Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tan and Black Coonhound Dog Breed

Black and Tan Coonhound Dog Breed

Description: The Black and Tan Coonhound dog is a determined hunting hound. This is a large dog; the head is in good proportions to the body. The body's length is equal, or slightly larger than the height of this dog at the withers. The head is longer and more oval on the outline, the muzzle is long. The teeth meet in a scissor bite. The eyes are oval and hazel or dark brown; they have tanned spots above the eye.

This breed has long ears, sets low hanging towards the ground, reaching beyond the tip of the nose. They have long legs that are straight, and even with the body. The dog's skin fits loosely. The strong tail is carried unreservedly. They have a short thick, black coat with distinctive tan markings on their chest limbs and muzzle.

History: This breed was developed by crossing the Talbot Hound with the bloodhound and foxhound. The black and tan coonhound was the first coonhound, to be considered as a separate breed from foxhound.

This hound is known for its howling and tracking abilities. The hunting abilities of this breed are renowned, they have been known for hunting deer, bear, mountain lions, over all terrains. This is a hardy hound that can live outside in any weather. Among its talents are tracking, watchdog, and even agility.

Temperament: this is a good-natured dog, that is loyal quick to learn and intelligent. This is an eager dog, which loves and is passionate about working. He is gentle and kind to people, loves to hear its master's voice. This breed needs to know humans are alpha and be shown good leadership, to maintain the health and balance of this dog. This dog is usually better with older children.

This breed, needs to have lots of exercise, it is used to being able to run for hours at a time. Without lots of walks this dog can become highly strung, possibly showing signs of aggression towards the owner, who has not communicated that the humans are in command. This dog with the right training, leadership, and rules, can be a wonderful dog, and a full member of an active family. Without good, physical and mental exercise, this dog can howl if left alone, and can be very aggressive with other dogs, and will need good socialization at a very young age. It is best, if you wish to have this hound as a pet to look at the show breed. As these have slightly less energy than the working breed. Care needs to be given when out walking this dog, as a working dog, this dog is likely to chase and scent out all types of small rodents. It is best to keep this dog on a lead when out walking.

Health issues: This breed is fairly hardy, but can get hip dysplasia. It can gain weight easily so portion control is a must.

Grooming: this breed needs little in grooming and an occasional brush over works fine. A weekly check needs to be done, for ears and eyes, to keep clean, and infection free.

Living conditions: this breed is not recommended for apartment life. They are an active breed, and will do best with a large garden, plenty of walks and exercise, and really will suit an active family.

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