Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What are your thoughts on which Lizards Make Good Pets?

Let's face it, not everyone's idea of ​​reptiles are a good pet. Some people think of them as cold, detached and even a little repulsive.But spend some time with some reptiles, and you will soon start their fascinating manners and behavior appreciate.
One of the main reasons for choosing a lizard for a pet, the size of the enclosure.If you buy a lizard like a baby, you can look for it in the next 20 years if he lives to be healthy . n this time is likely to grow to several times the big baby.
Food is another important consideration. Lizards have different digestive systems of mammals. Feeding snacks like chocolate and candy is a bad idea and could potentially kill pet. Depending on the type you choose, you are more likely to feed on vegetables, fruits, insects and worms. You should carefully study the diet of your choice lizards. This is one of the most important ways to maintain a healthy fr the long term.
Here are some of the most common species of lizards, which are suitable for keeping as pets.
Iguanas are among the most common lizard to be kept as pets.They are relatively tame creatures and can live long in captivity.One thing to remember with iguanas, however, is their size. In nature, these animals can grow to large, some measured up to 7 meters. At this size, it is impractical to keep as pets.
Bearded Dragon
A bearded dragon is a popular choice for a pet.They lizard can grow to about 20 cm and mainly eats insects such as locusts, but also enjoy the many fruits and vegetables. They have a prickly beard that the fans when the creature is threatened. Bearded dragons also show many different and beautiful colors.
Blue tongue skink
Hams are another type f reptiles, which can make good pets. The blue tongue skink is known for its bright blue tongue. They can grow to 20 inches and enjoying a diet of earthworms.
Green anole
The green anole lizard that is native to North America. They also make good pets. Some people refer to as the American anole Chameleon, because TO has the ability to change color after the environment. But it is totally unrelated to this species.
Leopard Gecko
The leopard gecko is a small lizard that can grow to 10 inches long.They can live for up to 15 years. It is a nocturnal ground-dwelling lizard that comes from Central Asia and India. The pigmentation is like a leopard with black spots on a yellow body.They are insect eaters live mainly on insects, spiders and worms. One thing about leopard geckos is that they are solitary creatures, so they do not appreciate sharing their habitat with other animals.

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