Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hilton Head Island is a great place to spend time with turtles

Recently my wife and I needed to get around Parris Island, South Carolina, so we have holiday houses searched and found a nice apartment for ourselves. We spent the week before my son's graduation from Parris Island as a sea, on the island. Island life is fun and interesting educational. In this article I will familiarize you with the high-lights island. Its challenges and its beauty.

Let me first Hilton Head Island is just 12 miles long and 5 miles wide. While there I learned this only for the east coast estuary for sea turtles. The woman came ashore at night and lays her eggs in the sea grass on the dunes. Then after the incubation of the eggs hatch is not always all together, but usually at night. The young turtles follow the brightest light of the moon would ocean. If they're lucky it happened before the day break and the seagulls pick them off. Now the local oceanographic group will mark the nest so that nobody steps on them. But the local law regarding lighting on the beach is not enough to stop visitors and holidaymakers. Of making some very dangerous things to the young turtles. Ie fittings for a wedding, left on the beach for someone else to clean up. Unfortunately for the young turtles nest in the vicinity that night they hatched and confused most of the lights they all just made a hatch to the ocean. The other deceased exhausted on the beach in the dunes.

If an island has some great sites to get the same with the maintenance and conservation. For example if you're lucky you can see the bottle nose dolphins that often the sound and the creeks, creeks in the area now is the sound of water or brine that comes from a large hole on the island of previous hurricanes. I recommend you visit the Broad creek marina and check the drive to the other islands. Daufuskie Island, there are very few cars on the island. You can rent a golf cart and travel to the other side of the island in the Atlantic Ocean beach and experience a man had it all built up. Very few people on this beach the day we have a total of 4 persons. After the storm is the best time for clams that have not been picked up by more than hundreds of people to find. The trip back to dock, the dolphins are in broad creek as we slowly motored up the creek.

Then I would draw your attention to this simple little South Beach Marina Marina is a happening place for families with kids. The club sponsors local shows, so great musicians and people in animal costumes. Have fun. Cool misters to keep the mosquito is much eating and drinking. You love it. The other port marina this is one of the photo opportunity with a fake lighthouse. You can pay $ 5 dollars to climb to the top, but I for one do not think it is worth it.

The island itself is divided into fields. Each plantation had an earlier part of the earth, now she looks all of a golf course and rental (time share) and fine hotels all have the same field. Now why would you build or stay good as you explore different paths of hurricanes for the past 50 years, they always seem to get this part of the land say it is inaccessible in the long shallow shelf that goes on before the missing miles decline of the continental shelf. Told me that sends the hurricanes my research seems to show that it is true. Making the island a large investment. But many families on vacation in Hilton Head Island for decades.

Eventually we found that this area is the Gulf Stream water is usually 80-10 degrees warmer that the Labrador current off the coast of North Carolina. The two together present in the outer banks Hatteras light house. Then on a corner in the direction of the British Isles. The Labrador is currently the current moves slower and colder in only.6 miles per hour. As the Gulf Stream moving 4-6 miles per hour. I am old enough myself for the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream found. 8 degrees makes a big difference.

Yes mode of travel today you around by car, but you can also rent a bike for weeks. Or rent a boat. I took a wave runner out to the sound of a time under the supervision and had a great time. This island is ideal for cycling around with the family or in the early morning to late evening. Many plantations are bike paths along the road, but off road. This is truly a family friendly vacation spot. I did all of them or visit each item in one week nope. I go and I hope to use this wonderful family friendly site for yourself. If you are the salty salty dog ​​cafe them Bill sent you.

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