing lines and nets. The largest, spots near Wales, shortly before a large size crocodile is the world's fourth largest reptile measuring over three meters and weighing about 900 kilograms.

Leatherback turtles are known to have existed since turtles evolved 110 million years ago.

With a pale white and pink spots on the top of the head, the black adult leatherback turtles are larger than other sea turtles. The nail lacquer their front flippers and scales and their back flippers are paddle shaped. The absence of a bony carapace (but covered in thick leather skin type with very small bony plates) distinguishes the leatherback turtle from the other turtles.

The back surface of the leatherback sea turtle's layer with shades of dark gray to black with white spots and dots to blur, while the underside is pale in color.

Leatherback turtles are known as pelagic animals coastal search. They love to migrate and is one of the widest assortments of sea turtle species found in every part of the world. From New Zealand, including the Cape of Good Hope in icy Norway and Alaska, leatherbacks have a global presence.

Subpopulations of the leatherback sea turtle known to exist in Malaysia, the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, Africa, Caribbean, Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, and in many other unknown places.

Leatherback sea turtle can grow in deep water (open ocean), but can be found in the water near the coast land near the feeding area. Scientists tracked a leatherback in search of food for nearly 13,000 miles in 647 days from Indonesia to the U.S.. They can survive in cold water with temperatures as low as 4.5 degrees C (40.1 ° F).

Unfortunately, there is a dramatic decline in population of leatherback sea turtles in the last three decades. Plants that female population is reportedly about 26,000 to 43,000 only around one in every thousand leatherback turtles survive to adulthood. Although the loss of the home nest egg and illegal harvesting is the cause of premature death for some, many leatherback sea turtles also are killed by plastic waste, consuming them and see their favorite jellyfish.

Exploitation of sea turtles nest in Asia have also contributed to the decline in the leatherback sea turtle population. Their eggs, considered a delicacy in Malaysia and an aphrodisiac in parts of the Caribbean, has also contributed to their extinction. Significant reductions were also reported in Mexico and Costa Rica.

How to tell the age of your turtle

Turtle age how old my turtle anyway? Maybe you ask yourself this question, and wondered if there was a way to determine the exact age of your beloved pet to be determined.

Turtles are called living fossils. This is a real name for something beautiful animals, because for centuries! In fact, studies show that the first turtle on the planet appeared two million years ago. Turtles may have longer lifespan than their copyrights, and many families have a pet turtle is passed from one generation to the next!

The average lifespan of wild tortoises range from fifty to one hundred years, depending on the type or class to which they belong. However, if you bought a pet turtle from a store, or if you have acquired as an adult, the exact age is difficult or even impossible to determine.

However, there are reliable methods for determining the age of your turtle. Perhaps the oldest method is to count the rings on the back of a turtle's shell. It may not prove to be a certain way, however, because the ring boring over time. However, if you can combine these techniques with additional information, you can come pretty close to determining the age of your turtle.

To use the method of counting the rings, you need to know if your turtle is a hard species such as soft-shelled turtle is not a line shot. Once you determine that your turtle is on the hard-shelled types, pore scales or scale-like segments that are part of the shield. Turtles produce a layer of these lines as they grow and mature. It is important to add that turtles kept in a good atmosphere during the captivity, with a wide range of healthy food, can be faster and thus show more than one ring per year.

In some classes or species, turtle age may also be determined by the darkness of Shell of the turtle. Red Eared Turtle and Reeves Turtles, for example, have shells that darken as they mature. Another issue to consider in determining turtle turtles generally younger ages for more unique or spoken lines in their shells. The scales of older turtles may seem vague or disappeared as a result of daily wear and tear, and their shells can watch highlights, there are scratches and holes, and can even be chipped off.

Finding the size or weight of a turtle is a next step to determine its age. Compare your stats with the standard turtle species. If your turtle is small, the chances are that the young one. Female turtles are generally larger than the male turtle does not matter what their age may be. Turtle age can be estimated by pooling together the essential facts.

Although these animals can live for more than a century, which they are exposed to the dangers have placed many of them endangered species list worldwide, with many varieties near extinction. For so many of these amazing creatures, their life expectancy today is strongly influenced by man. It is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure that the turtle food, shelter and other needs are met so that it can meet the maximum life expectancy.

Tips on how to feed your turtle

When feeding their pet turtle owners should take advantage of the fact that these turtles are omnivores. This means feeding the turtle should be easy and without problems, and can be a pleasant activity for both you and your pet. First you must know what kind of turtle, you can choose the right diet for your pet turtle one to achieve optimal health.

Land-or sea turtle should be fed 95% vegetable. Includes dark green leafy vegetables, like most of the vegetables in the diet of your turtle should be included. You might also consider feeding your turtle with other vegetables such as kale, radish, Turnips, and herbs, providing smaller amounts of spinach, peas, squash, and clover. The remaining 5% of the turtle should be eating fruits.

If you box turtles, feed the boy with a majority of meat or animal material, such as snails, earthworms, spiders, grasshoppers and beetles. When they mature, you can plant materials such as fruits, berries, leafy vegetables, seeds and add to the diet of your turtle.

Aquatic feeding turtles on the other hand, requires a variety of different foods. You can feed the children with shrimp in shell, snails, earthworms, chopped, minced mice and floating food sticks can be purchased at a pet shop. As the turtles mature, but their diet with green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, kale, broccoli leaves, grass clippings, dandelions, and cutting the grass.

If your turtle home aquariums and ponds, you can put the small fish for them in the hunt, like the tortoise fun to do. But remember that feeding the turtle with small fish only done once a week to prevent the growing obesity, a condition common in animals.

The correct temperature should be maintained in the implementation of the turtles in the tank to live inside or outside like pens. The proper temperature helps digest the food they slug use, and also keeps them from acquiring the disease.

Some important signs that your turtle poor or malnutrition, are:

• They are slow or sluggish
• They have a milky liquid in their eyes
• cloudy patches appear as spots on their skin

Turtles tend to be messy when eating. It is important that you precise control of your pet to keep it uneaten food scraps or crumbs cleaned up quickly. This will prevent the growth of bacteria that can ultimately failed and dry up the turtle body dirty.

It is also advisable when you enter your tortoise, the broad, flat rocks as a food court rather than industrially manufactured plastic containers for use. They make a great flat stone, textured surface for eating turtle and the ongoing dispute during the dinner, your pet turtle beaks to crack, and keep the fingernails and toenails grow too long. You should always consult your turtle in a separate container of fresh, clean water to drink.

Feed your turtle in the same place and same time each day is two safe and proven methods to win his trust. Ensure that you have to ask, and when you approach your pet calm, not to scare or stress them. With a little practice, you can even make your turtle to you during the meal!