Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is Rottweiler Dogs your choice

Rottweiler Dogs For Your Family

Love big dogs? The Rottweiler may be the right dog for you. Originating in Germany, this dog has a rather hearty breed. It does not fall behind in the intelligence department as well since this breed learns well and assimilates information the way other intelligent dogs do.

Rottweilers used to work as draught dogs in the past. They pulled carts of livestock for slaughter which means that they are very strong. In German, this breed's name is Rottweil Metzgerhund. In English, it means "Butcher's Dog". Rottweilers were known for their strength centuries ago and were popular with butchers because they could pull small carts. Today, Rottweilers are loved by their pet owners and are not required to do any tasks.

Rottweilers are lean machines but they are not mean at all because they are friendly and generally love children. Some records show that Rottweilers were also used for hunting but today's Rottweilers no longer have a penchant for hunting. This means that bringing your Rottweiler to the dog park will not be too taxing because he won't go around hunting small dogs.  Although a fairly versatile working breed, Rottweilers were also used as herders. They could protect herds of sheep with their speed, intelligence and strength.  During World War I  the breed served as police dogs and even served as messengers, ambulance carriers,  guard and draught dogs.

The black coated dog has rich tan markings making this breed distinctive. It has a large skull and a large body but it does not lack elegance and nobility. This feature makes it one of the favorites among dog enthusiasts. This dog's nose is not round, it is broader compared to other working breeds. It also has lots of muscles on its neck and on its legs. The back is straight and firm and has a stumpy tail.

Rottweilers are a healthy breed and most of the time they are disease-free but as with most working breeds, hip dysplasia can be one of the major problems encountered by this dog.  These dogs are very powerful and have developed great guarding and herding instincts throughout the years. They usually take the responsibility of taking care of the home's premises and are very protective of their masters.  Be careful though because a Rottweiler can attack another person especially someone the dog deems suspicious. To avoid this, you should train your Rottweiler well. Enrolling him or her in a dog training facility while he or she is still young is very much recommended.

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