Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to tell the age of your turtle

Turtle age how old my turtle anyway? Maybe you ask yourself this question, and wondered if there was a way to determine the exact age of your beloved pet to be determined.

Turtles are called living fossils. This is a real name for something beautiful animals, because for centuries! In fact, studies show that the first turtle on the planet appeared two million years ago. Turtles may have longer lifespan than their copyrights, and many families have a pet turtle is passed from one generation to the next!

The average lifespan of wild tortoises range from fifty to one hundred years, depending on the type or class to which they belong. However, if you bought a pet turtle from a store, or if you have acquired as an adult, the exact age is difficult or even impossible to determine.

However, there are reliable methods for determining the age of your turtle. Perhaps the oldest method is to count the rings on the back of a turtle's shell. It may not prove to be a certain way, however, because the ring boring over time. However, if you can combine these techniques with additional information, you can come pretty close to determining the age of your turtle.

To use the method of counting the rings, you need to know if your turtle is a hard species such as soft-shelled turtle is not a line shot. Once you determine that your turtle is on the hard-shelled types, pore scales or scale-like segments that are part of the shield. Turtles produce a layer of these lines as they grow and mature. It is important to add that turtles kept in a good atmosphere during the captivity, with a wide range of healthy food, can be faster and thus show more than one ring per year.

In some classes or species, turtle age may also be determined by the darkness of Shell of the turtle. Red Eared Turtle and Reeves Turtles, for example, have shells that darken as they mature. Another issue to consider in determining turtle turtles generally younger ages for more unique or spoken lines in their shells. The scales of older turtles may seem vague or disappeared as a result of daily wear and tear, and their shells can watch highlights, there are scratches and holes, and can even be chipped off.

Finding the size or weight of a turtle is a next step to determine its age. Compare your stats with the standard turtle species. If your turtle is small, the chances are that the young one. Female turtles are generally larger than the male turtle does not matter what their age may be. Turtle age can be estimated by pooling together the essential facts.

Although these animals can live for more than a century, which they are exposed to the dangers have placed many of them endangered species list worldwide, with many varieties near extinction. For so many of these amazing creatures, their life expectancy today is strongly influenced by man. It is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure that the turtle food, shelter and other needs are met so that it can meet the maximum life expectancy.


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