Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things you need to know about cat litter

Ah, cat litter. The curse of having every home owner's cat. though you may not realize that, but the type of cat litter you choose can have a huge impact on your experience with cleaning cat litter and make a lot more unpleasant. There are several factors to consider, like if you scoop or a complete change in your trays, require odor control, or if you walk around - ouch barefoot!
When we first got our kitten the litter she is most familiar to help her settle in. This is Pets at Home clump clay litter, inexpensive and easy to use choice. Unfortunately, our kitten is a very sensitive stomach, which creates an unpleasant experience cleaning litter box and litter Pah clay is less than perfect. She has nice shoes, and was easy to scoop up the kitten does not suffer as one of her sensitive stomach moment. During this episode, the bushes would break into small pieces and would unscoopable. But the price is not too much problem with the whole thing is empty when needed. We got through a bag every week to two weeks.
My partner is overwhelmed by the smell of litter Pah allowed to leak into the air, came the next house with a bag of promising "odor control 'nest of Catsan. I am not sure if this is a clumping variety , but the absence of clumping was the least of my worries. Within minutes it was painted buffet for our entire carpet with the kitten, turning it into a bed of nails. litter that is sharp and very hurtful painful to walk and not the easiest to remove from carpet. It's incredibly difficult Scoop, still behind the remnants of his business, but it is actually the smell to a minimum. We got through a bag a week.
After some suggestions by more experienced owners of cats, we decided to try Okoplus Cat's Best Cat Litter. The soft pellets immediately looked much kinder to my poor feet. The pellets have a strong pine scent that is pleasant, but some have, I feel a little sick. My distaste for pine scent quickly faded when it came time to create. This litter clumps like a dream and makes scooping the easiest job in the world! It keeps the odors down, not as effective as the Catsan, but it will take a good second place. track is much more than other nests at a distance rather than quantity, but Hoover holds it much better than it has Catsan. Now we have a bag of cat litter Okoplus every 4 weeks with two cats!
Scooping is the least labor intensive option if you want the litter box, scoop and dispose of their holdings to just fill the tank completely clean once every few weeks. Use a generous amount if your cat likes to dig up and replace a dubious first a scoop of fresh litter. Change the litter when it starts to get old, usually it will start to crumble and become powder. Full cleaning probably better for some people, in this case just use enough sheets for approximately the bottom of the box. Empty and replace if necessary.

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