Sunday, December 11, 2011

Learn the art of teaching Parrots how to trick

Parrots are becoming more popular as pets. They are smart, witty, funny, and usually very colorful. It's also nice to parrot tricks to further learning relationship with your parrot because they are so easy to train.

Spend time with your pet parrot is needed to teach him tricks creates a greater sense of focus on you as owner and creates an overall better socialized parrot. Training parrots tricks can also correct behavior, since most of the time to help parrots have behavioral problems when they are bored or do not have the mental and physical stimulation. Spend time with your parrot and teach him tricks will not only help to stimulate him mentally, but also helps to result in an overall happier and healthier parrot.

An example of such behavior include loud noises and screams, which is very stressful. By training your parrot to talk instead of scream, you will enjoy your relationship with your parrot more and more he will be mentally stimulated and concentrated.

When teaching your parrot tricks, training is not to talk to a formal classroom instruction to be. Just every time you walk by their cage, just say and repeat the word or words you are trying to teach on a regular basis and your parrot will soon be a phrase or word of what you say.

If you try to teach your parrot tricks, make sure you speak very clearly and slowly so that your parrot can understand the words you teach him. Say one syllable at a time or two, and if he repeats the word, go ahead and reward him with a treat or food. As with all training, each animal tricks, you may need several sessions, so give your parrot and patience, as you can until he mastered the words and sounds clear.

A word of caution - shows careful what words you say around your parrot because it can be very difficult when your parrot speaks a sentence that you do not want him to repeat.

Another popular trick is to parrot the "step up". This is an easy trick to teach and are also useful when tracing your parrot home. This parrot tricks you teach your parrot to switch to a branch or perch, or even your arm straight for him. Begin by pressing your finger against the chest of your parrot and say the words "Step Up". Be careful not to poke your parrot with a finger, but gently on the side of your index finger.

You want food and treats as an incentive to learn their tricks to your parrot a little faster. Just hold the treat between your thumb and forefinger. Also take note to keep your workouts as short as possible if you do not want to repeat the same tricks as often as your parrot begins to lose interest. Also be sure your training always ends with a positive note so that your parrot will be encouraged for the next session.

Finally, never to work with your parrot or parrot to learn tricks if you feel stressed. Remain calm and patient, if your posture, tone of voice and gestures are picked up and internalized by your parrot. Keep these tips in mind when teaching your parrots tricks and have fun!

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