Saturday, October 22, 2011

Insight on Parrots diet

Ownership of the parrot as a pet requires setting up a good, healthy parrot food, parrot not so sick and die within a few years. Parrots have a long life. especially the larger species, and if you enter your parrot, you should enjoy many years of friendship.

The size of your parrot.

Take the food you choose is not hard to do. It is just a list of food items suitable for the parrot. Parrots of similar size eating similar diets, so the main consideration, you must do the actual size of parrot you have or want to buy.

For example, you are certainly not expected from an African gray parrot in the same meal as a budgie eat. Their difference in size is enormous and it's obviously affect the size of the food they eat. Larger birds can eat larger and harder foods such as macadamia nuts, because their bills are larger, hard and much more.

Parrot diet variety.

A Parrot likes variety in their diet. In its natural tropical environment, a parrot eat tropical fruits, flowers, leaves, fruits and nuts, so you can see how some foods are essential for good health. Variety is not only important for the health of the parrot, the parrot bored but because if there's a good chance that he would stop eating (as we do when we were served the same food day in and day out) , but also because it gives the bird a wide range of vitamins.

Parrot vitamin diet.

When some ways to ensure that your parrot has a range of vitamins gain is to feed pellets. Almost everyone involved in keeping parrots agree that the pellets are essential to the health of a pet parrot, but where there is a difference in the amount to be fed. Some say that the pellets should increase to 90% of the diet of a parrot, but others say it may be only 30% -40% of the food. This is something you have to work itself out naturally, and so long as the cost is lower and it will eat many other foods then at least it's not hungry. It is a matter of fixing the percentage of pellets based on other food you are feeding.

Other food to feed the birds.

If you have organic food to feed the parrot as he will be better for it! Your parrot is so much healthier to eat organic food. There are different types of food parrot like, such as mango, pineapple, kiwi, melons, peas and beans, cauliflower, corn, sweet potatoes and peppers.

After the water is available for your pet parrot.

Parrots need to have water available, but it's not a good idea to have a bowl of water, because once a few hours old will begin growing bacteria as food and feces in the country. A bottle of water is a more healthy way to give your parrot to its need for water.

Once you have decided what your parrot feed, make a list so you can try out all items in the diet for your parrot. You may find that some are not so popular, but keep trying it every now and then anyway.

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