Monday, October 10, 2011

What could be some possible reasons that Rabbits eats feeces

Rabbits are cute creatures and are very social animals, making them very popular as pets. They are not very demanding, does not need special care and good with kids. But the cute rabbits have a strange habit - eating their own feces, a practice that many new rabbit owners shocked. Yep, rabbits eat their own feces. They all do, so do not worry, there's nothing wrong with your bunny. But why do they eat their own feces?

First of all, not real rabbits eat their feces. They produce two kinds of droppings. The first type is the dry, hard stools remove from losing tray or cage, and these are the actual feces. Those that are eaten, is softer and smellier than the "normal" to them. These droppings are called cecotropes or night feces and is produced by the cecum, a pouch, which plays a central role in the digestive system of your rabbit. Appendix is ​​a variety of beneficial bacteria that are vital not only for digestion, but for the survival of rabbits. The fact is that foods high in nutrients rabbits to eat, but very difficult to digest, making absorption of nutrients difficult. More digestible food to the colon and out like feces, but they are difficult to digest food to the cecum. The nutrients are partially absorbed by the wall of the cecum, while the rest of the material, including much of the nutrients and bacteria are passed as separate slim-lined soft stools or cecotropes. By eating the feces of the rabbits again the bacteria they need in their cecum and absorb the nutrients that they could not absorb the first once, the material passed through their digestive system.

Rabbits eat what only seems like relief to meet their nutritional needs. They usually eat them straight from the anus at night (that's why they sometimes overnight stool) or early morning. As a result, some rabbit owners do not even notice this unusual habit rabbit. If they would not do, they could not survive, why do you care if you have large quantities of these soft droppings in cage your rabbit or drop tray. A rabbit does not eat cecotropes could be sick, but he could also be too thick to reach his anus. In this case cecotropes caught on his fur accumulate around the anus, which is not only unpleasant for both rabbit and his owner, but can be life threatening. The dried rabbit droppings on your back could attract flies and lead to flystrike and require immediate veterinary care. The flies are attracted by the remnants of rabbit droppings in your rear section can lay eggs in the coat. The eggs can turn into maggots within a few hours and when they do, they begin feeding on the rabbit meat is not only painful but can also be fatal for your pet.

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