Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What could be the possible reasons of cat biting

Punch / bite in Play
Cats are predators and have a natural hunting instinct. Even if your cat does not have to hunt for food, their natural instincts to do so will not disappear. It is normal for cats to exercise their skills and hunting so you need to make sure that you have an acceptable outlet for behavior.
A few sessions to play every day gives your cat time to get rid of a little energy, and conducting their hunting skills. There are many toys to choose from in the market and, in my experience, the rods with a fish or mouse to a long rope to the ultimate to go if goed. Drag the toy for your cat, alternating between slow pulls and sudden jerks and let him handle it and deal toys instead of you.
If kitty gets over-enthusiastic, the tone of the game a little session. If he bites or scratches you immediately say "ouch" loudly, walking and ignore them. Stopping a fun play session is a great way to keep your cat's behavior of raw and painful you will not be accepted teaching.
Bite while she stroked
It is common for your cat purring on your lap SA road when a stroke and then the next minute turn around and bite you. And while it can be very confusing for you, it's just their way of telling you that they have had enough. You would think that your cat is comfortable with you without any warning, but if you look at your cat when you stroke, you get to pick up warning signs.
Note body language of your cat. When he had enough to be petted, they begin their tails whip, turn and look at your hands and ears can flatten. If your cat does it, simply stop stroking. It's so fun to tell them that they had enough. If you ignore this and continue stroking you can get a bite. That's what they tell you in no uncertain terms to stop it. Not all cats bite when they were tired, some of them just left of you and live somewhere quiet. But if your cat, then keep an eye out for warning signs and stop when you see them.

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