Saturday, May 1, 2010

Importance of Dog Training

Dog Training- Show Your Puppy or Dog Who is the Boss

Dog training is an important area for the well being of your dog and yourself. The first thing that you have to decide is to what level you wish your dog to be trained. There are several thoughts around dog training but the best thing to do is to have a pet that is good within your life and is a sociable dog around other pets and people. All dogs need to know where they fit into your world. With this in mind the dog has to know that you are in command. Puppies need to learn good manners too. It can be easy to spoil a puppy, which then becomes a very difficult adult dog.

To start at the basics for your dog's training. Coming when called, sitting, and being sociable. To teach your puppy its name, call the puppy in a friendly way and when the dog looks at you or comes over give lots of praise. Small training treats can be used, but if the dog likes a squeaky toy use this as a reward. Rewards help the puppy to train quickly.

This same technique can be used for the "come here" command; this can then be a game that you play with your dog. It builds up what the dog is expected to do, and when. A word of warning here, do not expect a fully trained puppy too soon. Do a lot of your training in a safe fenced off area, your garden or a small secure park area works well. If your dog doesn't come back or runs away from you, you need a safe place where they cannot get hurt or wander off too far.

Do not shout, smack, or scold your puppy for not coming back when called as this sends the puppy the wrong message, and they may be frightened to return to you next time, if they get a negative feed back. Try calling a few times, and if they don't return to you, you go over and collect them, no treat on this occasion putting the lead back on the puppy.

Keep trying with a long lead on your dog if you need to and build up their understanding of what you wish them to do. Keep consistent, whether you're in the home, out with friend or family, or walking in the park.

To train your dog to sit is easier and the dog soon learns what you want. Holding the treat just over the dogs head, say "sit", while moving the treat away from you over the dogs head. The dog will follow the treat encouraging them to naturally sit. When they have sat, praise the dog and give the treat. Repeat. Soon the dog will understand the word and be able to sit as you say so.

There are some great dog training schools that also do socializing with other dogs, this helps with getting the dog to see and behave with other dogs. Another way to help with this is when you are out walking your dog ask other dog owners if they would mind your dog getting to know their dog. Little and often with consistency seems to be the best way to train your dog.

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