Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Insight on Famous Sea Turtles of Sipadan

Literally everyone who visits the island of Sipadan, at some point may see the tortoise made beautiful Island so popular. To the delight of wildlife enthusiasts and divers who managed to get a license for a few dives around the island, many species of turtle can be seen easily in water and sometimes even on the beach. Some of them can rarely be found in any other place on Earth.

Green turtle: These are probably the most common species found in Sipadan. They have a slightly flattened, paddle-shaped flippers and a large teardrop-shaped shell with different color patterns that change over time. Usually, they can live until the age of 80 years in their natural environment. Like many other types of turtles, they migrate at long distances for hatching beaches. Their bodies have adapted to this "lifestyle" as they rarely need to return to breathe oxygen In addition, they can rest and sleep under water for some time without problems -. So that they can rarely be found in the continent.
Leatherback Turtle: This is the largest species of tortoise in the world. They can reach over 2 meters long and visitors can sometimes spot Sipadan moving slowly on the beach. Even if their speed on land is greatly reduced due to their large size, leatherbacks are famous for their excellent hydrodynamic design of the body allowing it to move very quickly in water. Their long front flippers generate power main propulsion while swimming. An interesting fact about the leatherbacks is that they are easy to maintain a high temperature, use only the metabolic heat produced. This allows them to dive into the deepest water, it takes a challenge to any diver or sea creatures may try to follow them.
Hawksbill Turtles: This is one of the most endangered species of turtle found in Sipadan. It can measure up to 1 meter long, weighing about 80 kg. The hawksbill turtle is easier to distinguish on the basis of its thick scales that form its shell. Its beak-shaped mouth and the two will nail her front flippers are also unique features not shared by any other species of sea turtles. When diving near coral reefs, you will often find hawksbill turtles rest or handles or in caves, most of the day. Their main food consists generally of marine algae sponges, and jellyfish.
The island is home to many species of endangered turtles, but when so many of them in the waters around this paradise of Malaysia, we are hardly able to believe could be in danger of disappearing forever. Sipadan is perhaps the last great sanctuary where animals and can live in peace again. Therefore, many steps are taken in the past year designed to ensure that this pristine island has continued to house these beautiful creatures for a long time

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