Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Follow few steps in turtle care

If you care for the turtle or tortoise there are many factors you should consider it like to live long and healthy. Turtle from each other and even their sub-types also have different needs. To ensure that your turtle or tortoise, you should be familiar with all their basic needs like food, shelter and even their medication. You definitely need to know exactly how much to feed. 
Most turtles are omnivores which means their diet should consist of meat and plants. To care for your turtle or tortoise, give them a healthy and balanced diet for any health problems such as obesity, the complications can cause their kidneys and liver to avoid. When caring for the turtle or tortoise, you must also provide them with a safe and secure haven for them for a long, long life. 
Here is a list of 'must' care of your turtle or tortoise for them to come along and healthy life: 
1. You must be 40 liters of fresh water pouring into their mean free chlorine tank every time you water. Alternatively, some plants, some fish and live rock at the bottom of the tank with the turtle to take home. 
2. Turtle depends on heat from their environment for them to maintain their body temperature, so give them a heat lamp in their aquarium. 
3. Their aquarium regularly clean and replace their daily drink. 
4. Feed them bite-sized foods, including vegetables such as parsley, lettuce, carrots and fruits such as apples, melons, strawberries and pears. 
5. Alternatively, a number of bite-sized meat such as chicken, turkey and some live fish. 
6. Sprinkle some vitamin and supplement their diet daily to keep their immune system to protect against some diseases that can cause even premature death. 
In mind when caring for your turtle or tortoise, you should consider that they have some favorite foods, so they are sure to vary their times in a day

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