Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here is an insight on Sea Turtles of Mexico

Sea turtles are very intelligent creatures of nature, they are more independent in Puerto Vallarta from the swine flu scare, the border town of Drug Wars, or the global recession! You are not visiting Vallarta for its perfect climate, its eight beautiful golf courses, world class deep sea fishing, hundreds of fine restaurants, night clubs and discos, its magnificent sunsets and the colorful tropical flora and fauna of the surrounding Sierra Madre hillsides, they visit Vallarta exclusively for the 35 miles of sandy beach. However, the fact that they love the beaches around the PV just a little idea what the turtle is so incredibly talented.

Sea turtle a single beam, which is from all other turtles during the late Cretaceous period, the "age of dinosaurs, at least 100 million years old. It is difficult to imagine that about 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous-tertiary extinction event (KT Mass Extinction), the planet catastrophic events such as massive asteroid impacts and / or massive volcanic activity that affected significant climate change held in the soil of plant and animal life. Sea turtle is to survive some species, these traumatic events and associated climate.

Now there are only seven species of marine turtles worldwide, and the members of five or six of these species is possible to visit Vallarta each year. Six of seven species have hard shell and only one has a soft shell, it is the leatherback turtle, the largest of all and a regular visitor Vallarta. The leatherback sea turtle for 30 years to grow from small animals, weighing about an ounce, at the time of payment to a weight of up to £ 1300 measuring up to 7 meters long and 5 meters wide, They can live over age 80 years.

Although sea turtles represent the most species Vallarta, visit the majority of them are the Olive Ridley species. They are smaller than the leatherback turtles, less than 3 feet long and weighs just over 100 pounds with dark olive green heart-shaped curved shells.

The Olive Ridley turtles hatch from eggs with a weight of less than an ounce, crawl out of their nests buried clawed their way over the sand, and then head directly to water, living with about 100 sister on his side to start. They are quite happy if they ever do to the water when taking some predators (including without looking at the people) while they are still in the shell, and many other predators such as crabs and birds are interested on their journey across the beach to the water's edge. Of course, once the small tidbits in the water, no fish in the area immediately as they welcome dinner! Therefore, turtle, a very small percentage of baby sea is ever open to the sea.

The lucky few sea turtles survive their entry into this cruel world to do, whether at maturity, the last of more than 15 years, is a daunting task. If some fish do not get them during their first year, fishermen were due to long lines or nets, catch them by accident at some time during their maturation, let alone at some point during their adult life. The chances of survival so strongly stacked against the turtles, they are now as either a threatened or endangered species, the Olive Ridley along Pacific coast Mexico's are classified as endangered species by the Fisheries Department of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Okay, now that we know little about the prehistoric air-breathing reptile, what it is that makes them so incredibly smart? Well, first you have to give them credit for survival in the story, while almost all other forms of life can not! Secondly, they are probably the first living creatures on Global Positioning System (GPS) have! Yes, years before we mortals 100000000 GPS, marine turtles, invented with high sensitivity to magnetic field of the Earth, always know where it is relative to where they were born. Imagine, prehistoric creatures can swim a few thousand miles from the sea, enjoy life and swim in open water swimming for up to 80 years, while not losing its bearings, and I still remember exactly where they was born!

Because of their incredible ability to always know their own position when reaching maturity at age 15 years or older, with women willing to lay their eggs always return to the sandy beach where they were born. Therefore, for about five months a year, the beaches of Puerto Vallarta home to hundreds of female sea turtles coming ashore to nest. Both women slipped into the same beautiful beaches of 15 and 50 years! So, with luck, and now has a lot of support, starting a new generation of marine turtles.

In some areas along the Pacific coast of Mexico, the Olive Ridley turtle sharp sea shore in "arribadas" of 100 or more at a time, but in Puerto Vallarta, they are usually either alone or in small scattered groups scattered on the beach. Because of their poverty is their return to local beaches a major tourist attraction for visitors to Vallarta. More importantly, there is now a small group of volunteer conservationists, the Western Society of Ecology, in Vallarta everything possible to protect the endangered animals are covered. This group was first organized in 1993 and since then everything possible to see that the eggs and young are protected from all predators done what the next generation of marine turtles is a much better chance of survival

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