Friday, June 17, 2011

The importance of turtle Tank Filter

I once took a cruise about ten days in the Caribbean. A relaxed, stress-free ten days one week turned into fear when I get back. After entering my house, an unbearable stench emitted from the air. My tank was literally black turtle feces and dirt. My filter failed me for ten days, which the health of my turtles in danger. Expected to go on more holidays in my life, I knew that this simple filtration system would not suffice.

I had a suitable filter tank turtle found. I feared that my tank was 55 liters a complex filtration system will cost hundreds of dollars needed. After all, every owner of the turtle knows that turtles produce much waste, so I started to find best for my money. First, if your local pet visits, jump onto the substrate. Small stones and rocks that complicate things when it comes to filtering and cleaning of your tank. Although aesthetically pleasing, is that large stones on which your turtle is acceptable in this regard.

I bought a Fluval 160 A-1 "Plus" Underwater Filter, and was generally satisfied with the results. The filter, which costs about $ 20, is compact and efficient, allowing a maximum bathing space while at the same time, filtering the water. The filter is very quiet, not annoying at all. Pad replacements are usually about $ 3-4 apiece, a filtration system is relatively inexpensive. Still, I left wants more. Any good aquarium filter is a process that charcoal filtering the water with a special sponge entails. As such, I tried to filter the most economically efficient and economical package available at a time.

Hagen, the manufacturer of the filter above, the name is prominent in the aquarium filtration equipment at affordable prices. I bought the Aquaclear 300 power supply for $ 40, and I've never been happier. The filter has a siphon that sucks the water, making it ideal for turtle tanks with a water level is relatively low. Water is sucked into the trap and forced through a foam filter insert that holds suspended particles in water. The second phase comprises a carbon filter insert, which is used to absorb waste and difficult to remove invisible in the water.

There is also an optional third filtration step, removing the excess ammonia. The filter provides an aesthetic effect cascade that clean water is returned to the tank. A trip to the pet store to replace all filters cartridges cost about $ 20 list. The best part of the system, is that your tank stays clean about two months. With these two filters running costs, your turtle will enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters. Remember, it is that your drinking water turtles - you want it as clean as possible.

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