Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Excersises that will keep you Pet turtle active and Happy

Turtle pets are very popular today and the new owner of a turtle can be very good and satisfactory. While some people feel that the turtles are difficult and expensive to maintain, there is certainly evidence to the contrary.

Actually mount pet turtle is a very popular hobby, which leads to more and more information will be collected by experts and pet owners alike. Several theories have been clarified, and myths busted because these fascinating reptiles is to attract people because of their interesting characters.

Turtles are among the first species in the animal kingdom on the planet. They can be a great life - some of them can live more than one hundred years if well cared for and well protected. We can even expect our turtle dog to be given or taken from a family member to another.

Choosing a name for your pet turtle is one of the fun activities of turtle ownership. Turtles have a long life that they themselves are likely to survive to their owners. Their long life, make that your turtle a name which suits your personality and reveal your close relationship with it.

At first ownership of your new tortoise, not expect it immediately comfortable with you. Give it three days for a full week to get used to her surroundings and get used to your presence. One sure way to do this is to feed it in the same case and at the same time each day. This practice will lead to a routine for your turtle and it will eventually understand that you will come to feed on a daily basis and at a certain place in his cage. Be calm and quiet when you approach it is not to frighten or alarm your turtle.

Some pet turtle loves to play with shells. They want to put the peel and press them with their claws to bring them to glide across the floor. You can spend quality time with your tortoise also by moving out! Your turtle will enjoy this freedom and benefit from it as well because it will serve as an excellent form of exercise.

If you house your pet turtle in tanks or aquariums, you may fish or small pieces of cuttlebones floating in the water. Turtles love to hunt, and enjoy swimming and hunting. It's a different kind of fun and exercise for your turtle!

Another plus factor is that they can get good dose of calcium ingested when they cuttlebones. Small live fish should only be installed once a week to reduce the risk of obesity among turtles to avoid, because this condition is very common in their nature.

It's also a good idea to build or establish a toy raft in the houses of the turtle so they can enjoy playing, even when you're not around. Avoid handling of your pet turtle too often, because it can be stressful. When you handle your turtle, make sure to wash your hands before you pick it up and soften, so to avoid discomfort.

Pet turtle is an excellent addition to your household. With proper care, treatment and protection, you're sure to spend together many years of enjoyment!


  1. I rescued a turtle on 9/11/15,my neighbor moved out and for two weeks I saw a green bucket outside and didn't think much of it so two weeks later I went out hunting for crickets for my two rescued res turtles and looked in the bucket that was half full of water and I saw a turtle I thought was dead and there was a turtle in the water with her but after a few days of trying to get her healthy I take pride to say she has a happy ending and is now healthy and loves walking around my house and outside so she will live her days out with me :-) I named her Penny because she was thrown out like an old penny. I'm sorry to say I also found four more of her eggs in a bucket crushed to death by dirt I couldn't save them but I was able to save her. It breaks my heart knowing how people can treat an animal and most people think turtles don't matter but it my wyes every life matters

  2. Wow.. i feel better that there are people like you saving lives.. people are cold! Inhuman! I am glad that you rescued penny.. i pray goodness and wellness to you and all of your lil babies..

  3. Wow.. i feel better that there are people like you saving lives.. people are cold! Inhuman! I am glad that you rescued penny.. i pray goodness and wellness to you and all of your lil babies..