Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lets gather some thoughts on Red Eared Slider Turtles

Many people interested in reptiles - and particularly interested in sea turtles - red eared slider turtles decide which many consider them as cute cubs. This resulted in this most popular turtle's pet turtle in the United States and enjoyed great popularity in many other parts of the world. Animals and great pets but it is important to do some research to learn more about this if you are considering these turtles as pets. Here are five facts in this slider turtles.

Red eared slider turtles have a long life. This means that if a responsible dog owner must use the fact that you are most likely to take care of that pet for the next year to consider. If you have one animal for your child in mind when your children fly the nest, the turtle will probably still fit and healthy with many years of life ahead. Animals and can live forty years or more, if properly cared for.
Animals do not stay small. If you have any misconceptions about the small size of the turtle as they get older then forget about it - not whether they will remain small and cute and of course a few years they may be twelve inches in adults. This is something you should consider when selecting a tank for your turtle.
In the U.S., sales of PET turtles less than four inches long are prohibited. This is because animals, including other reptiles, it is known that Salmonella, which is something you should consider if you have very young children or people with weakened immune systems in their housework. However, this does not mean to completely avoid.
Animals can become obese. Although it is difficult to imagine, obesity is a problem with turtle, and this may be partly because the animals are pretty much begging for food, often even when they are fed and not hungry. Do not be tempted to over-feed them, otherwise you will end up with a very fat turtle.
Animals can be aggressive when it comes to food, so you should make sure that you do not accidentally a war between the larger, more dominant and the smaller turtle in the tank spark people to take.

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