Thursday, June 16, 2011

What does turtles represents in Feng Shui

I will discuss how two Feng Shui cures that will help attract more money into your house and the brakes of the amount of money flowing out of your house.

To achieve this goal, we will look at two well known Feng Shui symbols: The Feng Shui Feng Shui Frog and Turtle. These symbols relate to Feng Shui prosperity and is associated with Feng Shui money aspect of your environment.

Frogs symbolize projecting the impact of money comes into your life, and in this case your house. Ideally Feng Shui frogs are placed outside the house. A Feng Shui home will usually have frogs somewhere in the front of the house or apartment. I love to post three separate frogs on the front garden, a few meters.

The most important aspect of this powerful Feng Shui cures and Feng Shui symbols place to make frogs jump into the house. The back of Feng Shui frogs should face the street and the heads of frogs, the front face of the house. Moreover, one of the three frogs wind up at the door. But make sure the third frog has his back to the curb and head to your homes' front door. The location of the frogs symbolize wealth feng shui leap through the door and into your home. If we decide to feature a water adding to our event of frogs, we will multiply the Feng Shui effect and create a very positive and strong flow of Chi in the house.

Feng Shui symbol of the turtle represents the slow energy wealth leaves the household. Because frogs and turtles slowly jumping very quickly that the clutch is easy to make. I know some of you are probably thinking, "Hmm ... Maybe I can use frogs and turtles for my needs met in other areas of my life as a feng shui relationship feng shui or faster or slower sex?" Well ... At least I have you thinking about Feng Shui symbols and how they relate to your everyday life. Unfortunately, these special symbols that work best to attract and retain wealth.

Okay I got you back in focus and the task at hand, let's discuss how and where Feng Shui wealth symbol number two to use: the turtle.

All turtles should be placed in the back of the house or apartment. Patios, decks or yards perfectly acceptable places for your team of turtles. Try to place the three turtles with their backs to the house. The heads of the turtles lay their eyes away from the house should not look at the house, terrace, patio or garden. Also, if you want to increase the efficiency of turtles, paint four small red dots on the back of each turtle. Red is a powerful Feng Shui wealth of colors.

If you go to a garden shop you will find frogs and turtles that can withstand various weather conditions in your area.


  1. That is crazy but even more crazier because we had a turtle walking toward our door on the ramp and its very unlikely that it came there by itself. How funny it is to know that we have just departed from a church that we found out was trying to take our blessings. The pastor started speaking about witchcraft a lot and being worried that someone was telling us (the pastor) was doing witchcraft to take money from us.The person they are saying that gave us the information never told us anything like that. It was simply the pastor revealing (the pastor's) doings right before our eyes. This is a wicked world and I must say it is a shame. To wake up a few days after the departure and find the turtle coming toward our front door is more than enough of a sign. Thank God I listen when God tells me to do something. He said open the front door and look down the ramp and just like that it was making its way up slowly but surely. Thank God I am a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. I use (the pastor) in order to not reveal whether the pastor is a male or female.

  3. Hi,

    My friend had a turtle and it died.... what does it mean as per Feng Shui? Please help me out.

    1. Your Turtle has evolved to a higher level of consciousness & You have, too! Time to adopt another Turtle into your life!

  4. i found a fresh water turtle in front of our house,as if it was climbing on our front door,i've decided to keep it but some people says its bad luck....what should i do...

  5. Turtle energy is Positive! Inviting a Turtle into your home is a blessing, especially if they're trying to get in! They're considered the beings that brought Feng Shui out of the water with the Feng Shui map on it's back in one of the squares on it's shell. Turtle draws money into your home or business. It also protects your home. Placing the turtle in a bowl of water towards the back of your house is considered best. However, I want you to be sure that it's a Turtle, not a Tortise. Tortise is land based & means the same thing in terms of protection. But they shouldn't be placed in water.

  6. what is the best place for my pet turtle inside the house to attract wealth? thanks