Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here is an insight on The Painted Turtle

No Pets! This is what's most read sign the dotted line on a contract with a tenant. But with a pet for your child is an important step in their development. It teaches responsibility and gives them a companion to love to express. While most places where it says "no pets" cats, dogs and birds think it is still possible to enrich your child's life (or even your own) with a pet. But instead of a hamster, why not invest in a turtle.

The Painted Turtle, Chrysemys picta known by the scientific community, is a reptile of beauty.There are four types (or subspecies) of painted turtles: Western, Midland, East and South. Southern painted turtle is the only sub-species with a stripe down its back, the western painted turtle is the state reptile Colorado. This subspecies can interbreed, creating mixes that represent the respective characteristics of each species. The painted turtle has red and yellow stripes on its head, tail and feet and thats why it got its name. Outside of a homeowners Painted turtles found in ponds, marshes and shallow waters around the U.S.. This turtle can grow from 4 to 10 inches.

Painted turtles are omnivores - who say they eat both plants and meat. But while they are young and underage, she will usually eat meat. As they get older their appetites are increasingly diverse foods: snails, crayfish, fish eggs, small fish, algae, Lilly pads, etc., pretty much everything you can find in the pond small enough to fit in her mouth. Because reptiles are cold blooded, they need to regulate their body with "sun" itself. This is the story lie in the sun to heat their temperature. Because Painted turtles are reptiles and are found in several areas in the U.S., both the sun itself and hibernate when temperatures are too cold to effectively regulate their body temperature. Usually see them sunning themselves during the summer, on old tree trunks. Sometimes there are lots of turtles just hanging out enjoying themselves on an old log on a lazy sunny afternoon. Knowledge of these factors help us to create the perfect environment for your pet to keep.

It is recommended that the young and young turtles are kept in a 20-40 gallon tank. Adults need more space and therefore requires a minimum of 80 liters aquarium. These tanks are filled with water that is about 6-8 inches deep. You may need to increase the amount of water in the tank, depending on the size of turtles. The object is for the turtle to get enough room to swim around in. Knowing that they are enjoying the sun tells us that we need a place for them to do, and a heat lamp to simulate the sun An old log or a large stone will be the perfect place for them to hang out and get a tan. The age of your turtle will determine what you feed them. Above all, a diet of crickets, which you can buy at the pet store Younger turtles a diet of bugs will love. The elderly turtles will eat vegetables along with bugs. If ever your tortoise should refuse to eat it is recommended that you try something else. Try using a smaller part and work with the food they have not. While the painted turtle is not as cute as a dog or cat, it will be a pet that you or your child will enjoy reading. Not to mention they are awesome to watch. To see them swimming around and just doing what turtles do is obviously a great experience not only fun, but would bring a well-deserved happiness in your life.

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