Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Green Dragons, White Tigers, Black Turtles and Your New House

Feng shui, for some people who are not heard, is the ancient Chinese science of determining and changing the environmental impact on our lives. If you listen to some of the claims of feng shui, it contains all the secrets for health, wealth and happiness wrapped in a few coins and some wind chimes. All you need to make your home with an anchor Black Turtle, Red Phoenix to get a nest in front of it and find a white tiger and a Green Dragon to protect the flanks. If all that sounds suspiciously like semi-mystical mumbo-jumbo, it is possible that our practical English is not informed by the cultural mythology of China. Before the green dragon and white tiger statues, read on for and learn a bit about finding your perfect home with feng shui.

Feng shui suggests that in addition to the energetic forces that we can see and feel - like wind - there are also invisible and unfelt forces of energy that affects our body and mind. Some practitioners have tried to explain the forces by using the metaphor of a magnet. We can not see the attractive and repulsive forces, but we see the consequences when we try to push each other the wrong end of two magnets. The magnetic forces repel each other.

In Feng Shui, the life force called Chi (or Qi). There are two opposing types of chi - yin, the feminine, passive, receptive force, and yang, the masculine, active and repulsive force. These forces are in a constant flow and movement above and the earth. Some land formations and structures can help attract, channel and direct both types chi. That is the basic concept that most practical Feng Shui is based.

So what has to do with choosing the right house?

When you choose a home, you are looking for friendly neighbors, good schools, the distance to and from work and other destinations, in view of - why not look at landforms and structures around the house and how they may or may not turn positive energy to flow into your home - and stay with you? That is essentially what a feng shui consultant is doing - investigating the flow of energy and makes suggestions based on his comments. Ideally, a feng shui consultant to the birth dates of people living in the house to help her specific suggestions to determine the location of rooms and furniture to learn, but there are some general guidelines for siting the house may find helpful.

In Feng Shui, every house has four guardian. The guardian is given the name of the mythical Chinese animals. If you are against your home, left the area for the Green Dragon is right where you need to find the White Tiger. Behind your house, there should be a Black Turtle and in front of it, a red phoenix. The Green Dragon should be stronger than the White Tiger. The Black Turtle should be higher than at home, and the Red Phoenix will be less at home.

Now let's cut the poem and talk in plain English. Ideally your home should be protected on both sides and front and rear of any structure or land formation. You can see how practical this advice when you consider that wind is an energy force. When energy flows that carry life, it is useful only to find your home in such a way that it is protected from destructive forces, while welcoming and protecting corporate ones.

Black Turtle

Feng shui expert will tell you that you look for the Black Turtle behind your house. Black Turtle "support" in your home. Traditionally, a hill or mountain, but these days behind a wall or building your home can serve the same purpose. If you can find or build your house, creating a hill, mountain or other high ground behind us, Black Turtle will have your back. If not, you can always build a wall or plant a hedge of trees. Mostly, it makes sense to protect your home from a high, strong winds and lashing rain.

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