Thursday, April 29, 2010

Know and learn Dog Whispering Secrets That Can Work

Although there has been much controversy around dog whispering techniques and infamous dog whisperer Cesar Milan, not everything he has to say is wrong. Using aggressive tactics to train your puppy or dog may lead to your dog being afraid of you and striking out at more vulnerable targets like children and smaller animals, or your dog will simply become aggressive in response to your aggression. This cycle is not only vicious but it can be dangers for you and those around you.

But let's talk about where dog whisperers have it right.

Calm, Cool & Collected - One secret that all dog whispers swear by is controlling your reactions to bad behavior. When your pup does something bad, or disobeys a command your first reaction may be to get angry and scream. It won't help, and it won't stop the dog or puppy from repeating the behavior in the future. Instead, dog whisperers recommend remaining calm yet forceful. There's no need to shout and make facial expressions to get your point across, besides it's a dog and only understands basic commands. Furthermore, you risk initiating aggression in the dog.

Put the Fire Out Quickly  - Dog whisperers around the world agree that continuous training is the best way to keep your pup or dog well behaved. Dogs make mistakes, they forget and when they do it is your job as the authority figure to help them correct those mistakes. Like humans, dog will test limits to see what they can get away with as they feel more comfortable—and for keeping you on your toes—so don't allow him to get away with bad behavior.

Assert Your Dominance - Although many dog whisperers so not apply the wolf pack theory correctly to dogs, one exercise they emphasize has proven effective. Even if your dog responds to some commands and generally does as you say, he probably exerts his dominance when you take a walk. More often than not, it is the dog taking his owner for a walk, letting the world know he's only docile because he chooses to be.

Dog whisperers say that you should allow your dog to walk beside you or behind you, but never ahead of you. Allowing your dog to walk ahead of you isn't just about chest thumping; he won't be able to follow your cues if he can't see them. Practice walking around your neighborhood, stopping and starting every few steps until your dog mimics your steps. When he stops, reward him. Repeat this every day, each time walking longer before stopping.

Pay Attention to Your Dog - One thing that every dog whisperer I spoke with emphasized was that their success was about understanding dogs and dog psychology. Unlike a dog whisperer, you only need to understand your dog and his ways. Remember that while all dogs share many common characteristics, each dog will develop unique to their environment.  The best thing you can do for your pup or dog is pay attention to them as you would your children. Many behaviors can be avoided or corrected with a bit of quality time and training. Additionally many physical problems can be avoided by simply noticing a change in your dog's gait or breathing.

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