Saturday, May 1, 2010

lets know more on American Foxhound Dog

American Foxhound Dog

The American Foxhound is very similar to the English Foxhound, but it is lighter and taller than the English cousin. Its reputation is that it has a better sense of smell. The head is long with a good shaped but slightly domed skull. The eyes are big and widely set and have a pleading look. The ears are pendent and broad, set close to the head. This is still a large dog and their legs are long and straight. The tail has an upward curve but doesn't go over his body. The coat is short, somewhat firm and can be of any colour. These are fast dogs.

History: This Foxhound has come from England, the English hound. They were brought over in about 1650. This breed was, 100 years later, bred with a French hound by George Washington. They have been mostly used as hunters and for tracking as they have a wonderful nose and can track well. The American Foxhound has served as an untiring hunter throughout the passages of time. With its great nose and speed an asset to man. Today they are mostly used for hunting and field trials.

Temperament: The American Foxhound dog will need plenty of exercise and is best if working. It doesn't always make a good house pet as the natural instincts are such due to their history of outdoor living. Their bark is unique and is low. When they find a scent they like or wish to follow, they can bay and bark lots. They are formidable fighters in the hunt. On the other hand, with the right amount of exercise they can be loving and gentle. They are brilliant with children. Have no problems getting along with other dogs but a watchful eye needs to be there towards small pets due to the hunting abilities of this breed. They have endless energy and, to stop indoor restlessness, you need to take them on long daily walks. The faster the better so brisk walking, or jogging with this dog is better. As with all dogs this dog needs to know you are in change and this will allow you to lead the way rather than the dog leading.

Health issues: The American Foxhound dog breed is mostly free of a lot of problems. You do need to keep an eye on their weight as they can put on weight easily. Good exercise and portion control works best.

Grooming: The American Foxhound is low maintenance but requires a comb and brush for short haired dogs. This only needs doing a few times a week. Bathing is not needed often and should only be done if required.

Living conditions: The American Foxhound is an active dog. It is best to have a very large garden or acreage. They are not recommended for apartment life. Even with a large garden this dog needs vigorous exercise and a secure garden to stop them chasing a scent that they wish to follow.

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