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Learn more about Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie Dog Breed

Description: The Border Collie is an energetic working dog of a medium build. The body is slightly longer than it is tall. The skull is relatively flat, but moderate and wide. The muzzle is about the same length as the skull.

This breed has strong teeth that need to meet in a scissor bites. They have medium-sized ears set well apart either side of their head, and can be either erect or semi-erect. The front legs if viewed on the side, slightly slope, but when viewed from the front are straight.

They have a medium-sized tail, that is set low, reaching down at least to the hock. They have a double coat that is weather resistant, thick and close-fitting. There are two recognised lengths of coat, a course, rough looking coat of about 3 inches in length, or a short sleek coat, around 1 inch in length. The coat colours come in black and white, red and white, tricolours, yellow and white, yellow, saddle, black and grey, and all black.

All longer haired variety should have a mane and a good tail brush. Their front legs ears and face fur is always shorter and sleeker. These dogs have been bred for working, with great intelligence, and are truly beautiful to see an action.

History: The original name to the Border Collie was Scottish sheepdog, coming originally from Northumberland, along the borders of Scotland and England. This dog came to the borders of England and Scotland with the Vikings and was used to herd reindeer.

This dog thrives on work, work and more work. It is believed the Border Collie can hypnotise cattle or any animal, they are herding with its intense stare. This is one of the most trainable breeds, and is incredibly versatile, from being a working man's herding animal, to a top performer in obedience, Frisbee trial, police work and agility training. This is an incredible dog.

Temperament: This dog thrives on praise, and plenty of hard work. Border collie's are amongst the top leaders in competitive dog training, excelling in agility, sheepdog trials, obedience and Frisbee. This dog loves competitions, and really cannot get enough wins.

This is a dog that you should consider carefully. If you wish to get higher up in competitions, as it is classed the best. This is still a working dog, and many farmers are very happy, with their bright intelligent dog. This dog has endless energy and stamina to match. The Border Collie is happy with other dogs, and children, but some care must be taken with the same-sex dog. This dog needs lots of activities and exercise. Socialising your puppy from a young age is recommended as this can prevent shyness.

You need to be a firm and fair pack leader, to gain good respect, and get the best from your dog. This is not the dog Breed for you if you do not enjoy lots of exercise with your pets, both mentally and physically. If not, this dog will soon turn destructive, if left alone. They can also become neurotic, without the right levels of exercise.

Health issues: This breed is prone to epilepsy, deafness, hip dyspraxia, PRA, and allergies to fleas.

Grooming: This breed needs regular combing and brushing. Extra care is needed when the dog is shedding. Check the ears and coat regularly for tics.

Living conditions: This breed is not recommended for apartment life. They do best in a large garden with acreage of possible. They can live outdoors in a kennel, provided, they have daily activities and walk's.

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