Sunday, December 18, 2011

Insight on Lizard Breeding


There are many different court behavior and "rituals" among lizards. Many species bob their heads up and down, and display their dewlaps. Several other species, including Agamas and chameleons, move their legs up and down or in a circular motion. Some lizards are known to bite the other during courtship. Lizards rarely eat while the right, with a minimum drinking too. This is normal and you do not worry if the lizards kept healthy. After mating occurs, lizards eat a somewhat faster pace.


All male lizards have a flap of skin at the base of their tail, which is what is called sewage. Genitalia are hidden in the sewers. The paired organs called hemipenes. They are in the ventral part of the tail are covered in the sheath. A vans deferens connects each testicle to one of the hemipenes. The Lizard testes are located in the body.

The vast majority of mammals mount their partner from behind, which is not true lizard. It is virtually impossible for a lizard to mount their partner in this way. Male lizards approach the female from the side, with plenty of bite in the throat of the woman, and try their sewage to get into a position so close to the female. At this time established the closest hemipenes. The hemipenes of many species of lizard is adorned with thorns or "hooks" of some sort, create an account during mating.

At this point in time. Sperm travel through the penis, along the hemipenes' channel to the female sewer Fertilization occurs when sperm of the woman's fallopian tubes. Some species of lizards, as veiled chameleons can store sperm for later fertilization without the use of a man.

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