Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tips and Ideas as How to get rid of Lizards

They may look cute and friendly when you look at the Animal Planet or Discovery, but not all of the lizards want to be your friend. In fact, some lizards can be harmful pests. Do you know how to get rid of lizards once they have infiltrated your property?

The only way to get rid of lizards is destroyed them. First, you can try attacking their food supply. In what areas of your property you noticed the most lizard activity? Work on the control of insect population with bug sprays and other bug repellents, which should greatly decrease the lizards you see.

Independent creatures, even taking their food can not do all lizards lose. Unfortunately, only one way to get rid of lizards is destroyed it the natural way. Common house cats are natural predators of lizards (because cats may not be accurate and lizards are just the right size). You can leave a cat prowl the area where lizards were spotted. These natural feline hunters will do more to get rid lizards than you ever could.

If cats are not your thing, however, do not want to get a cat just to get rid of the lizards. Then you have to worry about getting rid of the cat. You can try using trap to get rid of the lizards. Nail traps usually works the best. Do you want to try to eliminate the food supply before working to get rid of lizards, however. You can get rid of existing lizards, but food supply will lead more lizards to your land. So deal with the bug in the first box, and then deal with the lizards themselves.

You can try powders and other repellents to get rid of the lizards. Many of these products are nontoxic and will not harm your lawn or other plants. These powders and products work to naturally repel lizards without hurting them, then they will leave the area. However, you will need to apply insect repellent regularly to ensure that the lizards away.

Once you know how to get rid of lizards, your garden is safe again. Now you can worry about all the other pests that you can see in your garden.


  1. I accidentally found a way to get rid of lizards.
    My son has a hyper dog, he would jump all over the sofa.
    So I bought some Stay-off training aid.
    I thought maybe this will work to repel to lizards/iguana looking things...
    I used the Stay-off training spray and bingo!
    No more lizard! (At least for now.)
    After it rains I'll reapply .

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