Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Insight on Land Turtles

Tortoises are what most people refer to turtles. These creatures are incredibly appealing and many people are like mini-dinosaurs. She finished clamshell shape and very thick, scaly head and front legs. They are found in all continents and several islands. As the name suggests, tortoises and turtles, live only on land, in contrast to their semi-aquatic or aquatic cousins.

Most people would not be surprised to learn that the turtle is the slowest of all the different groups Tortoise, and well they are known for slow speed with which they move. However, although they are slow to move where they learn and is designed to handle walking on perfectly dry.

Although the turtles do not spend time on the water, such as turtles and freshwater they stop short bath and drink when they get the chance, so you might spot a tortoise in the water when it is time for her bath! However, their clothes are too fast and they put their heads under water, but prefer dry land.

turtle is usually larger than its cousin turtle and it's life, with several live over a century - which means it can easily survive even if they are copyright had as a pet because she had a baby. Some tortoises such as the Galapagos tortoise in Ecuador, can reach more than 500 pounds in weight.

During cold spells turtles tend to burrow into the earth to a shelter where they hibernate until the weather is warmer. Unlike aquatic turtles can not move to warmer climes, so they do the best they can - by creating an oasis to see it through until the warmer weather returned.

There are several variations of the tortoise, with a number much larger than others, some with a longer life than others, and some who can do extraordinary things like flattening themselves as pancakes.

It is important to remember that turtles, including turtle land, unless the property is grown on the environment, care, and nutrition to keep it going. Anyone considering a tortoise or a different type of turtle as a pet so it must ensure that they take the time to learn about their needs, environment, dietary requirements, and signs of illness among other things. Too many turtles have been neglected by the owners, although they are easy to care for and then quickly lost interest.

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