Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here is some information on Turtle Habitat

If you want to keep your turtle happy and healthy, you have to invest time and energy to build a perfect turtle habitat.

Things you need to build a turtle habitat

o Aquarium Thermometer

o Aquarium heating

o UVA and UVB wavelengths mounted full spectrum light

o aged water or dechlorinated

o logs or large stones

o £ rock / sand / gravel

o aquarium filter

O Aquarium / turtle tank

Instructions on how to build the perfect turtle habitat

# 1

Do your background research on your natural habitat turtle carefully and try to simulate the native habitat.

# 2

Always give your turtle enough room to swim and sunbathe. A 40-gallon tank is the smallest size you should choose the idea and never more public, more turtles than it can hold. The above size is good for two turtles.

# 3

Water must be clean, fresh, aerated and free of bacteria. This prevents the shell and skin abscess in the ear and turtles, all results of poor water sanitation.

# 4

An under gravel filter should be placed in the bottom of the tank, covered with a one-inch layer of pond stone, sand and gravel.

# 5

Then the turtle tank filled with dechlorinated water (up to half a tank).

# 6

A basking for your turtle in the tank made of logs and boulders, which should rise from the surface of the water. It should not be more than one third of the total tank area.

Warnings and tips

o Your turtle tank clean, fresh, healthy water. Filtering the water for a day or two about your pet turtle to the tank.

o The use of the turtle tank, scrub and rinse the whole tank with a scrubber light, hot water and non-iodized salt. This causes the water spotless.

o If your turtle immediately in the new water in the tank, he may suffer from thermal shock. slowly getting used to him.

o basking area for your turtle, you should be well guarded and safe. If a lid to be so tight that your tortoise is not in itself to escape from captivity.

o The filter in the tank should be adequate ventilation.

o Do not make the basking area is very steep or otherwise unusable, if your turtle will not be able to climb it. The floating log must be sturdy and heavy enough. This prevents flipping over.

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