Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have you heard about The Yellow Belly Turtle before?

Turtles make great pets as turtles make great pets if you reptiles. In 2010 we decided to have a yellow belly and a red belly turtle add to our family. It was not an impulse decision, because it took us weeks to decide, prepare. After unnecessary worry and finally settled in our pet turtles, we realized that the care of the yellow-bellied turtle is not as intense as expected. With that said, let me give some tips for first-time owners.

So how much space should I have my pet turtles?

Both Red and Yellow Belly Belly slider turtles can grow to about 14 inches in length. When you first bring home more than likely they will just a few inches. At this stage of the life of the turtle is good to view them at home in a ten gallon tank. As adults, you should plan an upgrade to an area north of 45 liters.

So what's the deal with the water level?

Contrary to what you may have heard about pet turtles, they are probably happy swimming. I know our Yellow Belly Turtle does. After setting up your pet turtle tank, want to make sure that the water no more than 3-4 cm from the top of the tank. It was something I knew when we had our first Yellow Belly Turtle.

What about my aquarium decor?

Our Yellow Belly Turtle love to chew his environment, especially plants. Many people value their water plants, so if you have one, get artificial ones. Your yellow-bellied turtle must place to hang out and sunbathing. Try adding a number of temporary platforms or floating devices for your turtle tank. You will not be filled, however. It has to toil around with this massive scale.

Avoid over-feeding your turtles

We would not dare bring up our yellow green liquid generic swell turtle sticks. I am not suggesting that your pet turtles do not. By supplying our food of choice Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Food Gourmet. Find the complete, you will find it. This medley comes complete with a well-rounded diet. Look at the ingredients and you will find components such as dried shrimps, meal worms, fish, and even cranberries! This medley includes calcium, but it will not hurt for an extra calcium tablet in a relaxation of their shells to avoid buying.

But what about my turtle inmates?

In our ten liters turtle aquarium, we have a red belly turtle, a yellow-bellied turtle, and a small school of tiger barbs. These fish are considered by industry to semi-aggressive fish. I can tell you that when our pet turtles that come to see them the other direction. These turtles are docile and friendly by nature, so you will not lose any sleep over their fellow residents. Feel free to throw some salamanders, guppies, and there Pleco.

... And let there be light

Like other reptiles like snakes and iguanas, your Yellow Belly Turtle requires daily light. Not just a light, but UV-A and UV-B spectrum. You can find a light for both species, but I had two investments in two separate lamps. First, there is one spot lamp that radiates warmth for sunbathing. The second is simply a fluorescent stripe. You know the type you normally find on a stove range. Were it not generate much heat, but the frequency is necessary to maintain your pet turtle pigmentation.


  1. I need help with the bulbs where anx how long to leave them on

  2. After setting up your pet turtle tank, want to make sure that the water no more than 3-4 cm from the top of the tank. ...