Friday, June 17, 2011

Do you agree with me that Indoor turtles should be kept indoors

Good care for your pet turtle in requires a commitment to keep your turtle inside. Too often people want their turtle to remove "roam" outside. Turtles are very sensitive to sudden temperature changes and such change can be harmful to their health. In addition, the turtle outside exposed to bacteria, fungi or bacteria to take, it is not for indoor use.

Appropriate environment for Indoor Pet Turtles

PET indoor turtles should be kept in an aquarium between 20 and 55 liters in size. You get a feel for the correct size, depending on the needs of your turtle. The aquarium should be a "rural" area and the water is deep enough for the turtle to get submerged. Temperature should preferably be kept around 80 degrees with a heat lamp in the day. At night the temperature is lowered. There is also a source of light. Natural sunlight is best, but artificial light is sufficient if it is not possible. Your pet should have special lighting for reptiles. Also be sure not to have chips in the tank, as they decay or grow mold and turtles to eat.

How much and how often Feed

Your turtle will naturally eat fruits and berries in the wild. You can also introduce earthworms and insects living as cricket, beetles and grasshoppers. Nutritionally balanced food turtle can also be found at your pet store. In general, indoor pet turtles fed every other day. If your turtle is sick or pregnant, you can feed it more often. There are many good free resources out there to learn more about indoor pet turtle care. For a small fee, there are comprehensive guides to all aspects of how to keep your turtle happy and healthy throughout life.

Did you see that the pet turtle care tips useful? I have a turtle lover since my childhood and I have written other resources you can find on how to care for your turtle. You can click the above lens. It will link to my other resources that will hopefully answer most of your questions about pet turtle care.

The best resources I've used can be found at [] Then a course that teaches you everything you need to know about how to care for your pet turtle to buy. It goes into more detail than I can here, and it's probably the only source you'll ever need. It is also reasonably priced, and the information you get is worth it. Click on the link below to visit their site.

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