Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Habitat of Turtles

Turtles are reptiles commonly kept as pets. Among the most popular types of pet turtles are Russian tortoises, trace thighed tortoises, and Red Eared Sliders. You can see fascinating, and perhaps even appear harmless. However, turtles and bite, and they can carry salmonella, so they can not be sure to keep as pets, especially for families with young children. But with the right care and knowledge, it should be possible to become a turtle owner and safely enjoy your pet.So before you choose a pet turtle sales, you need to Learn about their habitat and care. 
Turtles are everywhere (except Antarctica) in rivers, forests, lakes, oceans, grasslands and deserts. They belong to the taxonomic order Testudines, Sub-group and called turtles Chelonia. Turtles is unique because of their round, hard shells, four legs and tail. The scale they lay eggs and they are cold-blooded, which means that their body temperature depends on their external environment. 
The largest chelonian is the great day of leatherback sea turtle, the smallest is Padloper Spotted Turtle in South Africa. The largest turtle ever Archelon Ischyros measured more than 13.5 meters long and 16 feet wide by Flipper Flipper. Turtles are known to their necks in danger if they draw meaning. Their colors vary from species to species. What is common is that the presence of a streamlined shell, so that they can swim with ease. They have no teeth. Instead, they use their beaks to break food. people not to pet turtles should handle too close to their beaks, because they are often as sharp as knives. 
If you think turtles and have no skin on its structures, you are wrong.The outer coating of the shell is actually a skin. You can also reptiles turtles and tortoises do not molt their skins into a large piece. Molt piece by piece. All turtles have limbs, but they differ in one thing: Amphibious turtles have webbed feet, while turtles have fins. Turtles can likely take more years before they reach breeding age. Female turtles produce eggs with soft shell and flexible. Their albumin is white and has a different protein than bird eggs. For some turtle species dictates the temperature of the eggs to develop into a man or a woman. Higher temperatures result in reduced incubation time and more female larvae. A large number of eggs placed in the holes dug into mud or sand, then covered and left to incubate unkempt. If the baby hatch, they must survive on their own to fight back into the water around. 
Ownership of turtles takes commitment. It is a responsibility that must be taken seriously or it will lead to the unfortunate death of a turtle.Turtles require proper housing, temperature, food and environment, among others. Pet owners need to ensure their safety, be aware of how to properly care for and treat turtles fetch against disease, they could be very sick or even cause death. As already mentioned, take turtles for salmonella, which can be transmitted through casual contact.This can cause illness in human salmonellosis, a severe infection of the gastrointestinal tract.

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