Thursday, April 29, 2010

herbal Supplements for dogs are getting popular

What Herbal Supplements are Available For Dogs?

It is becoming ever more popular for owners of dogs to give their pets herbal supplements. These are all natural products that use clean manufacturing processes.

Conventional manufacturers use irradiation to prevent bacterial growth, and to increase product shelf life. This process is responsible for destroying the vitamins and enzymes needed for healthy canines. Only certified raw ingredients are used in producing natural health supplements for pets.

Increasingly, dog owners are choosing natural herbal supplementation to meet their pet's health needs In fact, vitamins for pets possess the same high quality standards that human supplements have. Not surprisingly, pets have similar health concerns as their human owners, which reflect issues related joints, vision, digestion, and the liver.

Dogs can also be obese and require supplements for weight loss, as well as calcium for strong bones. They are just like a member of the family, which is why their health and quality of life are of major importance for owners. As a result, the choice of natural health supplements and food ensures optimum quality of life for their beloved pets.

Supplements you can give your dog:

Vitamin B Complex:

The benefits of B complex vitamin for your dog includes growth enhancement, stress management, and reduces reactions to vaccines. Vitamin B can be found in liver, yeast, wheat bran, wheat germ, and kelp.

Low levels of this vitamin can manifest as:

Hair loss, premature gray coat, back leg weakness, loss of appetite, eating of stool, fleas, ticks, anxiety, edema, and cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin C:

Dogs can make their own vitamin C from minerals in their diet, unlike humans who must get this nutrient from outside sources, such as sun light. According to research for this article, your dog does not need vitamin C supplement, and you shouldn't feed your canine any food that contains it.

Benefits of vitamin E for your dog:

- Better circulation.

- The dog will age slower

- Cataract Prevention

- Boosts the immune system.

- Better endurance

- May dissolve breast tumors

- Improve spinal conditions

- Promotes skin and coat health

Glucosamine and chondroitin:

These supplements provide the best benefit when given together, and are most often given for preventative maintenance. They work to increase joint fluid volume and protects the joints. Glucosamine and chondroitin should be started early in a dog's life.


Antioxidants help protect against the damage incurred by free radicals. Free radicals damage cells and can cause premature aging in your pet.

Talk with your veterinarian about supplementing your dog's diet with a good high quality multivitamin supplement. Be aware that if your dog is getting a well balanced nutritious diet every day, there is a good chance that vitamin and mineral supplements may not be needed.

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