Thursday, June 30, 2011

Information on Horsfield Turtle

The most common types of turtles as pets horse selected areas and Russian tortoises. They are very low (about 15 cm long) and are suitable for people in English, because the temperature in favor of United Kingdom and their need to hibernate in winter. The turtles of olive-colored shell is dark brown patches of brown legs and yellowish and present leaders.


During the initial years of life for Russian Tortoise, you must carefully control their environment. The main recommendation was to keep them in enclosures such as open top box, preferably made of melamine coated wood.

Horsfield tortoises should be kept in a dry environment that allows them to dig holes for themselves. Deep underground is the best, you can choose sand, fine gravel and Munch. It is important to remember that the tortoise will have serious problems if kept in a humid environment.

The turtles must particularly mild temperatures hot enough to shield normal development and survival for many years. UVA and UVB rays are also extremely necessary for the creatures. The solution of 2 in the lamp heat / UV, 12''hoger than the house to the turtle: it will be available in zone 90 F 75 F heating and on the other side.

Is there a turtle more comfortable, try a nice artificial environment for the use of wood, stones and leaves to create. The pet will be little opportunity for more exercise. Try not to enter his body items may cause your tortoise to fall behind.

Usually, there is no need for water in the box with the tortoise. You can give it a bath are also offering the possibility of the water it needs at least twice a drink in seven days. You can also place a shallow dish filled with water in the body, but choose carefully, allowing the turtle to come in and out whenever you want. To prevent spills because it will harm the turtle.


When it comes to food Horsfield tortoises are not difficult to handle. They eat almost every type of illness. Some people learn best were many types of ailments in a container presented was identical to the previous day. But it is not a good choice. Let the turtle get its own food by spreading it inside the yard.

Although fruits and vegetables is very good for your turtle, some species, such as tomatoes and lettuce that can cause diarrhea. The proposed ailments, cabbage, shredded carrots, green lettuce and Romania. The quantity of strawberries, the bananas, blackberries, pears and apples may be limited but not completely excluded from the turtle's diet. You can also feed your little friend on special foods, but should not replace fresh fruit and vegetables completely.

Please minerals and calcium in the diet of your turtle because they are very important to keep strong and in good health. One such supplement is specially designed for powder dusting Reptavite turtles.

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